Carroll University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Carroll has a small campus with big city connections since its so close to Milwaukee. It has some of the best professors and amazing staff!


Carroll University is known for their Physical Therapy and Nursing programs so students looking to go into those fields should highly consider this university. The professors are well trained and the classes are smaller so the teachers are very helpful. It is a very academic focused school with the tools to help students succed.


The people! Everyone at Carroll is very nice and welcoming and is always willing to help. As a freshman being away from home, I was very nervous, but after my first week at school it began to feel more like home. I like how the community rallys behind this small college and is supportive of all the students.


Carroll University is a small and family oriented college. We have a great network of community spirit and accedemic learning. Carroll is a strong teaching/nursing school that is also modernizing their science buildings and programs. The city of Waukesha is very supportive of this college. The city and allumi participate in the move in process for students. It also relies on the clubs, i.e. eco club, for community support.


What I brag most about when I tell my friends about Carroll College is all of the opportunities it has provided me and will provide me throughout my career. I am exposed to so many new and interesting things both in and out of class and I feel it makes my school unique and unlike many other schools that I know of. Carroll College encourages its students to branch out and discover new things that they may not have been exposed to previously. Carroll College wants every student to achieve their full potential and have fun while they do it.


How available the professors and advisors are. My advisors and professors have helped me tremendously to get me to where I am today and I owe them a lot. I also have a really awesome close knit group of friends.


I love bragging about how the Chicago Bears had gone to spring training there and saw the Carroll "C" and they bought the logo and they continue to use the Caroll Logo.


I always brag about how much Carroll cares about their students and how many great opportunities Carroll has for the students. I love how they are expecting students to go abroad to study and learn about different cultures. Also I like to brag about how small the school is and how great the professors are with the students. Again it goes back to how much Carroll cares about their students. For the incoming freshman they have had us meet with many people to make sure that we are happy here and knowing they care makes me happy.


I brag about the dorm size and social events in the area.


Carroll offers a variety of majors and extra curriculars. It gives you everything a larger school would while making you feel more at home.


I tell my friends that the university has a close-knit feeling. Professors truely care about you and your success in thier classroom. Class sizes are small so you have great opprotunities for one on one time with your professor.


When I tell my friends about my school I like to mention that I can wake up 10 minutes before class starts and still make it on time because it is a small campus and I don't have to walk far. I also really like that my professors know my name and take interest in who I am as a person.


When I tell my friends about my school I have many positive things to say. What I brag most about would have to be the size of the campus. With the small size of the campus, the class sizes are much smaller, which allows for more student interaction. This also allows the students to have more one on one time with the professors if they need more assistance. The professors at this school are also very interested in their areas of expertise, and do an amazing job educating and sparking interest in the students.


That it is a small school and there area great number of great professors. Also the small classes and the campus is beautiful. There is also a decent amount of things to do around campus, within walking distance or accessable by public transportation. Plus every dorm has a cooking area to make those small comforts when I want.


I tell my friends how much I love the fact that the campus is small and that the classes are a great size.


I brag about how good the food is because it's a private college and I brag about how our breaks are usually longer than public schools'. I also talk about how pretty the campus is and how old it is.


I tell my friends about the campus, the environment, and my classmates or other friends that I have made. The campus is beautiful and I feel very safe here at Carroll. I enjoy my small class sizes along with all of my classmates.


i love how easy it was to trasition into carroll, from the second i got there i felt welcome and like i fit in. everyone takes a genuine interest in each others success, i have profs that send me internship opportunities all the time, they really want to see me succeed, and i love helping others succeed too.


How everyone is so close with the people they meet. Also how its easy access around campus. And how it is right by a city with stuff to do.


The Organizations on campus that i am involved in.


Small class sizes and excellent professors.


Nothing. It is a poor school in many ways.


We had a very good basketball team.

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