Carthage College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Carthage is located on Lake Michigan, which makes the views from campus outstanding. We also have excellent academic programs as well as a wide array of different extracurricular activities. These include sororities and fraternities, Carthage was recognized as the frattiest college in Wisconsin. There is an amazing science program that works with NASA, the school is in the process of building a new science building to enhance the science program. There are many opportunities to study abroad or even spend an entire semester in Chicago.


Carthage is well-known for their higly ranked liberal arts program. Their Intellectual History of Western Heritage program is very unique, and is a general education requirement for all students. In this class, students study ancient writers such as Aristotle, Homer, Virgil, and Dante Alighieri.


Carthage is best know for the small class sizes and the avaliability of faculty, which makes it easy to get additional one-on-one help outside of class. I've never had a class with more than 20 students, so the classes are really personal and you feel like you matter. Its a very close-knit community.


Carthage College is a school that provides wonderful opportunities for all of its students. Carthage is thought of as a big family between its current students and alumni. The alumni from Carthage feel that even when they are gone they are still part of the program. The facilities and faculty make it a great place to live, learn and find your passion in life.


Carthage College is best known for arts and science. Mainly its more about the arts but the do have a good amount of people for each major.


Carthage is a smaller school with a personal community including esteemed professors.


My university encourage each student to give back to their community through social service activities.


Our science department is very well known. The science building has state of the art equipment and has a very rigorous program. I am a Music Theatre Major, so I don't know much about it. But I do have a very close friend who is a biology major. She is one of the most hard working people I know. Our theatre program, however, is also thriving every year. We continue to excel and grow, professionally and as a community.


Our school is currently best known for the 2012 Miss America, who was an alumni of Carthage. We are also known for our microgravity team which flys with NASA each year.


Carthage College is best known for its small teacher to student classroom ratio, active alumni, tranquil location, and the variety of majors and minors it offers its students.


My school is best known for its location, liberal art and science classes.


Small size, beautiful campus on the lake, and the wonderfully well rounded liberal arts education are things that make Carthage well known.


I would say that Carthage is best known for its location, which is on Lake Michigan. I think that it is also known for being a Libreal Arts School, and that many of its students all but jump into their major after and even before graduation. I think that the college is known for its diverse and wide ranged classes. It feels like there is a class for just about everything.


Our school is known for their liberal arts. They have really good plays there is a lot of singers and theater majors. We also have really small classes, like in my chinese class that I am currently taking there is only 10 so if people are looking for a more one on one with the teacher this is the school to come to.


Carthage is well known for its small class sizes and emphasis on student-led discussions in class. The Carthage campus is extremely small and the student body reflects that. It is truly a community; by junior year a student knows the name of every student in their class whom they share a major with. Students living on campus know nearly everyone by sight, at least. There is a tight-knit feel amongst Carthage students that can't be replicated on any other campus.


I think mostly sports and music. But I can't be sure.


Carthage College is best know for its strength in academics. This all starts with the professors. During my freshman year, I came to know professors that were able to guide me in my studies. Here at Carthage, the professors generally are very interested in what you have to say. As long as the professor can tell that the student is truly interested in the subject, the professor will have conversations with the student that delve further past what was discussed in class. At other colleges and universities, especially larger ones, most professors never learn all of their students names.


Carthage College is very well known for it's theatre department. They have many talented students who have been successful in their study of the arts. In addition to this, Carthage is very well known for it's athletics. Students, including myself traveled far to participate in DIII athletics. The dedication involved in competing in these activites translates into students attitude towards school. Carthage students are postivie and excited towards their studies. Professors make time for students needs and are personable towards their students. Over all Carthage is a place where students are excited and inspired about school.


Carthage College is known for their affiliation with many different businesses. Through these affilations they help students obtain internships and jobs upon graduation. They are also known for their personal relationship with students and small class sizes.


This school is best known for the Carthage Community. Everyone is included in the close knit family Carthage has created. You are not just another face in the crowd at Carthage.


Carthage Colleg is known for their fine arts programs. It is known as a small private college that is actively involved with Division III athletics. The class sizes at small and discussion based.


Carthage is best known for its size and therefore the intimacy allowable between professors and students. Professors here often know all their students by their first names, and will stop and talk to them in the hallways about anything and everything. There is a greater sense of community on the Carthage campus - everyone tends to know everyone, and everyone definitely supports everyone. Anyone you turn to at Carthage, from fellow students to faculty, will help you if they can.


My school is known for it's teachers. They are so helpful, intelligent, and interested. They go out of their way to help you in any way possible. They give us their home phone numbers and a schedule of the classes that they teach so you can get ahold of them whenever you need them. They email you back as quickly as possible even if it is one in the morning. They know what they are teaching and how to make it interesting. I have talked to other students at other schools and their teachers would never give that information.


It is known for two things. We are known for our athletics. We are known in conference, which is CCIW, by all sports. We are known to be tough. We are also known for our academic program. Students here sometimes make their own degrees in order to get to a graduate school that they want.


I would say our business program, biology program, the pool, and the lake.


Carthage College is best known for its location and size. It is also known for being a private liberal arts college.


Carthage is probably best known for being right next to Lake Michigan. My dorm room is roughly 50 feet from the lake. It's pretty beautiful here in the summer, but of course it's really cold in the winter.


Small class sizes and presitigious in academic domains


Carthage is best known for helping students find jobs after graduation.


Carthage has very good education and business programs, providing students with internships and student teaching positions that strongly prepare them for their future careers. Small class sizes and friendly, helpful and knowledgeable professors are key to helping every student succeed in the classroom. Carthage also has elite varsity athletic teams, some of which are nationally ranked in Division III. Also, the beauty of Carthage's campus cannot be passed over, as it is located along the shores of Lake Michigan, making campus a serene oasis, secluded from the city of Kenosha.


Probably the lake.


My fine art school is best known for their sports.


Carthage ie best known for getting students out within four years and finding good jobs for their students. It is a liberal college known for its friendly environment and beautiful campus.


Carthage is best known for it's friendly atmosphere and intement setting. Reputable professors and exceptional athletics. There is a strong natural science department. Carthage is also know for typically being availible mostly for wealthier students.


My school is best known for our football team.


Carthage is best known for Athletics and Music. It does have a nicer atmosphere than larger colleges, however, a large portion of underclassmen are from richer families from Illinois, and entirely unaccustomed to an unlavish life. Therefore, students on campus are, for the most part, rather bratty. Carthage is known for the successful students who make it through it's programs throughout the nation for only certain areas: athletics, music, art, business, or political science.


The beautiful lake, small campus, small classes, a lot of student-teacher interaction


My school is best known for sports and the music program.