Carthage College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Carthage is the shortage of on-campus employment/work study opportunities.


Carthage College presents a close sense of community. However, the student population is very small and can have negative effects as well. The concept of "everyone knowing everyone" has its benefits, but can also present trepediations. In my opinion, Carthage seemed very similar to my high school expereince.


It is a private school which means it cost a lot of money.


I think the worst thing about Carthage is that there is nothing within walking distance of campus. A student needs to have a car or friends with a car in order to get to any attractions or popular places. On the weekends, lots of kids go home so it becomes very dead and very boring on the weekends, which is why I often leave campus. There is nothing to do, lots of people transfer, and not alot of people enjoy their time there unless they are involved in sports or clubs.


I think the worst thing about my school is the shuttle service that takes us to the off campus parking lots. It's very inconsistent, unreliable, and inconvient. I think it could be approved upon greatly, especially considering how much we students pay in tuition.


My least favorite aspect of Carthage is also one of its strengths. From roughly April through October, Lake Michigan is a stunning and unique feature of the campus. But when winter rolls in and the temperatures drop, walking to class can be a downright dreadful experience! The combination of bitter cold enhanced by strong winds whipping off the lake can make you feel like you are making an endless trek through the arctic tundra. While the shelf ice that forms on the shore is beautiful, I am always relieved to see it melting away as spring gradually returns.


One thing that may be considered bad about Carthage College, by some people, is the small size of the school. Although the school is smaller in size it is still big, full of great career and social opportunites; located in the middle of Milwaukee and Chicago.


The only disagreeable things I can think of about Carthage would be the tuition and the weather. The tuition is rather high and does tend to increase from year to year; luckily, there are a number of scholarship and grant opportunities provided through the school to make a career here more affordable. The weather is Wisconsin weather, which means a lot of colder weather in the fall, winter, and spring, but it also tends to surprise the residents with almost summery days in the dead of winter. The wind off the lake can be a little chilly, though.


This is difficult, but I would have to say the worst thing about my school is the ability to transfer in classes for those that directly go towards my major.


There is nothing bad about Carthage.


At Carthage College the worst thing is the food. As a student you eat a lot and food should be good so that the students are getting a good, healthy meal. Junk food is not the answer these days, but with food tasting bad or not being cooked all the way they resort to junk food. I wish the food at Carthage tasted better.


The worst thing about Carthage is how much the students complain. From the food in the cafaeria, to waiting for the shuttle, to the weather, Carthage students are never short of things that they feel the need to complain about.


I have not started school with Carthage yet but I can say that the worst thing about the campus so far that I can tell is the fact that everything is very spread out. I wish the library was connected to the same building where classes are held. I also feel that communication between the different admissions departments is very poor.


The worst thing about my school is that the campus is large.


Carthage College is an outstanding private college; however, there are a few things that the college forgets to mention prior to enrolling. Security on campus may be plentiful, but quality is out of the question. The time is takes for security to respond to a need is more than enough time to be harmed. The "blue-light help" boxes that are supposedly spread around campus are only in two parts of campus, and you cannot see another box when standing at a different one. Security needs to be better qualified and more active throughout campus.



At Carthage College there is only one negitive aspect. The worst thing about Carthage College is the tuition. The tuition is the worst thing about Carthage College is because the tuition is approximately around 40,000 a year.


It is very closed off from Kenosha, there is little transportation to get off campus so you need a car to do anything or go to the store.


The worst thing about the school is that its not easy for kids with out a car to get off college grounds. The stores are somewhat far away i mean you can walk to them but when the weather is bad out you cant at all. The food at school is good it just get sick after a bit when you cant get other food other than that and fast food to be deliverd to school. so you really need a car at school so you can get out and do stuff other wise your boaed a bit.


The wind chill off the lake makes the temperture very cold for majority of the year. The cafeteria doesn't have the best food. Also, there are so many opportunities to spend your money on campus when, in reality, college students should not be blowing money.


The amount one pays to attend this school is getting to be too great for the quality of the facilities and education. I attended Carthage to play golf, but since I don't receive scholarships for that, it's getting the point where I should either quit and transfer, or drop other extracurriculars and focus on just school and golf. The school offers so many other opportunities that have proven to be better than competing, and upper level classes are difficult to a point where it's almost not worth playing my sport anymore.


I think the worst thing about my school is the extremely high tuition. That is the only downfall. Tuition is 40,000 a year, 42,000 if I get the dorm hall I want to be in. And that is really expensive for someone who comes froma single parent household that is struggling. Everything else at this school is amazing!!


How word gets out on campus is one of the worst things about the college iself. In order to really know what is happening on campus you have to know someone who knows someone or in order to get opputunities for jobs and finacial aid on campus you have to know someone too. This is how part of the world works but its a small campus things should get around more easily.


Carthage College is by no means a perfect private college. It has extremely strict drinking policies which have a negative impact on the students who are able to drink legally. Carthage is a completely dry campus, even students who are over 21 years old cannot drink in the campus dorm rooms. This forces students to drink elsewhere, which can be unsafe. Many students choose to go to a bar down the street from campus, and they often walk back while intoxicated. Having a dry campus does more harm than good for the students of Carthage.


The worst thing about Carthage is meeting people as a freshman. Because the school is so small, it is difficult to find a group to immerse yourself in. I spent many weekends in my room because I did not have a group of friends to hang out with yet, and I did not know where students hung out on the weekends.


It's basically a double-edge sword with the location of the campus. It is located right off the lake and in the winter it gets blistering cold and very windy!


The worst thing I consider about this school is that there aren't more majors offered to give students a wider choice of what they would like to do. I understand that there is not much space for more classrooms or buildings, but that would be something I would like to see Carthage take advantage of is creating more building space for more majors.


Some people have problems with the lack of class choices. Not every major people want is offered here at Carthage and people need to make sure that what they want to study is offered here.


I consider the parking the worst thing about Carthage, as we do not have nearly the amount of space that we truly need. However, Carthage is currently going under multiple renovations and will soon have adequate parking, housing, and student space.


The food is definitely the worst thing about Carthage College. It seems cheap and everytime I eat the food they serve I get sick. If you want to eat something thats not cafeteria food, it will cost you more and you get less food. If you want to eat your own food you have to really stock up because the nearest food store is 3 miles away and there is no shuttle to take you there.


The worst part about Carthage is the lack of classes for science majors in particular. Most REQUIRED courses are only offered every other year, and for a person like me who is in a 3-2 program (I'm only here for 3 years) it is very inconvenient. This could affect the ability for students who attend Carthage to go to graduate school since they'd have to take a lot of courses in graduate school that weren't offered at Carthage.


I don't like some of the parking restrictions and I think that we as a college need healthier food options.


The amount of food, because there is not a lot of choices to choose from


the worst thinga bout my school is that there aren't enough parking slots. the problem i usually run into is being late for class because of not having a parking spot. we need bigger parking lots.


The worst thing about my school is how the administration often cares more about the image of the school rather than the actual student experience. They spend enormous amounts of money at alumi events and community functions, and are more concerned that visitors have parking than students. The football field seems better kept than the library.


The worst part of Carthage College is probably the cafateria food. It is usually bland and there are not very many choices in the cafateria. But there are a few other choices on campus other than the cafateria there is a Strutters, sub connection, and an einstein bagels on campus. There are also plenty of restaurants in the area that students can go to as long as they have a car or know someone willing to drive them.


Our administrators are stubborn about what they believe should be the vision of our school. For instance, we have a "dry" campus, and we do not sell condoms in our school stores. The administrative idea behind this is that alcohol is illegal for most students, so the temptation should not be available to them, and that abstinence is the most effective contraceptive choice. Regardless of these laws, underage students STILL drink, and most STILL have sex. We--the students--feel this combination is scarier than selling condoms on campus. Our administrators have too much faith in us.


The worst aspect about Carthage College is that fact that it lacks diversity in regards to ideas and ethnicity. Furthermore, a majority of students on campus attend due to funding by parents/family; many come from upper class backgrounds. This causes some to diplay uninterest/laziness in studies and reflects poorly on those who pay entirely for school by themselves, oftentimes working full-time to do so (i.e. myself).


I am a tranfer student from Arizona State University, so it is fair to say that the only negative part of my new school, Northern Arizona University, is that I now must learn my way around a new campus.


The cost of the school is really high for a lot of people who want to go here. I'm not looking forward to the debt I'll be in after college.


The worst thing about my school is the price; I love the academics and atmosphere. The price of this school is extensive especially since I?m paying for my schooling on my own, so I?m already as a sophomore up to my ears in loans and debt.


I find the worse thing about Carthage to be the personal, behind-closed-doors attitudes of many of the students. The social atmosphere tends to be catty and stuck-up. Its as if the students weren't taught respect and courtesy, that the world revolves around them, their wants and needs. Its a very selfish, egocentric aura.


There are not many things at Carthage college that i consider bad. I would have to say that one thing that i consider the worst about this school is that there are many classes that are required for certain majors that are also considered general education credits. These classes are usually reserved for the new comming freshman at the beginning of each term. One has to wait till all the seats reserved for freshman are taken before they can sign up for the class. This is because there are so many people choosing to come to this school every year.


I consider the problem of activities and getting students involved with bigger events on campus. Weekends at this college are usually dead. The school has lots of clubs to join, but that should not be the only thing it offers. Other than sports and a few movies shown, I don't think there is anything else to do on campus. So, you rely on your friends and technology more.


Sadly, everything about Carthage is great except when it comes to food. We have a meal plan that was created by a survey 20 years ago. This survey concluded that students should get 10 meals per week. Now, normally, a person eats 3 times a day, but, considering that we live in a society that conducts the need be fast, most students only eat 2 times a day. The food is somewhat ok, but, most students rather eat off campus. We have petitioned a revision of meal plans. Hopefully within the next few years, it will change.


The worst thing about my school is not having enough meal swipes for the week and halfway through the school year having to buy another meal plan.


The worst thing about Carthage College would be the amount of parking combined with security involvement. Campus parking is very minimal and parking on campus drive is prohibited by security. In the future Carthage is thinking of moving all parking off campus and the only parking allowed on campus is for commuters. This is a problem for all students living on campus with a car.


In my opinion, the worst thing about this school is the limited interaction among residents on dorm floors. I feel that very few residents interact with one another when they live in the next room.


It costs a lot.


The quality of the financial aid advisors.