Carthage College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to not stress or worry too much. You will really enjoy your college experience. Don’t procrastinate on assignment. Also, take advantage of the opportunities that you are given, and enjoy life. You are only young once. It’s okay to take a break and relax for a bit. Study hard and make friends. These friendships will be long lasting, and will impact your life tremendously. Also, stays focused and apply for as much financial aid as possible. All in all, you will have a wonderful college experience, just take time to enjoy it!


I used to be an anxious girl. My anxiety took over my life. I would be sitting around, alone in my room and I would feel my heart pump freakishly fast with each shallow breath I took. I’d start to cry an uncontrollable sob, shake as if I were seizing, and grate my arms with my fingernails. I’d be absolutely clueless as to why I was experiencing this daily my senior year of high school. If I could tell senior-year-of-high-school Nicole “don’t do that anymore, because you’ll stop anyway,” I wouldn’t. I would not take back any of those dark moments or a single cut on my wrist. Through each painful and horrifying panic attack came realization that I needed help, which I sought out. If I could tell senior-year-of-high-school Nicole anything it’d be “girl, I can’t wait until you find God, because a year later this is where you are: second semester of college and still anxious. However, anxiety no longer defines you, God does. You are not the anxious girl; you are a woman with occasional anxiety."


The only thing I would go back and change would be to obtain better studying habits than I have. Because high school was pretty easy for me I got all the partying and everything out of my system, so now that I'm in college and my time is really important in order to do good in school, so now I'm very focused on school instead of goofing of like a lot college of college freshman are starting to experience. I now realize how vital college is for my future and I'm actually happy that things went the way they did. However, I wish that I had learned to study better because there is A LOT more work involved on your own time and sitting down and studying isn't an easy accomplishment for me.


If I could go back to my 17 year old self, I would first tell her to stop stressing out about college, everything wil be fine. I would tell her not to room with her best friend from eighth grade because it will prevent her from making new, closer friends. I would tell her not to worry about drinking, you really don't have to do it if you don't want to and there are many other people who don't want to. Break up with your boyfriend, would be the next sentence out of my mouth. Long distance relationships or ones that aren't going so well, will wreak havoc on your grades. Next, I would tell her to try not to call home everyday and to hangout with her siblings as much as possible, because she will miss them and from here on out, she'll be lucky to see them twice a year. I would tell her to try to eat right, work out, and study hard, but mostly I would tell her to relax, smile, and have fun.


Dear Stephanie, I would like to share some wisdom with you that I wish I would have known when I was applying to schools as a senior in High School. You haven’t been to college, you think you know what you’re looking for, but you don’t. Your parents aren’t much help because you’re the one choosing, so make sure you really think through what you want out of life. Choose a school that has a lot of options for studying, because you may change your mind and the school you’re at might not have what you need. Make sure you choose a school that your parents won’t yell at you for being too expensive later on. Work your but off and save your money so when you need to use your savings to pay off your loans there will be enough to pay. Before you get to school look into what kinds of transportation they have to town. Ask random students what they think of the school, not the ones who look fake friendly and ask you if you need help. I hope you're happy with what you choose! Love Stephanie


If I was to go back in time and tell myself as a high school senior some advice about the transition between high school and college, I would first and formost tell myself to find the right group of friends with the same intrests that I have. I feel it is important to have a base group of friends that has the same ethics and beliefs as yourself. Having those friends will keep you true to yourself and will keep you from becoming a different person. Staying strong in who you are is something that everyone should appreciate. Trying to change or become someone else just to fit in will not make you happy in the long run; being yourself, and having the right friend base is what will help both insure a successful transition between high school and college, and make your college career enjoyable and let you make the best memories.


If I were able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would provide all the advice I never had. When I was a senior, I was confused, frustrated, overwhelmed and not even sure what to do. I had alot of information about colleges and options I had, but I felt there was too much information to even be able to comprehend what the best option was for me. I decided to take time off and work. During that time off, I met my significant other and started a family. Once my first daughter was born, I felt I had to do something. School is so much more difficult when you have a family to care for and a full time job to keep up with. It is so hard to afford school and the things my family needs, but without school, I am unable to find a decent job that I enjoy. Currently I work night shift and go to school before work then take care of my family. Often times going days without sleep. I would tell my young self to just keep going and never quit. Persistence is key!


If I could return to the past I would try to convince myself to look at all the options that are available to students and the importance of my GPA. I was unsure of what I wanted my major to be, where I wanted to go to college or what to do while going to college. I would suggest to myself to begin this inquiry while in high school knowing that my academic career would be much more enriched with direction, motivation, scholarships and financial aid, internships, and volunteer opportunities. Also I would stress the importance of maintaining a high GPA from the beginning of my academic career. Many students aren’t aware of all these opportunities that that could assist with your future goals and often don’t take advantage of them because of the lack of knowledge. If students do take advantage we tend to do it late in our academic career. I would outline all of the benefits that college as to offer and explain the tremendous impact it has on my life. I would strongly stress the importance of maintaining a near perfect GPA as the other activities would mean nothing if you GPA suffers.


My advice to my self would be to stay focus and stay possitive because during the transition to college many things change such as Friends, study habits and dependance on your parents. You begin to have a sense of what is to come in the real world( work force)


I would have told myself that procrastination is rather difficult while in college. It can be easy, as a senior in high school, to fall into the trap of being top dog and knowing how close you are to the end and just let some things slide. College is not as horrifying as some would have you believe. You always hear about those 10-15 page papers but they don't just thrust you into that kind of writing. They will ease you into writing and most colleges will have a writing center which will assist you in writing these papers. I would also tell my senior self to not try and be so busy while in college. Try and get to know the people who are around you, whether they be freshman or upper class. The upperclassmen are not as bad as some would have you think. In a nutshell, I'd tell myself to cut the procrastination and do whatever work necessary so it is completed, make a little more downtime for yourself at college and get to know those around you better so to build those healthy relationships necessary to have a happy social life.


If I could give my high school self advice before attending college it would be this: Start with an undecided major—a clean slate. Do not be pressured by people asking, “What will your major be?” or “What are you going to be when you grow up?” If you do not, these pressures will cause you to pick something that you are not truly passionate about. You will find out that what you are studying is not a good fit for you and you will virtually waste a semester and a half of credits. Instead, give yourself the opportunity to experiment, explore, and try new things. You will discover a major and minor combination that you will be very excited about. Branch out and find something that you are good at, have a passion for, and look forward to doing the rest of your life. Just remember, don’t rush into any decision about your major. Take classes you never thought you would be interested in. You might be surprised at what you learn—about the course and about yourself.


Advice that I would give myself as a high school senior would be to start buying the material you need whether it is for the dorm, books, or other school material, start buying things early because it gets to be very expensive and really add up over time. I would also say to try to find and meet incoming freshman as well, so when you get to school you know some people that you can hang out with, instead of not knowing anyone.


If I could go back in time to my senior year I would tell myself to go out more. The more experiances that I would have gotten outside of high school would have made me realize that it was better for me to stay home and further my education at Shelton State Community College rather than go off to a far away college. It took me three moths to realize that to stay home was better for me than to go away.


dont give up


Knowing what I have discovered about college life, I would give my high school self some advice. The main piece is about studying. During high school, I had not focused on studying of my material. I figured that I could just go into a test and not have to go back and look at what I needed to know for a test. In college, studying is a necessity for success. A student is expected to know material from the book and the notes the professor gives. Personal time is something a student needs in college as well. Never did I get a lot of time to myself in my younger years since I was always with my friends or family. College takes a student away from family and friends. They are forced to make new ones. College life is different from the simpler high school life. I should have stayed more focused and given myself some personal time to make the transition to college a little easier.


Knowing what I know now about college life, I would have told myself in high school to visit more than one or two colleges that I was interested in. I would have also prepared better financially, and applied for more scholarships, so that I could live on campus and be a part of the community instead of commuting to Kenosha from Chicago and feeling like an outsider. I would also have probably told myself that it was smart to first go to a community college and then transfer, especially since even nearing junior status I haven't firmly decided on a major. It is important to be confident in yourself and not to let a negative attitude reign over enjoying life. It is important to sympathize with other's struggles, and try to help them get through it, but don't let that hinder you in appreciating happiness for youself.


The best advice I could give my high school self is to focus. Focus on what you want in life, focus on what you desire to do, focus on the future and where your degree could take you, and last but not least focus on success. School is fun and exciting but it is still work. When you focus on the fundamentals of education and not just on the fun you will be more successful. Without focus you will blindly walk the path of college collecting credits yet not moving forward. In the end you will find you will have a pretty framed piece of paper but not a degree and no job outlook in the field you desire. So focus. Learn to do this now and you will find yourself being able to accomplish anything you desire to do.


I would tell myself to keep my old freinds close they really help you a lot and its nice to have someone to talk to when things ar achool are hard. Becoues school will be hard for them to we all need to help each other and its a good way. Also just becoues your smart know doesnt mean college will be easy its a lot of work and you have to be willing to put that work in. Its ok to do bad in a class you can always try agian or know that its not they trype for you. But one thing that you should do is not give up you shouled give it all you have and never stop. Being yourself is a big thing not eveyone is doing bad things and its all up to you as to what you do. Your bound to change a bit but how much and for better or worse its all up to you and only you. so know what you want to be and what you want to be like try new things. That you want to try not becoues someone wants you to.


If I had the opprotunity to talk to my high school self, I would focus on telling myself that the future is going to be difficult but rewarding. There have been many points in my college carreer where I have been overwhelmed with extracurriculars, classes, and part-time work but I have always found a way to manage my time and get through those tough times. Looking back at these particular events, I sometimes wish that I would not have been so axious about what had to be done and focused more on what I was doing. In many events I feel that I have put excessive pressure on myself as a perfectionist, and if my high school self would have understood what potential I had and how successful I really was at that time as a student, I do not believe that I would have been as anxious in the future. To tell my high school self to relax, live life, and continue to hold on to lifetime goals would have been benefitial mostly to my own peice of mind; it would continue to strengthen the personal persistence I have to learn and help others.


Don't forget how to study, and experiment now on which ways of studying is the most useful for you. Make sure that you come to college with a planned out budget, and stick to it. Start practicing smart money management skills now so it won't be such a shock when you get to college and have to tighten your belt. Be confident in your social skills, and know that the first few weeks of college life will be uncomfortable. Remember your close friends and stay in contact with them, but don't rely on them when they are so far away. Be open to making new friends, and in the beginning of school, be super nice to everyone. Figure out what you enjoy doing now so you can get involved with it somehow on campus. Jump into clubs and organizations right away to put yourself out there.


The most important thing is to learn how to things well, rather than do a lot of things. I was more of a "jack-of-all-trades" in high school because I believed that being involved in numerous activities would get me more scholarships. The fact is that makes a student more attractive for admission, but not for scholarships. Also, learn how to study hard in high school. I knew a lot of the information I was learning in high school was pretty easy for me to comprehend, but it is proving to be exponentially more difficult my second year in college. Students who know how to study will succeed accademically. Finally, time management is key. Any extracurricular activities one may do in college are much more time consuming than in high school. Add that to a varsity sport, fraternity, and school work makes for no free time, which is necessary to staying sane through college. In order to make that time, a high school senior should develop habits to making schedules and budgeting free time. That way when they get to school, they will adjust to the work load and still have free time.


Make sure you know what you want, girlie. This will save you grief in the long run. Also, get involved fast! People do form cliques quickly and once they do, it's hard to get a group of friends. Don't worry so much about your grades! I know medical school is four years away, but you'll cause yourself a burnout before you even get started. Trust me, this future me has already accomplished that and it has plummeted your GPA. Don't worry so much about momma, either. She is doing just fine with handling this, so no need to feel that you have to go home every other weekend. Just sit back, relax and everything will be just fine. One thing to continue with - TALK with your professors!! They have scheduled office hours when it is mandatory for them to be in their office, ready to answer ANY questions you have, regardless as to how "stupid" or "dumb" you think it is. Take advantage of it while you can, and it will help you in the long run. As for the have to live with her...and remember, compromise is key to any successful relationship.


Dear Highschool Me~ I am writing this letter to tell you that college is not what you are expecting it to be. It takes time and dedication, and dicipline. There will be nobody telling you to get your homework done, when to go to bed or what to do. The teachers don't care if you show up to class, because they get paid regardless. Use a planner, and manage your time wisely. Spending time with the boyfriend when you should be studying for a test is a bad idea. Transition is hard too. This will be the first time you are living away from mom and dad, and it isn't easy. You will be homesick, but you can't spend every minute in your dorm room. Go out, meet people, and get involved. It will make transitioning so much easier. Find people that you can relate to, and that you have things in common with. Don't go home every weekend, because you wont connect with anybody if you do. Enjoy this new chapter in your life, when you find the place you are truly meant to be, it will be a truly amazing experience for you. ~Me


Time travel really can never answer any of our questions or what if's but if this was possible I would go even further back. To answer this question though I would tell myself that not to be shy to what I want because there was regret for not pursuing certain things that year as well as tell myself to get a job before that internship in the summer. There were so many things I wanted but was too afraid to put into motion and so that now I am here and even more lost then I was back then in trying to make decisions for the future. Now I have to just figure everything out without the support system that made it where I could have the time to think about such dilemmas. This would of also gave me more room to explore what I was interested in there were days I had enough free time to go out but I chose wrong. Everything was just around the river bend but I took the smoothest course.


If I could go back to my high school self, I would tell myself not to graduate early and to stick out the last semester of high school to pick up better study habits and to take classes that were in both my major and classes that were completely outside of my majors. That way I would know for sure what I wanted to study in college. I would also tell myself to try and be a little more social and to have better money handling skills. I would tell myself to become more active in the clubs that I was in and to not be afraid to try and run for club president. I would encourage myself to start study groups and to go to teachers when I didn't understand any of the math problems. Most importantly I would tell myself that I should commit to whatever I wanted to and to work at what I was doing until I could understand it, even if I would get frustrated. And that I needed to remember to just take one day at a time.


I have come back in time to let you know that the first time around you made a very big mistake by deciding not to go to college. At the age of 39, you are married with two childern and no job. You don't have the skills to acquire a great paying job to support your family. So at the age of 38 you finally decide it is time to go back to college. It is a rough transition because you have been out of school since 1991. You are among the oldest students in class and you have to study a lot harder and pay close attention in class just to make good grades. It is an amazing experience even at the age of 38 but you would have so much more fun and learn so much more if you just go ahead and go straight into college once you graduate from high school. Forget getting married for a while and make a future for yourself and the family you will have. You will be so much happier with yourself and your life if you do. Please make the right decisions. Good luck!


If I could go back I would tell myself bring a heavier jacket. I would also tell myself to enjoy high school and living at home always seeing your mom, and when it comes time to leave your mom tell her that you will miss her. Eat dinner every night at home because you are going to miss that food. Hug my dog one more time. Most likely hang out with my friends and tell them that no matter what happens we are always going to be friends. Tell them also that they have to come visit every weekend. Take accounting in high school more seriously because you have to take it later. Tell myself that water polo in college way harder but still tons of fun. I would also tell myself that you did good picked a good college that you love, and you are going to meet some awsome people.


The advice that I would give to myself is: Be outgoing, don't worry about other people judging you. Once you get to college, it's an entire new beginning. No one knows your story, and everyone is in a position where they are desperate to make friends. Don't be afraid to be yourself and express your ideas and beliefs. You will be much happier if you live your life the way that makes you feel good, rather than trying to conform to those around you just to fit in. Make sure to keep your grades in check! Ambition is possibly one of the most highly regarded qualities that you can have, so be ambitious and dream big. You may think that i'm rattling off cliches, but they're only true. Finally, (and I would personally say this to myself) Your girlfriend... she is only a small part in the spectrum of your life, don't worry about her, and don't allow her to affect your happiness. Be outgoing and do well in school!


I would tell myself to definitely focus more on the future, because that is what really will make or break you. I also would tell myself to take as many college courses as possibly while still in my senior year. That would have saved me so much time and money in the long run. I also wish I knew then to just relax and not over stress too much, and to really enjoy each and every day of life. You only live once. When it comes to having friends, I realize now that it is way more important to have a few "true" friends, rather than a great number of regular friends, who might end up not being true in the end. By really having the drive to focus on myself by keeping up with my studies, keeping myself healthy, and surrounding myself with positive, genuine people, I would have saved myself from many disappointments when I was younger, if I had really known as much as I do now.


Were I to talk to my past self, I would tell myself to take challenges in stride. Transitioning from high school to college is an extraordinary journey that can often be hard. Depending on the school, one could be exposed to cultures or attitudes previously unfamiliar. The college lifestyle is incredibly different from the high school lifestyle--living away from parents for the first time in a young adult's life can be exhilirating or terrifying. It is all about perspective; keeping a positive attitude can take a student far and make the transition much easier. I was very timid going into college in another state, and my social anxiety made it difficult to make friends the first semester at school. One piece of valuable advice I would give my younger self would be this: "Don't be afraid of the unknown, don't be afraid of potential rejection. You never know what the future holds unless you try".


I would tell myself to not sweat the small stuff that happened throughout senior year. There was a person at my school that, at the time, seemed like she was out to get me by spreading rumors about me and trying to get those that I considered friends to turn on me. However dark I thought she was being, I let the small things this person did - such as snide remarks about how I looked, did things or said - get to me and make me feel greatly disliked. First year of college showed me that not only am I a likable person, I am a likable person entitled to be as happy as possible and I have been able to learn how to stand up for myself when the occasion called for it, something I did not do all through high school. Because of this, I would have told myself to not sweat the small stuff, because why not enjoy what I have now?


College will be difficult and intrusive. You will wonder why it seems so much harder than when you were in high school. You will also lose contact with many, if not all, of your high school friends. However, this will be a time of discovery for yourself. Enjoy the time you have alone. Explore who you are. College will one of the few times in your life when you will be able to take a step back from all of the influences you have been subjected to so far, and assess how they have impacted your life and shaped who you are. Allow your self to think about how each of them will impact your future and decide here and now if you want them in your life or not. You can never turn back time!


I wish I would have avoided rushing graduation. When I entered college I was anxious to recieve my diploma, but as the time approaches for me to graduate, I simply wish I had more time. There was no reason for me to take summer courses and overloading my schedule for no real purpose. The cost was the same and I merely missed having more free-time and a relaxed schedule. I'm a type A personality and tend to exhibit overachiever tendencies, but sometimes the best thing in the world is not to be in a hurry.


I would have so much to say to my high school senior self. I was extremely shy coming into college. The transition was definitely difficult. Being shy, it was difficult to make friends in the beginning, and I was very homesick. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to hang in there. Things will get better. You will meet a fantastic group of friends, and you will love school and this newfound independence. Join any organization that sounds interesting and fun. Put yourself out there, and take chances. Getting involved is fast way to meet people and adjust to a new situation. I would also tell myself not to worry so much. Being a good student all through high school will get you very far if you continue the same habits in college. Stressing will get you nowhere, and if you just have faith and work hard, things will work out in your favor. Do not worry about what others think of you. The people worth having around will like you for who you are. Enjoy every moment of your college career; it flies by.


So far out of my college experince I feel that I really got to start my life over. I now have some amazing friends and really enjoy attending school most of the time. People here really help make your college experience worthwile. Attending here really has been a valuable thing for me to accomplish. I now know I'm fine on my own and can really change people's lives.


It has been valuable to attend be college because my mother or father did not graduate from it. I would like to make my parents proud by staying in school and them having to not worry about paying for it. I love college. I knew when I first graduated high school. I got a little behind last semester and I was on probation. I could not wait on a new semester to start because sitting out and missing all of this education really got to me. I am now enrolled now and I love it. I am more focused and I dont have to worry about any distractions. Sitting out a semester really made me realize that I need education. Trying to learn new things on my own was not that helpful. What I have gotten out this college experience is to be more focused on the things that I do and always never underestimate myself on the things that I do not think I am capable of doing. My college experience has led me to learn new and exciting things and to meet new and different people. I would not change any of the college experiences I have had.


I've only just begun my college experience, and yet I feel like I can see the next four years very clearly. Not necessarily exactly what I'll be studying or doing, but that I'll be enjoying my life both as a college student and as a person because of the place I'm in. It's been valuable because Carthage has helped me grow, in every way possible. Sometimes I think what would have happened if I had decided to go some place else. The answer is a little bit scary, because there would be no dramatic unhappiness or regret at another school. However, I also would have no idea what I was missing and how my "great" college experience could have been so much better based on one decision. At the time it may have been the hardest decision of my life, but now it feels like the easiest.




I will have been the first one in my family to go to college and from where I come from this accomplishment is not easy. I went to Northwest Mississippi Community College due to the fact that I could afford it. I want to go to Mississippi State University in the fall of 2011 to accomplish my dream of becoming a forensic anthropologist and work for the FBI. I love to help people and am willing to do anything to make sure I go to college. I teach Sunday school to grades pre-k through fifth on Sundays at my church, City Church of Olive Branch, and I am the go to person at school if my fellow students need a tutor. By going to college I have learned what it means to gain knowledge and to use it to aspire to a greater goal. My teachers were the shiny metal claw in the arcade game who picked me up my freshmen year of college, and without them I would not have made it as far as I have. With this scholarship I can help more people and do what I enjoy doing the most.


I first attended college straight out of highschool and was not really sure of what I wanted. I deceided to enroll in SUNY Cobleskill majoring in Agricultural Business. At the time I was very involved in farming but I soon realized it was not what I wanted. I took a couple of years off and returned to the same college in 3004 to get my Bacholers Degree in Wildlife Management and got pregnant in my first semester and did not go back. From then until now I have had another child and have been able to think a lot about what I really want. I would really like to pursue a career in education. My college experience has given me the chance to find what I really want. I enjoy both agriculture and wildlife very dearly but being able to experience it through college and my personal life has made me realize there was something more I wanted to do and that was work with children. Now I know why young kids have such a hard time right out of highschool. They need a couple more years to really figure out what they truely want out of life.


Since elementary school I've known that I want to be a veterinarian. To this day, there is nothing I want more than to spend the rest of my life helping animals. I know that I cannot do this without going to college, and a lot of it. I've started my journey at South Puget Sound Community College and plan to head to Central Washington University in the fall. For my first two years, I've learned more than I ever imagined I would. I remember going on my first day being so nervous and uncomfortable; now I look at myself almost two years later and I feel like a completely different person. I work at the college with my first job, I know someone in almost every class I have, I've made relationships with multiple professors, and I've gotten more of an education than I ever could have dreamed. It makes me so happy to think about because I know that this is only the beginning, I have 6 more years to learn. The opportunities for me will be countless once I graduate, and I know I wouldn't have them without an education.


My education is the experience I have had at Carthage College. Starting with the freshman core classes, I have learned very valuable aspects that enrich my mind and contribute to the person that I actually am. I now often address questions of morality, politics, philosophy, and religion constantly and without fear. The relationship that I have with my professors is truly unique, especially outside of the classroom. True education comes not from the formalities of the classroom, but from the tough questions that individuals tackle while in the company of each other. That is the wonderful education that I am learning here at Carthage College. It is because of this that I have become more globally aware of international politics, religions, and nations throughout the world. Carthage is without a doubt the right college institution for me. If I can continue to afford the tuition, I plan to continue to take advantage of the knowledge that Carthage offers, as well as the interpersonal environment that comes with it.


Before walking into Carthage on my first day, I was a nervous wreck when it came to public speaking; the simple act of standing up in a crowded classroom sent my nerves on razor-thin edge. For example, I was asked to conduct a piece at my spring band concert my junior and senior years of high school, and every time I stepped foot on the podium, I would get cold feet, I would break out in a sweat, my arms would be shaking more than San Francisco in an earthquake, and I would have no idea what I was doing. Throughout my two years of college, I have learned to be more self-confident, to ignore my anxieties, to have a good time in front of a class rather than losing my mind. I'll be much mroe relaxed next year when I conduct for my college bands, and I'll be much more focused and able to teach. Thanks to college, I've learned to cope with my once-debilitating stage fright; it's an experience I won't soon forget.


Traveling accross the country for school is a daring task. Coming from the west coast, I would know. At first I was nervous and unsure about the distance between school and home, but these nerves were quickley put to ease when the semester began. I wasn't just greeted warmly by the sports team I was participating with, all students and faculity were friendly to the incoming freshman class. Being away from home has taught me to be independent and responible. I am responsible for my education and athletic perfomance. This has allowed me to gain confidence and pursue a higher education. I have taken great strides in my schooling and am more motivated than ever to achieve a top GPA. Being at college has gotten me excited about my future. I want to try my hardest at school and am unafriad of taking risks in order to achieve my goals. I have never felt more excited about learning or participating on an DIII althletics team. In all, college has opened up a whole new world of possibilites, and therefore a whole new side of me that's waiting to build my future.


At Carthage, I have made friends that I will have for the rest of my life. I know that I am receiving an excellent education and that after I graduate I will be able to get a good job. I could not imagine attending college anywhere else.


What I have gotten out of college in this past semester is immeasurable to anything I have been apart of. I attend a liberal arts college and feel their opinion on a quality well-rounded education has been vital to the way I think and my beliefs on certain aspects of life. Also, I was able to heighten my knowledge on philosophical issues and open my eyes to new ideas. My experience has given me a sense of belonging in society and a purpose to pursue a higher education. One of my most difficult but personally beneficial classes has been microeconomics. I have a better general understanding of my nation’s economy and how it operates. Aside from education, I have learned time management and discipline. Attending Carthage College I was able to get my first job. I made a daily schedule to be most efficient and to use my time wisely. In addition, I am able to cohabitate with many other different people of different cultures. In conclusion, it has been valuable for me to attend my university because the meaning of education has been broadened beyond the lecture hall.


So far during my time at Carthage College I have learned how to make my own schedule and manage my time to accomplish all of my schoolwork and still be able to enjoy hanging out with friends that I've made at school. It has also been valuable to learn how to live on your own. I was also able to have the experience of taking part in a high ropes course, which is something I never would have tried on my own. I was able to experience the stock market through a month long simulation game, which I found very interesting since it pertained to my major of accounting. It has also been beneficial to learn the points of view from students attending that live in other parts of the United States.


Throughout the last two-and-a half years I have learned to manage my time, become more responsible and set goals for myself. Managing my time was a problem at the beginning because I would start an assignment the day before it was due thinking it was not going to take me long. So, I started to manage my time wisely, now I start an assgiment a week before it is due, therefore, I can have time to look it over. This is were responsibility comes in. Before I would make excuses for earning a bad grade and not take the fault because I did not dedicate enough time into the assginment. One of the goals I have set for myself is to improve my academic work in any way I can. When I receive an assgiment with a grade I was not expecting to get I talk with my professors and ask what I did wrong and how I can do better next time or if I can re-do the work. I think what I have learned these last couple of years will help me throughtout the following years.


My experience at Carthage College has been a great one! Not only have I learned tons of things relating to my future career, but I have also learned a lot of life lessons since having to adapt to living away from home. College has taught me that your experience while attending is entirely what you make of it. I have made the most of my opportunity to receive a good eduation thus far and intend to continue to do so until I graduate by making my school work a top priority. In addition, although life in college may not be as ideal as living at home where everything is always taken care of for you, by accepting and taking in the whole "experience" of living in the dorms and bonding with those living closely around you, one learns to make the most of any situation and appreciate the little things in life. Attending college will teach anyone a lot about themself. Most importantly, from attending college, I have learned that I can do just about anything if I set my mind to it. Today I am working hard to get good grades. Tomorrow I have may be changing the world!


This college experience has been quite the journey. Although I am still in college I seem to be learning something new with every passing day. College has taught me to think critically and effectively. It also taught me to always have confidence within myself and to know who I am as a person. Coming from the inner city of Chicago to a small private school in Kenosha, WI I felt rather intimidated and unimportant but as time went on I realized that everyone was put on this earth for a specific purpose and to never doubt your existence even if someone else has the audacity to. These experiences have taught me lifelong valuable lessons that are priceless to me. Being on this campus has also opened up alot of doors for me. For example, I never realized how much i genuinely enjoy helping others and giving others advice and now I am a major in social work and a minor in psychology. I thank God that I have erudited so much about myself in such a short amount of time but I still have a ways to go but I'm looking forward to every minute of it.