Carrington College-Phoenix North Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It is hard to develop relationships with others such as peers and staff because there is constant change in classes and as you progress you change councilors.


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The fact that certain courses are elective and others are required.


Class size is way to large. Should be smaller classes to get more individual attention. Some of the classes have 100 or more people in the class. Very hard to find a good seat to see the professor or the video board.


So far I really do not consider anything to be the worst about my school, I really enjoy getting my education online.


The location is kind of in a bad neighborhood.


The worst thing about my school is hard to come by, they have always been helpful in answering all my questions. I guess the one thing would be the costs of tuition and books. It can be very expensive, especially in this day and time. Things have become very expensive and all the help with school and school supplies is always greatful and needed in today's society.


The hardest obstacle in my school is the ability to procrastinate. The distance learning has afforded me the opportunity to maintain a steady job while attending classes while still having time for my family. Though, it does take great planning and discipline in order to keep track of assignments, maintain participation, and successfully complete all courses required. With determination and perseverance, I have been able to complete my degree and have gained skills I know I will use later in life.


Not being able to interact with other students


I have not found anything that I dislike about my school.


The lack of one on one that sometimes you need for the classes that are required of you. This is depending on the career that you have chosen.