Carroll University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There is a requirement that each student takes a series of classes focused on other cultures and that every student have some sort of cross-cultural experience. It's a chore until the actual traveling happens.


It is very small.


Since I am a commuter at Carroll University, at times finding parking is hard, especially if I am running a little behind in the mornings. Therefore, I wish Carroll University can provide more parking options for commuters.


not always enough time to get everything done that is need to




The financial aid process is the most frustrating thing about my school.


There is noting in my opinion that is frustration about Carroll College.


The most frustrating thing I can think of about my school is the cost. It is 27,000+ to attend. I am a single mom and I chose this school because it is close to where I live. I am currently a server at a restaurant, but it is a struggle to pay the bills. However, I know that I am making the right investment for my family!


The most frustrating thing about Carroll College is how much it will be costing me. I really want to go to this school but trying to find ways to pay for it is difficult considering I only have my mom's income and my income. My income is very small considering I just graduated high school and there are very minimal amounts of jobs that I could have to make a large amount of money. If I could find more ways to pay for college that would limit my frustrations here at Carroll.


Carroll does not frustrate me


The most frustrating thing about attending Carroll is the cost. I don't feel that the cost is appropriate for the the resources the school provides. Knowing that I will be around 100K in debt when I graduate is truely frightening.


That I do not receive enough financial aid to help pay for my college education. Money comes out of my parents' pockets which they cannot afford. I would loved to have taken more classes pertaining to my degree and career rather than paying to take Liberal Studies Programs so that I could advance further, although I understand the importance of other learning. (Some of my credits didn't transfer from my technical college so I had to retake and take certain courses that did not relate to my degree and career).


The most frustrating thing so far is the availability of Honors classes so that I can continue in the Honors program.


Not enough sections for some classes and my schedule is so packed, I don't have time to get to cafeteria for lunch so I eat in the pit. The cafeteria line is really long too!


Reading at the college level is a whole new experience. 12 years of reading may not prepare you for the college level. Reading can be overwhelmingly and difficult for those whose skills are less than perfect. College reading, requires the ability to figure out your own learning style. You need to think about how your learning style interacts with what you are reading, and you may need to change your reading strategies to meet the challenges. But don't worry, if you apply your self which could require some late night reading, you will persevere!


It is 6 hours away from home and the town is really small so there's not a whole lot to do.


The most frustrating aspect about Carroll is the system that they use for transferring credits from different schools. For example, if a person wants to take a general education class a community college over the summer there are several forms to fill out to find out if the credits will transfer. Many times they will not. Sometimes it feels as if the administration only wants students to be allowed to take classes at Carroll, and nowhere else.


Finding a parking spot.


The expectations and quality of education at Carroll can range anywhere from extremely hard and exceptional, to weak and very unrewarding. Carroll does need to focus attention to issues that are in dire need of it, instead of making certain programs more excellent and ignoring other equally important issues. This is not an institution to not take school seriously and transfer in and out of. This is also not a very adaquate place to switch your major area of study more than twice. And they KILL your finances. Internships are very poorly planned.


The financial aid workers. It's really "in and out." It doesn't seem like they want to listen and help very much.


The most frustrating thing is registration. It is stressful because of how it is setup and I don't have the best advisor on campus, I generally don't get a lot of feedback from her.


The campus is built in the center of Waukesha, so for Carroll to expand there is not much room around campus except for up. Especially for new classroom buildings, and a larger sports facilities there is not too much room.


The most frustrating thing is that it is a small school with only about 3400 students. Sometimes there is a lot of drama since everybody knows everyone. Also, with my major being physical therapy the courses and work load is very intense.

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