Carrington College-Phoenix North Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


i wish I had known more about the classes in direct detail to the questions I was asking my enrollment counslor.


I wish I had known how difficult the math classes would be when I began online classes. I took an online statistics class, which was extremely difficult because I did not have the interaction with an instructor to explain some things that I found extremely difficult.


When ordering books we have to make sure that it will get to us on time which it does not when you order it and how expenisve books are. If would had known that before I started my school I would have been a bit wiser with saving my money to pay for all my books instead of relying on someone to borrow money from.


I wish I would have known that it would be that easy to obtain my Bachelor's Degree from University of Phoenix. I would have enrolled in their Bachelor's of Science in Supply Chain Management Degree MUCH sooner. Instead, I actually wasted time at other colleges and universities that left me with a great deal of student loan debt.


After not being in school for I would have checked more in-depth to the requirements. I have no regrets with going to this school. I am in my 4th year and will finish with B/A degree in June.