Carson-Newman University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known what its like to spend the majority of my time in a cramped room with another person. I had a terrible roomate and I was not equipped to deal with it correctly. I also wish I would have known better studying techniques. Although, I make good grades I have no idea how to correctly study for exams.


The thing I wish I knew the most was how to stay healthy in an atmosphere that is completly unhealthy. The late nights, unhealthy foods, snacks, caffine, and the need to do homework instead of exercising realy doen't help the average student. Of course, the athelites work out like crazy, and they get trainers to help them and masages afterward. The athmosphere does not promote healthy attitudes.


I love my school, there is nothing that I didn't know that would have kept me from going to C arson-Newman


How the professors of the nursing program "weeded" the students out who they thought couldn't make it through in order to maintain a state boar pass rate instead of encouraging and helping them along. The students are very much on their own then it comes to motivation. Also, that the only time there were fun things to do on campus was when the new students came for orientation.