Carroll University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Small historic midwest university that has a very high level of education in health services degrees (nursing, PT, AT, OT, and exercise science).


Carroll University is an academically challenging school that takes into account each individual's student's background in order to make each individual student succeed.


Carroll University is somewhere where one can easily meet lifelong friends, while getting a high education.


Carroll University is a welcoming campus where everyone feels safe and home!


My school is small, homey, and has a lot to do.




Carroll is a diverse, academically focused, and understanding school.


Carroll University is a small, close-knit institition that offers one-on-one education and unique oppurtunities to its students.


Carroll University is truly a home away from home where you truly feel as though the professors have time to help you.


My school is one of a kind.


My school is student focused and wants every student to succeed in their chosen field.


My university reaches out to every type of student and has wonderful classes along with a beautiful campus.


Carroll University is a small campus located near beautiful, historic downtown Waukesha. It challenges students academically while providing a great learning and living community. Despite its size, it has much to offer in both on and off campus events which vary from volunteering at the local Salvation Army or giving students the opportunity to just a three dollar Brewers game ticket on a friday night. I was hesitant at first about coming to a school this size, but after living here for almost a year I have grown to absolutly love it and all that it has to offer.


Carroll is a great place to meet new people as well as accomplish your goals and dreams while obtaining a stellar education.


Carroll has the ultimate small-college atmosphere, with a campus that easily begins to feel like home and classes that thrive on personal connectins between students and professors.


Friendly and driven for studnet success.


My school is small and comfortable. There is a shortage of diversity, but the people are friendly for the most part. Most of the students tend to be nursing, education, or physical therapy students. Being a creative student, I wish it placed more emphasis on the arts. The professors are usually nice, however working with people in high places at Carroll is usually stressful, like meeting with your advisor. It is easy to get a work study job. The downtown area is only about a 15 minute walk, and there isn't much to do there but it is cute.


If you are looking for a small campus, friendly people, and an opporunity to work closely with professors, then Carroll is the college for you!


Carroll University is amazing. We are very diverse with different ethnicities, cultures, points of view, disabilities and abilities. The classes are small and the professors get to know the students. Most professors here assign students to write short autobiographies for the first assignment so they get an idea of who the student is. The school has around 3,500 students and has D3 atheletics and has many clubs. The campus is small so it is easy to see friends and still meet new people everyday. The only con about Carroll University is that it is very expensive.


very educational and life time experiences


Carroll University is an institution focusing on the personal attention and success of its students; Carroll works toward providing a well rounded education, one that exposes students to a variety of educational, professional, and personal opportunities.


Carroll is Amazing and interesting.


Carroll College has small classes, but great teachers.


We are fairly small yet diverse, mostly liberal, very small, and a lot like high school when it comes to gossip.


Carroll University is a well established school, a great size for me, and I know that after graduating I will find a great job.


It's a rather small liberal arts college.


Carroll University is a peaceful place that is becoming a contemporary school, installing a new fountain and a parking structure at the school.


Small, friendly, calm, and a very good place to get individual attention from teachers.


A school that makes you feel like you are part of a small community.


Carroll is a close community of students and faculty dedicated to achieving a superior education, while developing character and building relationships and that will carry into the future.


My school is a small, diverse, school that has much to offer, especially in the classroom; since there are many career opportunities available.


Good sized, friendly, warm and wonderful!


My school is the best school for education and meeting new people and joining in many different types of activities that apply to everyone cue to the smaller size campus.


Carroll University gives its students a small town feel, creating a strong sense of community, but is also large enough to offer a wide array of opportunities and cultural diversity.


The faculty loves the students, the administration does not care.


The school says that people stay around on weekends, but most people go home so the school is dead.


The school is behind other schools in its' curriculum.


Carroll College represents a proud heritage and excitment of change for the students in the future through academic challenges, extra- curricular activities along with various social aspects encountered.


Over crowded, money hungry.

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