Carson-Newman University Top Questions

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The atmosphere was amazing. Carson-Newman in the years I attended was the #1 school in the nation for community service. If you went to Carson-Newman the odds were that you were there because you planned on making a difference with your future career choice, which made for great people and relationships.


This school is unique in that it is a small liberal arts Baptist based school. It allows small class sizes and extra attention from the teachers. It also allows deep relationships to be formed and for the campus to feel like a family.


It is very small and remote. The campus is filled with loving and caring student and faculty. The teacher know you for you and care about your success.


I believe that Carson-Newman is unique through the amount of community service done by students, the friendliness exuded by students and facutly, and the close knit, family feeling overall. I went to a big school my freshman year (Middle Tennessee State University) and was miserable by how small I felt. CN truely fosters a feeling of worth and confidence in their students.


Because Carson-Newman is a Baptist affiliated school, there is minimum negative influences and tons of positive entertainment. This does not mean the school is exclusive, however, people of all beliefs or non-beliefs are welcome here. Other positives are the small class sizes (generally none over 30 students), and the small, easily navigated campus.


It is small privte school. Each department is strong. The porfessers care about thier studets. This school is demading but they do care.