Carson-Newman University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who likes to drink and party. As a Christian college, Carson Newma values good desicion making. A person who does not like small towns or can't entertain themselves does not need to attend this college.


This school is a private Christian school, but that doesn't mean all the students are Christian. I did however meet many devote Christians. I would not recommend this school for those students who do not believe in God or his teachings. Also, a person who wants to just skate by on charm and looks better attend another university or college because this school is about learning.


Students looking for a party school, or for those who must have a fast-paced lifestyle.


Someone who doesn't want to be called on in class, who doesn't want teachers and students to know them by name, and who hates small campuses


Their is no individual that shouldn't attend Carson Newman College because everyone has the right to attend any college or university they choose to better themselves throughout their own life.