Carthage College Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Academics at Carthage are very good. You get the education you pay for and are able to take full advantage of all that is offered.


The relationships between professors and students are extremely strong at Carthage. You will get to know (whether you want to or not) the professors in your specific academic field very well. There are many professors that are know campus-wide despite their field or specialty, which I really like. Class participation, difficulty, and uniqueness vary greatly, which is as to be expected at any campus. In my experience, classes can be as difficult as you make them, but some classes and professors widely known for their difficulty. It's easy to find students participating in intellectual conversations outside of class, and professors are know for interacting with students outside of class. There are definitely some students that are highly competitive and because of the small grade sizes, these people are generally well-known. If you are interested in the competition you can certainly join in, but it's just as easy to avoid it if it makes you uncomfortable.