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Carroll is the oldest college in Wisconsin and was founded in 1846. Its best known for its pre-PT and nursing majors.


Carroll University is different from other schools in many ways. To me the most important difference are the teachers. You can really tell that they are their to teach and to make sure you learn the material. One of my teachers even gave us his personal phone number just so we could contact him easier. It was really helpful. Another difference is the size and the quality of the people. Carroll is small enough to be able to have small classes but big enough to have a variety of people on campus and the people are great.


I think the most unique aspect of Carroll is its specific atmosphere. Carroll has a beautiful campus and has that smaller school atmosphere. Students are able to easily recognize others on campus and have closer relationships with their faculty, something I do not think a bigger school is able to offer.


Although positions are often held by educated adults, there are opportunities for students to stepup and shoulder the responsibility, just a taste of what it would be like to hold that position as if you were already there. A college junior sat in amongst students although she wasn't there to learn what the rest of us were learning, she was learning to teach. I always thought highly of schools who both offer a sufficient education but also provides major-based internship opportunities so students may navigate themselves into the working world with a sense of proper preparation and independence.


One thing unique about my school that I saw when I visited the first time was how friendly people were. When I was walking around, other students and people would smile and say hi. There was just an upbeat feeling to the school compared to the other schools I visited. People at Carroll are very friendly and when you ask questions, they want to help you.


Some unique things that Carroll has to offer for students is all of the clubs and organizations, they have a wide range from academic, volunteer or just for fun. Another thing that Carroll has to offer is the small class sizes, the small class sizes allow for students and professors to get to know each other better and have a one on one connection in some cases I even have some of my professors cell phone numbers and home phone numbers. The learning commons and Supplement instruction students are an added bonus that Carroll offers to students.


Carroll College,currently called Carroll university is the oldest four-year institution of higher education in the state founded in 1846 and one of the few institutions in the US that conducts a Masters of Software engineering program. The program has a faculty to student ratio of 1: 7 so you get more interaction with the professors and instructors. Its a very interactive campus with a variety of student organisations that you can join even when your a graduate student. It also happens to be affiliated with the Presbyterian church which conforms with my spiritual background.


It's a smaller school in a small town, so it is really nice because you know a lot of people, but it is not too small where you get bored easily.


It's all about the small campus charm. With its perfect class sizes and great professor to student ratio, you are not just a face in the crowd. I used to believe like many others that bigger is better, but since I have come to Carroll, my viewpoint has completly changed. Carroll offers off campus trips for cheap prices that many other schools do not. Just last month I went to Chicago where we spent the day and went out to eat, all for free! I am taking part in things I never knew I would, and I love it!


The setting is perfect for me! The town of Waukesha is big enough to have everything you need for entertainment/social activities, but it's not too big. The campus is located near the historic downtown distric so there are lots of neat little shops and restaurants. Then, further down the road there are all the popular chain restaurants, movie theaters, and shopping venues. Best of all, Milwaukee and all it has to offer, is only 20 minutes away!


Consisting of about 3,000 students, Carroll University offers smaller class sizes, which I find really helpful in learning. At Carroll, you are not just a number, but you are a person to the professors. The campus is beautiful and easy to get around. My first year at Carroll consisted of a lot of studying, but also meeting a lot of true friends. At Carroll everyone feels like one big family. They are there for each other, which makes the whole college experience even more memorable.


This school is unique in the fact there is a strong emphasis on service learning. Most of the courses I take (especially in the education field) require students to go to schools and observe/interact with the students and teachers. It is a very rich learning experience that I have found extremely valuable. It helps give students an Idea of what they are studying and either solidifies their degree choice or helps them realize that this isn’t what they really want to do. Students need this when discovering themselves.


They are very diverse and offer great oppertunites to travel abroad.


The unique thing about Carroll is its environment. There are so many different types of people, with different interests. I like this because it gives a person so many options on groups, and anyone can find a place where they fit in.


I really love Carroll because compared to other schools I visited, I felt like the entire campus was really well connected. Professors and students know what is going on all across the campus. The network between students in strong, and information is widely available for events going on with all the different types of students Carroll has. Another thing that is unique with my school is that it is close to Milwaukee and easy to get to for a trip to the city, but Waukesha itself harbors a strong suburban feel with many places to explore.


It is the oldest college in Wisconsin and it has the atmosphere of a large school with the attention and class sizes of a small school.


Close to home


The Chicago Bears bought their symbol and colors from my school in the early 1900's. I think that's really cool. They also have a really good doctorate of physical therapy program that is 6 years instead of 7.


It is smaller school and you get to know the people in your major because you will normally have more than one class with them. They try their hardest to accomadate or help you out with anything as best as they can.


What makes Carroll College so unique in my opinion is by being a smaller school, people can develop numerous friendships with both students and faculty members alike. Staff members here are genuinely concerned about helping students and will do whatever it takes to help them succeed, which is something that not all colleges/universities can say. This attribute helps a small school like Carroll distinguish themselves from a majority of colleges and offer students with the best possible college environment to learn in.


Carroll College gives alot of individual attention to each student. Professors are easy to talk to and willing to take the time to help students with problems they may encounter. The classes are difficult but are designed to produce extraordinarily knowledgable graduates.


small and smart!


Carroll College offers a variety of teaching techniques and attitiudes on how knowledge should be gained. At Carroll College, everything is not cut and dry meaning that the studnet is relied upon to put the various pieces of their own puzzle together to get the results of a college education and fitting in that is the social networking, bonds that someone will hopefully have in the future to rely upon.


Their heritage.

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