Carthage College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school would be the kind of person who doesn't have the patience to complete all of the liberal arts requirements along with all the major and/or minor requirements.


The only person that should not attend this school would be an athlete with scholarship offers from higher level schools, or student with intended majors that carthage does not offer.


Carthage College suits the needs for a variety of people. Everyone who is driven to do well and receive a good education will fit in ver nicely into the atmosphere of Kenosha and this college. Those who should not attend would be those who do not wish to do the work necessary to complete a college dregree. Since the Michigan Lake is right on the border of campus, those who are afraid of large bodies of water should think about attending a different school.


A person that is looking for more of a "big school" experience, someone who is looking for big parties, or someone who isn't comfortable in a small classroom setting where there is a lot of in class discussion between the students.


someone that wants a large school with large wont find it here


A student with ambition to become aworld leader through the movement of change.


Someone who is not motivated to learn, and participate in classes. I am enrolled in the adult education program at this school, it provides smaller class sizes and an accelerated program. It is a wonderful program however, it takes a lot of work to balance a school, home, and work life. It takes a lot of motivation to complete these classes and because of the smaller size there is much more interaction within the classroom, if someone is not willing to put forth the effort, or is very shy in the classroom I would not reccomend it.


One should not attend this school if they are someone who needs a lot of excitement, especially on the weekends; if you enjoy partying and drinking with a lot of people, this is not the place for you because Carthage is full of low-key mellow people who don't mind staying in on the weekend.


Someone who is looking for more of a partying experience. There's parties, but in general most of the people really spend their time studying and focusing on school. There is a lot of determination in everything that goes on here.


Someone who shouldn't attend this school would have to be very lazy about getting their work done and into the teacher on time. This school is mostly writing intensive so someone who has writing disabilities might have a lot of trouble. You should not come here if you have a strong cabin fever and no car for transportation because there is little to no transportation off campus if you don't have a car.


Someone who is not even willing to go to the required freshman courses.


I don't believe there is a specific type of person who shouldn't attend this school. This school is a smaller campus, so a person who is looking for a large and diverse campus probably shouldn't go here. This campus is very friendly, so a person who doesn't want to meet new people probably shouldn't come to this campus either. Other than that, there isn't a type of person that shouldn't attend this school.


People who aren't dedicated to learning and devoting time to classes and homework.


Someone who likes big classes and partying.


The type of person who should avoid Carthage College would have to be someone who likes big classes. At Carthage, nobody remains merely a number and a body. Students are known on a first name basis, not just some anonymous person.


Mainly people from the Northwest suburbs of chicago, and alomost all caucasion students


Someone who might be looking for a big ten experience should not attend Carthage. It is a very small school and similar to a small town, everyone knows everyone. Someone who is not willing to get involved should not attend Carthage either because it is a very small campus and if a person doesnt do anything they are going to sit in their room and do nothing.


A person who is inactive in discussions shouldn't attend this school as all classes are based on discussion and professor interaction.




Someone who thrives in large classes or prefers lectures to participation would not fit well at Carthage. This may go for any campus, but someone who's primary focus is to party shouldn't attend this school either. Class attendance is necessary at Carthage as well because if you miss too many classes your paticipation grade goes down which will lower your overall grade. If you prefer to skip class and get notes from someone else Carthage is probably not for you.


Carthage is a small school whose campus spans the length of a single street that is about a mile long. It has a population between two and three thousand people. It is a small but thriving community of people on this campus that is open-minded and overall accepting of everyone who comes here. The only kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who is close-minded, arrogant, and intolerant of others.


Someone who is not motivated or not ready to apply themselves to learning and furthing their education should not attend this school.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who has no ambition to suceed, lazy, content with playing video games all day and no desire to learn or advance their own knowledge. Carthage is a college of students that demand excellence, integrity and sucess from not only themselves, but also their peers.


Someone who is eager to learn outside of the classroom, and who doesn't mind being active in their educational environment. They'll get plenty of time in close discussions with their professors, so if they aren't willing to engage in an academic discussion now and then, they won't get everything they can out of a Carthage Education. Oh, and it wouldn't hurt if they were a friendly, outgoing person, either, because t such a small school you're not just going to be another face in the crowd.


A person that is looking for a less hands-on approach on their schooling and learning should not go to Carthage. The Carthage learning environment is very interactive and many teaching methods are used so that each student may succeed. The staff at Carthage also push their students to best of their capabilities; so a student looking for easy classes should not attend Carthage. Carthage may not have the competition that the large schools offer, but teachers are always monitoring and concerned with every students' success.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is the kind that does not have the heart or drive to succeed.


Someone who wants to attend a large, anonymous university and would rather party constantly than study and socialize with friends who are not in an altered state 80{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the time.


If you are looking to go to school to goof around and party every night of the week, this school is not for you. If you are lazy and don't want to do your homework, you will not succeed.


Students that would not fit well at carthage are ones that are not friendly, and have a desire to blend in and coast through school. Also students that are expecting the "typical" college lifestyle of parties etc, should not attend because they would be severly dissapointed.


If you are not willing to do work than you should not attend the college. It is not just for this college, but for any other college that one would want to go to because you have to be willing to learn.


The worst kind of person to attend my school would be someone who doesn't want to be active in any way. I found that the way to be successful at my school is to be active, not only in the classroom but also when it comes to meeting people and making friends. Most people leave this school because they don't go to class or because they don't make any real friends.


I personally think that everyone would get at least something positive out of this school. This school is the best school ever so I think that anyone could attend this school unless they cannot afford the tuition.


A person should not attend this school if they are very conservative and quiet. Also, a person who does not care about their future or schoolwork should not attend this school as it is a career based school, and academically challenging. The students here are very driven, and competition for grades is rather high.


People with metropolitan backgrounds. There is not much going on in Kenosha so it can get a little boring.


The people who should not attend this school are those who are not willing to engage themselves in career networking opportunities. People, who are not serious about getting more out of their degree then just the actual degree, should not attend Carthage College. Lastly, people who are not motivated and eager about getting involved in community and leadership focused programs and activities would not fit in the ?Carthage Community?.


I believe that students who don't have a strong wanting to excel and work toward a higher education. Students that feel they want to slack off, and just enjoy the social life of the campus. These students seem not to attend class often, and enjoy their friends over working hard in their classroom. This College is demanding of its' students, and because of the cost of this college, one should not waste that much money to not work hard for what they put in.


a person that shouldn't go to this school is someone who like big schools and big cities. also any person who like to go out and party every night and get drunk probably wouldn't like the dry campus policy. if you are not fully commited to academics it would be difficult to go to this school.


If you are a person who does not like to work in a small environment, and you rather have an extremely large school, I would say don't come here. Carthage is a small school, that is designed to connect students with their professors by means of smaller classrooms. This provides additional help to the student given from the one-on-one engagements with the professors. This is something you cannot do within a larger school, for instance, University of Illinois-Urbana. Choose what works for you.


A person whose main interest is partying should not attend this school. Also, someone who likes to be surrounded by a ton of people would not be a good fit for this school. Carthage College has a dry campus, so students who place an emphasis on parties and getting drunk or doing drugs would not fit in here.


Someone not willing to work/go to school, antisocial.


Some one who is willing to work hard and attend classes.


A person that just wants to party and skip classes shouldn't attend this school. All of the classes have an attendence policy that is followed by most of the teachers.


People who decide that they want a college where the parties are hot and the classes are few and far between. People shouldn't come to Carthage if they think that they are going to slide right through college. Carthage is a dry campus, but we're in between Milwaukee and Chicago so there are tons of things to do other than drink. Hopefully we keep the college clean like it is now and it doesn't get worse.


One who prefers small classes and smaller athletic venues. Specifically the natural science department is strong. Friendly and driven


People studying Asian or Middle East foreign laguages or cultures. The Asian Studies program is fledgling. Though it is backed by amazing professors, the administration makes it difficult to learn all that a student could learn at a college who has had an Asian Studies program for longer with more than five main professors teaching.


Nobody should avoid this school


The kind of person who should attend this school is a open minded person who likes the small school community.


Someone who is looking for a big school and someone who likes to party alot and plans on just "flying by the seat of their pants" in their courses. This school is way too expensive to goof off in and not go to class.