Carroll University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


To be honest, there really isn't a large group of colored people. But we do offer groups and clubs of LGBTQA, people of color and different culture clubs. Most girls wear either sweatpants or jeans and a nice shirt or some even wear dresses and skirts, whatever makes them most comfortable. For thee guys its either jeans and a shirt or gym shorts and a shirt, pretty simple. We have a wide range of liberals and conservatives at this school too. We try to make sure that you fit in somewhere no matter what.


They are hard-working and do many different things, and most of them will become original contributors to the economy.


The classmates are very dedicated to school.


Wide viraty comming from many different places.


Very personable and relatable. Focus-driven in terms of academics.


The students at Carroll University are a diverse and eclectic group of people like you would find at any University. Although it may seem cliché, there are definitely distinct clicks at Carroll. There are the athletes, which comprises of the over 100 football players, the theater kids that take advantage of Carroll’s superb theater program, and the kids that are involved in everything and every event that the school holds. Although there are distinct groups of people present at Carroll, everyone is a piece of the puzzle that is needed to complete the whole well rounded school.


Classmates are typically helpful but can sometimes be in it just for themselves. Some are very preppy and stuck-up but others could be friends for life.


everyone knows each other but also stays away from those they do not like.


The class mates that you meet at Carroll become more like friends than just study buddies. Since Carroll is a small school and we have small class sizes you get to know your classmates very well. Everyone at Carroll is very friendly and is will to help anyone.


My fellow classmates are very friendly and always willing to help with anything you need; whether it be helping to study for an exam or providing a comfortable place to relax.


My classmates are friendly, helpful, and interactive when it comes to course work and activities outside of the classroom


The majority of my classmates at Carroll are extremely driven, talented young men and women who are highly self-motivated but also encouraging both in and out of class.


My classmates embody the American Dream; even though they may be the first generation to attend college, they are determined to succeed and also have fun along the way.


My classmates are some of the most wonderful people I've ever met, the truest and most faithful of friends, and the most loving anf caring college family I could ask for.


My classmates are all fun individuals that enjoy learning.


Friendly but stick to themselves.


My classmates are very kind. They are willing to help me out if I need assistance. There is also the student learning commons in the library that has student tutors that want to help me in anyway they can so that I will succeed in my studies. Many of my classmates have become so very close friends.


Carroll students are unique because Carroll is so small that we become a very close knit family that is very open and friendly, which makes it really easy to walk into one of our cafes alone and come out with a new group of people that just adopted you from the table next to them or something.


My classmates are determined, sometimes act stupidly, and overall hard working and nice people.


My classmates at Carroll College are kind, and helpful in and out of the classroom; study groups are common for all of my classes.


My classmates are ethical; I rarely consider myself or my belongings at danger, even walking alone at eleven or so at night.


My classmates are hordworkers during the day, partiers at night, and sports fans on the weekends.


My classmates are very outgoing, helpful, and fun to be around.


They all have their own personalities, crazy and outgoing, but still respectful of everyone's own opinion.


My classmates are hard working, fun to be around, and respectful adults.


My classmates are dedicated to their work and diverse. There are many different majors, races, beliefs, etc... I enjoy my classmates and everything that the school has to offer.


Currently, the classmates I have are awesome. I'm really getting to know them well. The classes we are in are also not group project based classes. We have been getting to know each other inside and outside of the classes. I am hoping that next semester will bring me the same luck in meeting new people and building some close friendships.


My classmates are serious, comical, diverse, focused, and young.


My classmates are fun, intellectual, and focused.

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