Carroll University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Carroll University may be the minimal choices on food and having the options get repetitive.


It is mainly a school where people stay on campus and while they try very hard to include commuters it is easy to feel left out.


not sure


Like most colleges, the worst thing would probably be the small dorms if you choose a traditional dorm. Most of te things at Carroll is also a bit overpriced.


I havent yet experienced anything that would consider Carroll undesirable in anyway.


The worst thing about my school is the cost. I enjoy all aspects of Carroll and the opportunities given to the students as far as convocations and fun events. However, paying so much money takes away from being able to do fun events off campus. Also, another frustrating aspect is that students and families pay a large amount of money and in some residence halls the equipment (vaccuums, washers, dryers) is very old and does not work well. You'd think if you pay $30,000 to go to school you would have nice items to use.


Being in a suburban community there are not a lot of nearby activities to do on the weekends outside of the campus. Bluemound Road is close-by, but not in walking distance. Freshmen cannot have cars on campus due to lack of space, so it is difficult to get to places you would want to go on the weekend.


There's nothing I can say currently that's bad about the school since it's my first semester.


I believe the worst thing is , if there is a teacher who is a problem, mean, to dificult, unreasonable, etc no one seems to do anything about it


The worst thing about Carroll University is the high cost.


The price of education is too high. Even though I will get a good job after completeing my degree, it is expensive for my family for me to attend. It causes stress for my family and I to think about where each payment is coming from.


The lack of unity from one branch of management to another. Prior to attending school for the first time in the upcoming Spring semester, I was told that I would be contacted through the director of the housing department. Time came and went, I was growing increasingly anxious with the start of the semester looming in the upcoming week. I was able to make contact with the business office, but they knew nothing of the housing assignments. I believe information should be able to be obtained by members of the educational management departments for the sake of student conveniency.


If you don't have your own car on campus, it is very difficult to get off of campus. They do not allow freshman to have cars on campus, unless you petition to have one here. A shuttle service is offered, but it only goes 1 mile away from campus. Downtown Waukesha is within walking distance, along with a few other places to visit; however, walking there in the winter can get very cold. Unfortunately, because it can be hard to get off of campus, it is possible to feel sort of trapped, and have no where to go.


I would say the worst thing about my school is that there isn't a lot of things to do on campus on the weekends besides hanging out with friends. Carroll has CU @ Night sometimes but they aren't that interesting for me.


Carroll university is not essentially diverse. It has a majority to minority ratio of 50 to 1.


In comparisonto the tuition, the room and board is expensive. The food is overpriced and over-processed, and the bathrooms seem to have a myriad of problems.


There really is not anything I dislike about my college. However, if I had to pick one thing it would be that sometimes my door swipe key does not allow me to get into the front doors of my dorm. But when this happens I just walk to the back door and swipe myself in back there. There is not anything wrong with getting a little exercise!


The thing about my school that bothers me most is how it spends its money. For instance, they always seem to be undertaking some construction project for more aesthetic appeal, but I would much rather have working computers in the library that don't freeze up, or have a campus shuttle available to take students off campus to work or doctor's appointments.


Recreational facilities are a big negative to this school. The recreation building is a historic building in Waukesha so they are not able to take it down to build a new building more advanced building. It literally has holes in the ceiling and few equipment choices. Combine that with a busy hour of the day and odds are you cannot workout. We also have troubles with the internet services here and there have been times when students don’t have internet for days at a time because of minor problems in the system.


The worst part of Carroll University is the web site. The information is all there but is hidden. I am not particularly computer savvy and find the web site difficult to maneuver. When I was first considering Carroll University their web site was a big turn off for me. I worried that all school interactions would be just as complicated. Thankfully that is not the case. Luckily the site did become familiar with frequent usage, although I still find myself getting flustered from time to time.


The most frustrating thing about Carroll is that it is in the middle of a nieghborhood. It's only a 1/2 mile from downotwn Waukesha and the "center" of town, not to mention it's very close to Milwaukee, but when you don't have a car with you, it might as well be in the middle of nowhere. Which sometimes leads to some pretyt lame weekends, because the campus has "quiet hours" late at night, andthere isn't anywhere off campus you can get to easily to just hang out with friends.


The only thing that truly left a bad taste was the advisor I recieved. It is a small program so only one advisor had all the students in the program and there was no chance to change to someone who would have been more helpful. There is not very much diversity. While there is a decent international presence, the diversity is very small. For those who are in the minorities at Carroll though they are welcomed and do not have too much trouble fitting in. I just wish there was more.


The worst thing about my school is that they are accepting to many students and do not have enough housing for them. This was just an extra thing to worry about when I had a lot to do for my classes. I think it is stupid that the students who are going to be sophmores had to worry about having a place to live and not knowing if they could come back because they could not afford tuition or more expensive housing.


The worst thing about Carroll University is the small classrooms. I do like the class sizes themselves (about 20 students or so to a smaller class). However, with a small amount of students, along comes a small room. Most of the rooms have too many desks. Simply, they try to put too many people into the rooms when the desks clearly do not fit.


The worst thing about Carroll University is the lack of available parking. This is because I am a commuter and I always have to search for the few available spots left when I arrive at school. Too many residents have a car at school, and the just takes up a spot where someone else could park.


The worst thing would be the food, it needs more variety.


I would have to say the worst thing about my school is the age and upkeep of buildings on campus. Dorm buildings don't have Wifi internet access, and ethernet cords are required to get any internet in the rooms. There is one location with two outlets in the room, making it a pain to use the internet. The campus is small, but classrooms and training facilities are in need of expansion and addition to keep up with the increase of the school size and compete with other school's facilities and programs.


The worst thing is that the administration does not play a big enough part in the activity of the students. I feel as though without the professors this school would not have the same greatness that it does.


The worst thing about Carroll College is the parking lots. There is not enough room for commuter students and teachers to park. I have not had a huge problem with parking because I have received a parking spot by my dormatory building but when I have family visit, there is not a lot of places they can park due to the abundance of cars in the small parking lots.


The worst thing about my school, in my opinion, is its size.


The worst thing about my school was that it kind of felt like high school. There weren't that many students, but I did like the one-on-one experience from the teachers. Everything was so close together and you always did the same thing routinely everyday, and it got kind of annoying.


I am a violinist, and there are not a lot of opportunities for string players here.


It's not diverse.


Administrative Indifference towards pretty much anything.


The amount, or lack thereof, of on campus jobs available for those of us who didn't make the "campus job required for finacial aid" group, but need it. We're basically told "tough luck."


don't care about the sports.

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