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I like that we (as students) get to know our porofessors and each other on a deeper level than class mates or educators. I see many of my professors as people i can go to if I'm having a hard time managing all my course work, r something similar. I suppose I was expecting a huge lecture hall, where we listen to one persone drone on about the subject, then leave. Carthage really surprised me in a great way, the average class size os around 20 people, so gettign to know everyone is easy!


The unique thing about my school is how close knit everyone becomes, whether it's a student to student relationship or a professor to student relationship everyone is there to help out and see one do their best.


Almost all of the classesare under twenty five students. I believe there is only two classrooms that can hold more than fifty students. THe small classes make it easier to know the other students and professors. Plus Lake Michigan is only about four hundred meters from the campus so the view is absolutely amazing and the weather can get a bit chilly but is mostly fair.


there is a great view of the lake


Small class sizes


I condsider my school unique because it is located right on the shore of Lake Michigan. Not many students are able to wake up in the morning to the sound of waves crashing on the shore and the fresh air coming off the lake. I am truly blessed by all the measures taken by Carthage College to create a learning enviorment all can enjoy.


Carthage College definitely has their act together and they get your academic act together for a future job.


The most unique qualitiy of Carthage has to be the environment that surronds campus, Lake Michigan is literally less than 500 feet away from the dorms which provides amazing views that are to die for.


Carthage is unique compared to other colleges and universities because of the campus. The school is located on the beautiful Lake Michigan and also stands an arboretum. The city provides great landscaping with every season change. The school is also located in between Chicago and Milwaukee. This location provides many off campus activities and adventures.


Carthage has allowed me to continue my career as a volleyball player while getting my degree. It also has a remote location on Lake Michigan, so I can wake up to the beautiful lake every day. The small school setting also allows me to have a personal realtionship with my professors and my piers.


Carthage College is not just a college, it's a family. As much as we learn from our professors, we learn even more by the people and activities Carthage allows us to surrond ourselves with.


The teachers are friendly, knowledgable, and care about the success of their students.


I did not consider other schools.


Carthage, though it is a small school, has a lot of constant activity and enthusiasm. Many of the students here are involved in many groups that are not only fraternity or sorority based. There is also a constant pressure on academic excellence though students are not overwhelmed for the most part to do well. This fusion of school spirit and academic prestige make Carthage unique because even though students know when and how to have fun there is also the focus on academics. Students work together, with faculty and staff, to achieve great progress in education.


It is the only school that has its entire campus located on Lake Michigan. The lake is beautiful and makes up for all the smoking of kids on campus. Also, the school has an extensive J-term program with many different classes and the change to travel for the month of January. Many of the kids back home don't even know what J-term is, so I consider myself lucky this way.


Beautiful scenery, kind professors, and a good variety of courses to select from.


Carthage is very committed to helping people fit in with on-campus activities.


the student to teacher ratio is alot lower than other schools therefore help is more available to the students. the teachers are great and they pore their hearts out on teaching their students. they are open and easy to approach.


The landscaping is beautiful it is right off of Lake Michigan so you can go outsiude of your dorm and your on the lake. Also, it's avery tight knit community here at Carthage so there is a family feel here at the school. The biggest plus is that the classes are challening, but the classrooms are small so you get alot of attention from your Professors.


Professors actually know more about you than your name.


Carthage College, though it is a Lutheran school, does not put any kind of pressure on the students as far as religion is concerned. Freedom is granted to all, and the people are some of the friendliest people I myself have ever encountered. The food is good here, the classes are definitely manageable and some are super easy, and the campus is a beautiful beach scene, like from a postcard. I love it. =]


Carthage College is a small school, but is also a very diverse school because many of the students and professors come from all over the US and the world. Another advantage to it being a small College is that students have the chance to get to know the people in their graduating class. Attending a small school also allows studnets to find out which professors they learn best from and then students have the opprotunity to take all of the classes that professors offers.


The school has a great teacher to student ratio. You recieve great one-on-one attention and the teachers look out for their students. You have the opportunity to voice your questions and get them answered. The faculty is also available to help the students out of class. The campus size is great since it takes at the most 10 minutes to get from one end of campus to the other end. There is also a great opportunity to meet new people and make close friends.


I fell in love with this school the minute I opened their first letter. They are a tight knit community and are always looking to help their fellow classmate or student. I ended up not going to this school because of the cost, but now a semester later I am transferring there because I long to have that community value that I didn;t recieve at my prior school.


It being a small private school, thats not to far from home helped. Also the fact that people here literally know everyone on campus, especially the food staff. It makes you feel so comfortable when you know all these people and they know you.


Carthage College is such an amazing diverse place! We have students that hail from over 30 different countries and as many as 35 states in the US. That's simply astounding for a school with only 4500 students.


The most unique thing about Carthage College is that the class sizes are very small with only about 20 students per teacher. The professors are very willing to help you out one on one and help prepare you for your next step. I really enjoy having the professors available during various hours because this helps if you have a question. Another good thing is that the professors actually know you by name, as well as, some personal things about you which helps you feel like you belong here.


community and class sizes


Carthage is unique because it is right on Lake Michigan. Whenever I need break from homework or just need to clear my mind, I walk down to the shore and just love to watch the waves. It is so peaceful and beautiful.


The high level of interaction between professors and students. The profesors here actually care about you and being that Carthage is so small, you get more out of them than anywhere else.


the campus and class sizes are small so they are personal. the professors know if you are not in class and if you need help with a subject. there alot of things to do on the weekends and extra-cirriculars and clubs. it is a dry campus so the students are more focused on academics and grades. there are sports but the coaches are really good about having academics first and try to not have conflicts with classes. i think that being in a sport is helpful to the students. lake michigan borders the campus and creates contant beautiful scenery.


Carthage was only about an hour away, so I was far enough, but not too far. I also liked being on the lake. The fact that it was a smaller school with about 30 students in each class and knowing the professors really drew me in.


The campus is beautiful and calming, the professor are informative and willing to help. The general population is of energetic, friendly people which makes it easy to feel a home.


Carthage is on the shores of Lake Michigan and the grounds are an arboritum. I the size is perfect for me, allowing me to have the most opportunities to prepare for my future. The professors are great and supportive, there are no student teachers.


it's on a lake, small class sizes, teachers very easy to contact