Carson-Newman University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person whom enjoys small campuses, who likes to see a familiar face everyday (Like the school's President!), those who enjoy doing a giant service project all over the county on one day (or multiple), and maybe someone who wants to go to a Christian faith based school and will not "diss" the religious aspects and requirements of it.


To attend this school you need to be goal-oriented, determined, driven, focused and prepared to push yourself.


Carson-Newman is designed for the small town person or people who like that environment. It is 30 minutes from a large city. Most of the professors have a Christian background and talk about there beliefs. If you do not like to hear about God or what he is doing , Carson-Newman may not be the school for you.


A person who is looking for a school where you are not just a face in the crowd, but you are someone in the classroom. If you are looking to have a close personal realtionship with your professors and have them really care about how well you do in their classes then this school is for you.


They base everything on Baptist Religion.


A person who is only looking for an academic experience and is not overly concerned with the social aspect of college.


A students who care about school and doesnt mind working hard and giving time to study and do well in there major.


A conservative Christian--or someone who likes stirring up trouble.