Carthage College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Carthage is friendly, diverse and has one of the best views you will find.


Our school, is a small, tight knit, home-like environment with excellent athleitc facilities and professors and advisors that really care about the students that are extremely helpful.


When I first visited Carthage, the campus was beautiful and I knew this was the school for me.


Full of opportunity.


Carthage College has an atmosphere to fits people of many different backrounds and a faculty that truely care about whether or not you receive an education.


My school is very small; the size, however, makes it a very close knit and compassionate campus to live on.


Carthage College in Kensoha Wisconsin is a beautiful school filled with wonderful poeple, organizations, and great, interesting, and rewarding classes.


Carthage College is very smalll so its easy to get to classes from the dorms and also has small class sizes, which is good for anyone who dose better one on one with the teacher.


Carthage College to me is a perfect fit that I call home.


A great, small campus filled with many loving, helpful, and caring staff, professors, and students.


A small school of academic-focused students who like to get involved and a very dedicated faculty. All set on the beautiful shore of Lake Michigan!


This school is small and friendly.


Carthage College is a welcoming, unique environment that surronds its campus with brilliant minds and wonderful personalities.


Carthage college is small (under 5,00-0 students) but I love it because it's easy to make friends, the professors are all about helping the students learn (even outside of class) and people here actually care about your future.


Carhtage College is a small-town school that satisfies world-class aspirations.


Carthage College provides excellent academic integrity as well as memorable experiences to meet the people of one's future.


Carthage College is the type of school you go to if you want to make legitimate real world connections with heavy-hitting professers that are experts in their fields, without having to be 'just a number.'


Carthage is great academically but stifles the students social growth, by not providing enough activities on campus.


Carthage is a small friendly school with something for everyone.


An inviting community full of encouraging professors.


Carthage College is its own tight-knit community ran by the collaboration of students, staff, and faculty members that effectively encourages student involvement, academic achievement, and bright, prospective futures for every student.


Carthage College has a beautiful campus with a majestic view of Lake Michigan, located in a small, quaint city between Chicago and Milwaukee, and is the college to be in order to cultivate long lasting friendships and once in a lifetime opportunities.


It is a school with a great atmosphere among the student body who are mostly committed to furthering education.


My school is beautiful.


A vibrant and rich school, both in the students that are attending and the professors that teach.


A close-knit, caring, and valued liberal arts colege.


Not a school, but an amazing extended family that I've come to join with the purpose of becoming a better version of the me I am today so when I leave here, I don't regret a second of my time from sending in my application to my graduation ceremony.


Carthage College is a melting pot of amazing students and faculty members doing great things for themselves and others on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan.


My school is a field of oppurtunities waiting for anyone to grab them if they have the courage and determination.


Carthage is a small college that can help you develop friendships to last a lifetime while gaining an education to further your career in a scenic location.


Small, personal, windy, cold, beautiful.


My school is a small, private liberal-arts college nestled on the shores of Lake Michigan.


Carthage is definitely there for its students. Getting things done involves talking face to face with people who will most likely remember you the next time you come in.


Carthage is very small, and friendly.


Carthage College is a beautiful school set right on Lake Michigan that is filled with some of the top students in the world whether they be from the United States or International students, every one of them that graduates from Carthage is guaranteed to be a success..


Carthage may not be top of the line, but it is a happy place.


Carthage College is a small liberal arts school located right on the shore of Lake Michigan with small class sizes, challenging academics, helpful professors and advisors, and nationally ranked Division III athletic teams.


My school has a great academic system and has a great enviorment.


Rich kids trying to buy their education.


Carthage College is a vey liberal school in which individuals are able to experiment and find a carreer best suited for them.


Carthage is a place where anyone can come in and make a difference not only in other's lives, but in their own lives.


My school is a great close knit community.


Carthage College maintains a campus that promotes well-rounded individuals challenged in studies outside major focuses of education in hopes that students will be thoroughly equipped to enter the workforce or graduate endeavors, however, lacks the diversity encountered in the real-world.


Carthage College is a small liberal arts school devoted to a sense of campus community and to the overall well-being of its students.


Carthage College is very reputable and offers an extensive learning environment for all types of students.


Carthage is the perfect size, academically stimulating, and is now my home that sits on Lake Michigan.


It is thoroughly depressing.


Carthage College, is a private school with a curriculum that challenges students to think critically and express themselves effectively, while engaging co-curricular activities that inspire students to test their own limits and express their individuality.


Carthage is a professional school set within a relaxed atmospere with freindly faculty dedicated to the providing superior education to it's students.


Carthage College is a very diverse and social school with many different activities for every student to join.