Carthage College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My college experience has been valuable to me because it helped me to learn more about myself and what I am capable of. I have taken classes that have broaden my views on things and helped me to better understand why I am the way that I am. I have gotten involved in many things and have made long lasting friendships and memories to last a lifetime. I have never regretted a moment I have been here and would do it all over again if given the opportunity. I hope that every student that comes through here has the same experience that I do. This is a great place to get a good education as well as have a good social life. Alumni are very helpful and loyal to this school for a reason, they enjoyed their college experience and still love to come back.


There are things I didn’t know I was going to experience in college except for studying a lot, meeting new people, and living with another person. I learned that it’s really hard to focus on your work especially when you have a lot of things in your mind. No one is forcing you to do your work or even attend your classes. In college you learn how to take responsibility like handing in your work in time, attending class and being on time, paying your fines, going to work on time, and etc. Most of this I learned in high school but instead of being with my parents I am on my own in college. The college experience is basically a step to experiencing how to live on your own without your parents around.


As well as a lot of specific knowledge related to my majors and minor, my college experience has provided me with an abundance of intellectual stimulus. In studying particular subjects, I have nonetheless been practicing the art of thinking in general, and I can now approach even those subjects which are new to me with confidence, as I have learned to think critically, in an organized manner, and thus effectively. Further, in being ever challenged, I have been shown just how much I am capable of, and by the time I finished my senior thesis, I found that I have been well prepared to go on to graduate school, as my research may be said already to be the kind of serious and professional scholarship which will better the academic world and my life alike. In addition to scholarship, however, my college experience has reminded me of the value of friendship (which, indeed, I had forgotten) and cooperation with my classmates and professors. Never before have I felt to such an extent that I am part of a community, and I have thus been prepared, not only to make a living for myself, but to live a life worth living.


I have gained so much from being away at school. I have learned many things like independence and empathy. Most importantly, I have learned passion. I have been told that you should pick a career that you love and that will bring you happiness. I have found that sports marketing is what I am meant to do for the rest of my life. It combines two things that I really enjoy - marketing and sports (specifically hockey). I am very excited and enthusiastic when it comes to learning more about marketing because I know it will make me a successful in the future. I am so glad that I was able to find my passion at Carthage. I entered school having no idea what I wanted to study but I am confident that I have made the right choice. I hope everyone will learn to be passionate about their career and future, because it is the best feeling in the world!


I have grown a great deal since I have been in college. I have learned as much about myself and other people as I have learned in my actual classes. I have become both more responsible and more independent since entering college. These skills and life lessons are not things that can be learned in a classroom and will stay with me for the rest of my life and will always help me, probaly more than my classes ever will.


The whole reason I decided to attend Carthage College was because I wanted to learn Japanese, and it was one of the only colleges that had sent me anything that stated they offered Japanese. When I later found out that Carthage was also relatively close to my home, yet far enough away to feel I was removed from my "normal" environment, it pleased me more. Since high school, I have felt that the best way to learn and grow as a person is to try something new, to break whatever comforting bonds one has to their state of "normal." By going to a place that was removed from my home area, I felt like I could do so. Also, since I wanted to learn about and go to a country on the other side of the world, I figured it would be a good place to start my journey. While I feel that Carthage has not been the best possible decision since going there, I still believe that it was good for me to go, especially for my Freshman year. I made friendships and met people who changed my view on the world, and that is what I wanted most.


I have gotten the opportunity to apply myself farther than I ever have before. In college, I am able to apply myself to my strengths, and work as a team with others to create things that alone, would be near impossible to make possible. I have learned more about myself, and about others. In the next 3 years of college, I plan to focus my strengths into the area of Physics, and hopefully, work towards something that I have never dreamed of. I have also learned that many things in this world are not possible to accomplish by yourself. The only reason that I am able to go to college is because of the generous donations and support of people in the form of scholarships. I have gotten the value of generosity, and have learned never to waste on opportunity, and not to take things for granted. Everything could be gone in an instant if the wrong decisions are made. I have learned that hard work and persistence is needed to accomplish my goals in life.


I have gotten many things out of my college experience so far. I have gained an education, new friends, and above all countless numbers of other experiences in all aspects of my life. I have learned what it is like to be "on my own " and how/when to ask for help. I have learned many things about myself, and have gotten a much better look at who I really am. College has been one of the best and most rewarding experiences of my life so far, and I am very happy that I still have two years left of it to enjoy and to grow even more.


College has been a valuable experience because it has allowed me to step out of the world I was accustomed to and be immersed in a whole new group of people with different attitudes and backgrounds. It has also taught me a lot about responsibility and self-motivation. Without college I would never have been able to work with the professionals that work at the school. Many of the experiences that have gone along with these people I could not have experienced any other way. I have learned so much about life and relationships, it has really made me more aware of myself and of the people around me. It has made me really think about who I am as a person and what is important to me in my life. It also has made me realize what kind of person I want to be and has brought me to a path that will surely lead me there if choose to continue following it. I have no doubt that I will continue on this path of life.


Since returning to school earlier this year, I have learned to be more responsible. Unlike in high school, I now care about my future, and work on my homework. I have also met many inspiring students and teachers who have helped motivate me to be what I want, instead of someone flipping burgers. College has rekindled my childhood dream of producing films. I hope that with these scholarships, I can continue to attend college and earn my degree in Film, so I can go on to live my dream.


No matter how bad things may get, always keep trying harder and harder.


I have learned so much in my last four years of college. I am challenged every day in new and interesting ways. I have been studying elementary education as well as special ed. and I will graduate in May with degree in both as well as a minor in Spanish. I have been able to learn many new techniques and ideas for teaching students and I am very excited to be able to try them our somtimes. I also think that college has challenged me to be a person of character and to pick a battle that is truely worth fighting for. I believe that the injustices in the world can be fixed if only people who start caring and taking action. This is the only thing that is ever going to work. I have enjoyed my last three years hear and I am very sad to see then end.


My college experience has been very exciting, frightening, and challenging so far this year, but through it all I have developped a greater understanding of who I am as an individual. As the oldest of three children, I had been lucky enough to have my own room for eighteen years, but upon arriving at college, I had to learn to negotiate things like the arrangement of furniture and paying for groceries. Most importantly having a room mate has taught me how to support another person through their struggles and to allow them to help me as well. Overall, college has been and will continue to be a valuable experience, albeit an occasionally intimidating one, because it has taught me how to be successful while away from home. It is somewhat of a test run before entering the "real world", as my parents still help pay for my education, but it is up to me to decide to make my own rules. Should I decide to break my rules, I may suffer consequences, I may not, but ultimately it will all be a valuable experience because I will learn about myself through the successes and failures that I make for myself.


From my college experiences, i have discovered a new person inside myself. I was able to discover new interests and a giant door of opportunities while going to college. Attending college and pursuing education is of course beneficial because my goal of becoming a teacher/educator and making a difference in young teens and adult lives can only be justified by educating myself. From college, I have become more open and found my true calling, education. If I did not explore the college environment, I would have not found what my true joy is and a career fit for myself. The college experience has helped me out in so many ways and is still a tool and a journey to complete. The two years I have spent in college have been the fastest, yet the most valuable years in my life. It is at this crucial time that I will be making decisions that affect my entire life in the future. That is why I believe college is right now the most important priority in my life. It has opened my eyes and ears and has made me a more rational, mature, and confident person for the future.


I am only in my second year of college and I already feel as if I have learned so much academically and personally as well. When students go to college, a place where they are away from all the things they are familiar with, we must learn how to be more independent. I personally feel that I have become more independent then I ever thought possible and I consider that a very important quality to have. I have been able to make my own decisions, pay for my own groceries and necessities, and I have become much more responsible for myself and my actions. Without the college experience I do not think I could have learned any of these things, so I am thankful for my experience everyday. Not only have I grown more independent but I feel that I have been able to expand my knowledge in all sorts of subjects to make me and well rounded student and person.


Waking up and getting to school on time is harder then it looks. Time mangement is something I've learned that is very important in college. North West Vista College has made understand that its time to grow up and that college isn't all about throwing the best keg party. All I can really everything my mother tried to teach me was right and college doesnt just ground you and tell you i told you so.


My college experience has only just begun, but I know that I've already learned valuable lessons. Going to school with people who I dont know for once in my life has forced me to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people. I've also learned the importance of working hard and staying organize. Teachers aren't going to remind you of your homework, they give you a syllabus and you are responsible for checking it. Also, you are responsible for yourself. If you don't come to class they aren't going to call your parents or send your homework home. College life has been a different experience, but a good one. I'm truly learning what it means to be an adult and learn to be responsible and dependent on no one but yourself. I am grateful for the opportunity to receive a higher education and the chance to acheive my dreams.


The one thing that I have gotten out of my college experience is the ability to challenge myself and being able to see myself grow as a person. To attend college allowed me to see different views and learn from them.


My experience while attending college this year is very different than the first time I had attempted to attend a community college. I have learned how to create a strong personal foundation to build on, the importance of continuing education, and that nothing in life is free. Before I could grasp the importance of going to school, I had to come to the realization that five years ago I was not ready to be in college, mentally or financially, but now I can say confidently that I am ready to make something of myself. My experience this time around has been more comprehensive and enjoyable and to me that is both needed and valuable to be successful while going to college. You could almost say it was valuable for me not to attend college right out of the gates, but more valuable now to attend and continue on to be a Physician's Assistant.


My college experience has put me on a path to gain the education I will need to obtain the career of my dreams. It has given me this opportunity while giving me a chance to explore the possibilities that are available when you have an open mind. It has given me friendships that will last past graduation day. It has given me a chance to explore the world and different cultures. I have been able to discover qualities about myself that I never knew I had. The experience has strengthened my belief that college is as necessary as high school. It gives you the chance to live by yourself without all the responsibilities of living in the real world. It gives you the chance to explore opportunities that you never knew you had. All of these reasons add to why my college experience has been so valuable. Whether or not I make enough money to make it finanicially valuable, it has given me so many memories that are far more valuable than any salary offered after graduation.


I have gained a number of things from my former college experience. Knowledge, the sense of security, and the understanding to know that I am in total control of my future. Being away from home you really get to spread your wings and see for yourself how well you have been prepared and how well on your own you do. From that I have gained self confidence and self control. For me college was a blast all the good and hard times, from the late nights to the fun days! In the end it gave me great fulfillment, confidence, and pride. It showed me how well I react under heavy situations and to overcome them only makes me stronger. It is imperative to pursue a postsecondary education period. No matter if it is a Trade school, Community College, or a four year University, because now day’s knowledge is power and it is something that can never be taken away from you. Lastly I know that education is very important and I shouldn’t stop at just having an Associates degree that I should pursue a bachelor’s degree and potentially open more doors for me in my future!


In order to succeed in college, I must not only be smart but work hard. Through the endless hours of staying late at night , I discovered that the more I study, the better the test grade I will get. Because there was no one to cook for me like when I used to live with my parent, I learned to shop for grocery, cook, and do the laundry. Although I get off work at 10 pm almost every night, I train my self to not go straight into homework and take a little time off to relax, so I can refresh my brain and body. I became a more independent person, but at the same time realized that making good friends and having effective communcation can help me pass my classes. By taking the general educaiton courses, I started to value and recognize the diversity of subjects that I will face later in life. College life forces me to understand that I must adapt and survive on my own.


My college experience going into my 3 year has shaped me into the person I am today. My experience has caused personal growth in a variety of aspects of my life. Everyone on campus are extremely accepting no matter where one comes from. The inviting and warming acceptance has provided me with a sense of belonging. College has provided me with a sense of community that I know I will continue to be involve with. The professors have taught me how to solve problems that I will face in the real world. The discussions in class have helped my ability of communicating and expressing my views without being afraid.


My college experience with Carthage College has been very valuable to me. Carthage has given me friends, new hobbies, a place to call home (and home it is indeed, with the close-knit campus community), and most importantly, a sense of self-worth and accomplishment. I never thought I'd be able to learn how to belly dance, or even just get along without my friends and family from back home. Every thing I do or make at Carthage is my own, without the taint of being 'babysat' by a teacher, as in high school. Yes, the professors provide their excellent input and assistance, however, they make it the student's priority, not their own. From this I have learned multiple things: I can write a 30 page paper and write it well. I am able to make huge life decisions and to also not only control my own life, but make it my own and make it fun. Because of this, my sense of self and societal worth has greatly increased. While education is an extremely valuable thing to earn, it is the experience at any college that is infinitely more valuable.


My college experience has made me a new person. In high school, I was lazy and never felt like studying. I waited for my teachers to tell me to get my act together before I would attempt an assignment. When I came to Carthage it all changed because I noticed the proffessors didn't care if you completed you assignment. They wouldn't go out of their way for you unless you asked them for help. After I had moved into my dorm and I said so-long to my parents, I realized I was on my own. I had to take care of myself and my education. If I wanted to stay away from home, I would need the grades to do it. I know now that I am an adult and it's time for me to take the wheel and drive to success. Attending college has changed me academically, as well as socially. I've been able to meet new people and make new friends. Attending college is the best decision I ever made and I would encourage every current high school student to attend. It will change your life.


I started my college career at Arizone State University, the largest college campus in the country. After a semester, I realized that it was too big for me, and that I wasn't getting the education I desired. I transferred to Carthage College for the Spring semester, and found myself completely satisfied with my choice. I had small class sizes, personable professors, and I was only 6 hours away from home rather than 24. The most valuable experience I have gotten here at Carthage is the Character Quest program. It is a leadership development certification program that begins with a 4 day military-based mission experience in the woods, followed by classes, mentoring, and service to the Carthage and Kenosha community. Because of Character Quest, I have made incredible friendships, developed my leadership skills and potential tenfold, and gained more confidence than I ever could have imagined. Character Quest is a unique program to Carthage, and I truly feel that I was called to this school to experience it. I now have connections with alumni and professionals for a future career, and I share an experience with 59 other people that we will never forget.


By going to college I have expanded my knowledge of not only classes in my major and out, but I am gradually learning how to lead a group of people in an environmental organization that can help me in my future career. I think that going to further your education also puts you in a vulnerable situation that if one were not to go out and grab it, then they may just stick it safe and miss out on major developments as a person. For example, living in a dorm with who knows how many other people and sharing a bathroom with that many people. You learn how to communicate with people that you normally would not before in high school. Social barriers can be broken in college and this helps one develop not only for social situations in your career, but also in your personal life as well. I have changed for the best since I graduated high school and I think it is because I want to further my education and improve myself as a person instead of staying stagnant. Education in any sense of the word is important to develop as a human being.


College has allowed me to expand my character in ways I never would have known before. The variety of majors, clubs, and other organizations keeps me balanced with work and leisure. For instance, there is a Latin Dance club at my school that provides relief from the stressful points in my life. Other opportunities are leadership programs through my on-campus job and clubs specific to my major. There are also honors fraternities as well as social greek organizations. Not only does Carthage give me the confidence to maintain a high GPA, it gives me the confidence to be successful within my future career. Since I am a Biology major, an undergraduate research program is offered to gain laboratory experience to put on my resume. I have learned that there are no niches or groups in college; you are allowed to join a French club if you are a Spanish major. The combinations of involvement are endless.


I did appreciate the opportunity of a good education until I arrived at Carthage. I spent most of my high school time doing extracurricular activities that I was uninterested in my classes. Once I came to Carthage, because of the expensive tuition, I realized the importance of getting a degree. I raised my GPA from 2.5 my freshman to 3.75 my sophmore year. On top of that I found my true calling in a career in law enforcement. I've chosed this career because I truly believe in the career and no matter the pay or the danger, it is something I truly believe I can serve society in and make not only my family proud but also myself. Carthage College, though difficult at times, has shown me how to grow up and I think thats what college is really about. Teaching regular students responsibility when there is plenty of distractions around them. Those who understand this will learn the true experiance of college and will succeed in life.


college has been a wake-up call from high school. I've definantly started my first year of college full force, making sure I put 100% into each class and get all my work done well. I really feel I have become an adult, responsibility has increased and I feel a greater strive for success. Although I am just in community college getting my general education done,I feel this is a great learning experience to what I should expect for the future. I'm hoping that all this hard work at community college will help me in creating new work methods and give me the motivation needed to get to art school


I have been through a lot over my college experience, but no matter what it was I was always helped through it or was cheered through it. My teachers and the great friends I made are always by my side and help me out when I need it and it did not have to be about school. My teachers became my friends, encouraging me and giving me my best options. The teachers are amazing and give you every opportunity for them to help you whether it is them physically helping you or finding someone to help you. They even bring you food for the morning labs. The faculty is like a family within itself and they treat the students like they are apart of the family. The school gave me every option to participate in school activities eventhough I am a commuter. From the buisness office to financial aid and registrars, they always helped me get help with my tutition and if they couldn't help me they would find me someone who could help me. I love Carthage and would never change my mind.


I would say so far out of my college experience I have gained some life-long friends. I know that my friends here at Carthage will be my friends until we are old and wrinkly. I have also learned what it is I want to do when I graduare. I switched my major about three times. I went from wanting to be a journalist, to wanting to be an English teacher, to finally finding what fit best for me. I want to become a social worker. I want to change and make a differnece in the world and in peoples' lives. My advisor and teachers were great resources in helping me decide and make my decision. My Advisor has also worked closely with me to make sure that I do graduate on time. Since Carthage is a liberal arts college I believe it was easier for me to transition from one major onto another. If I had not gone to Carthage I do not think I would have found what career was best for me, and the friends i have now.


i have not started college yet because of my financial aid.


I've gotten alot of information about athletic training and its valuable because thats what i plan to use for the future.


I have learned to become more independent along with responsible for my actions and my money. I have also learned that interactions among students is very important to being successful in and throughout your college career. Entering Carthage has been valuable to me as a person and a student, because the school and its environment allows you to develop important intellectual and social skills needed in the future when searching for a career.


I have been in college for three years now and what I have gotten out of junior college and my four year college is that we are now responsible for our actions. In high school you pay to attend about a couple hundred dollars. Whereas in college, we spend thousands of dollars to recieve degrees that will gateway us into our future endeavors. Being a knowledable adult is what college is about. Being able to delegate and organize your schedule to accomdate your class workload, friends, family, and for some, dealing with a job. Being an adult means you have the power to make your own choices, like the friends you want to spend your time with or what classes you want to take in order to recieve your bachelors degree in four years. It is valuable to get those hard facts that teachers and textbooks push but the hidden keys to life such as responsiblity and organization should be something everyone wants at one point in time in their lives.


Not only has college taught me more about my major and different literary pieces, but has also taught me a lot about myself as well. I have grown both as a student and a young adult gaining her independence. I learn important life lessons while I learn my math and history lessons. In so many ways my mind has been opened up to various aspects of life and education. This experience allows me to get to know myself better while I broaden my horizon of authors, theories, ideas and beliefs. College is truly an experience like that of no other.


I would tell my high school senior self to take as many AP or college courses in my area of study as possible. Also to commit to all of my outside extracurricular activities 100%. I would tell my high school senior self to get an internship or get a job in my area of study instead of working at my pool. I would also make sure to apply to as many scholarships as possible to help my finicial aid and to save up money so I could spend some at college.


The word frugality may sound antiquated, conjuring up images of mothball-scented woolen sweaters, but I?ve embraced its practice since entering college. Despite having never been inclined to spend lavishly, going to college has stretched my frugality even farther. FAFSA doesn?t hand out thousands of dollars, and campus jobs are scarce and difficult to juggle with academics and a social life. Textbook publishers churn out new versions every year, with exorbitant prices that seem to reflect the intrinsic value of logging in the rainforest. Money's value becomes more apparent with each year spent in and on higher education. Sit-down restaurants are a tempting alternative to cafeteria mystery meat loaf, but the cost is enough to cause indigestion (that meat loaf might?ve settled better in your stomach than on your plate). My high-school self labeled second-hand books as second-rate, but I?ve learned their value for procuring the texts I need for my classes at half the cost. Thrifty advice that I formerly dismissed as my parents? strange and over-the-top ideas have become my tactics. So stoop down and pick up that dusty quarter, because penny-pinching is back in style.


If I could go back and talk to my high school self there would be a few things I would tell myself. First I would say to apply to everywhere that I had any bit of interest in going to because you never know what could happen, and not to automatically attend the most affordable college; money can be repaid but an experience cannot be relived. I would also tell myself not to stick to what I know and to go out of my comfort zone and take some risk in life because life without some risk is not life. The next bit of advice would be to tell myself is to be aggressive and to not just go with the flow, instead attack whatever task is in front of me, be it school or social life, just go for it. Lastly, I would be to tell myself not to worry and to be positive, because whatever decision I make will be the right one at that time and if change is necessary then do so, don't be afraid to change; but the one thing that should never change is oneself, don?t change who you are, be yourself.


As I look back to my senior year of high school, I can remeber how eager I was to make the next step to college. I was gettiong good graddes, having a blast as a captain on the varsity softball team, and picked where I wanted to go for college. Knowing what I know now about college life there is some advice I would like to give myself. One thing would be to have good communication between you and your roommate. My roommate and I did not get along so well, which I strongley believe has to do with the lack of communication between eachother. If we would of just talked about our problems I believe my rooming situation for my freshman year would have gone a lot better. I would have also told myslef to save up more money then I had planned. Books, food, and other living expenses really add up, and I was not as prepared as I should of been.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would first say nice job. It was wise to take college credit classes during high school. I would try and explain to myself and I needed to become more open in the term of friends. I would also suggest trying new things and moving outside of my comfort zone at school instead of waiting until I moved into the dorms. It was a hard transition between living at home and living on my own. I would tell myself to get away from home more before senior year and to become more independent. Living on my own was a big change and becoming independent before I left would have helped out more. My final comment to myself would be to have fun while it last because college is not just a breeze. You need to work for it and paying for yourself is a challenge. Enjoy you free time and don't just let it go by.


Matt, this is your college-self writing to you. I'm only a Sophomore, but I feel as if I have grown wiser in the last two years. I want to share a few of these insights with you before you come to college. First off, you're going to want to take advantage of your newfound freedom and try new things. It's perfectly normal to want to experience new things as long as you do them in moderation. There's nothing to be gained by drinking excessively at a party or staying up into the early hours of the morning playing video games (hint, hint). Also, when building relationships with people, ask yourself if knowing them is helping you to grow or taking away from who you are. College is a privilege; your studies must always be a high priority. C all mom and dad regularly, they love and miss you. Take the time to get to know and love and respect yourself. FInally, remember that life is a journey, not a race, and that each moment along the way is to be cherished and embraced. As an afterthought, people love your cowboy hat. Keep wearing it.


Make as many friends as you can. Do not simply allow yourself to have many acquaintances that you can casually wave to in passing. I understand there are people you will not get along with and people that seem, well, just plain weird. But having actual relationships that go deeper than a "Hello, how are you?", with different kinds of people can do a whole lot of good for you. First of all, you are going to be a more well rounded individual. You will not be stuck with the same old blonde, ditzy, and party girl friends that you hang around with. It will also come back to you in the future. I guarantee that at some point you will be in contact with some people from your high school, whether it be connected to your career or a different relation. As the old saying goes, "It's not what you know, it's who you know". What I am trying to say is do not limit yourself to a particular group of friends. Get to know as many people as you can! It will do a whole lot of good for you as a person.


I would tell myself to be more involved in activities. I would also say that some things are not perfect, but everything will work out in the end, and to take prof. advice on some things. Also use the all the available resources that the school has to offer. I would also tell myself that the first semester is hard, but it does get better. Also, get as much sleep as you possibly can because some nights you wont get much, and others you will. I would also tell myself how important it is to make friends and make sure that they are good friends, and to think before you speak, in class and out of class, because you never know if you will regret what you say later. And to stay on top of homework and reading assignments because once you get behind, chances are you will not be able to catch up, and though you may try it will be very difficult, whereas if you stay on top of everything then you will do better in the class and have more free time. Lastly I would tell myself to enjoy college and have fun.


I would have looked for more scholarships. I was a good student but I needed to be less involved with my school work and get more involved with the school.


First off, I would say "breathe". Although it may be stressful and confusing, it is a great time of your life to branch out and experience new things. One thing to realize is that everyone is in the same situation, going through the same process and sharing the same thoughts and concerns. You may feel you will never be able to make friends, find a major you enjoy, or end the feeling of homesickness, but it will all workout. There is such a strong support group you will find at school, through professors, advisors, and friends, and everyone is there and eager to help. Once orientation ends and classes start you will see that you made it and can stand on your own, feeling confident about the new beginning and time of your life.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I'd encourage myself to try harder in high school. I slacked off my senior year because I knew I'd graduate no matter how bad my grades were. The consequence of this was that I didn't make it to the top 10% of my graduate class. If I were to go back and talk to myself, I would push myself to make it to the top 10% because I could have gotten more grants and scholarships for college and not owe the school any loans. This is the biggest reget I have of my high school years.


The first move in my life was from my home to college. During this time I was very nervous and at times home sick. I have since moved on and no longer become home sick like I did when I was a freshman. Looking back, I wish would have involved myself more with the orientation activities to break myself out of my shell that had formed throughout high school. I would give myself advice such as, "It's ok to be home sick, but this isn't the end of the world and others are going through the same thing you are." Also I wish I would have brought more pictures of old friends. Keeping in contact more with old friends, helped me to overcome my home sickeness and meet new and exciting people.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would emphatically tell myself to get involved on campus, study hard, and do everything I need to do to stay in college and finish my degree. I would explain how scholarships can ease the burden of student loans and college tuition, so keep applying for them. I would clarify the details of student loans and how they affect my future. Leaving school is not an option. Trying to finish a degree when I have 5 active children and a full-time job is much harder than being a full-time student at 18-20 years old. Don't let friends or relationships sidetrack you from achieving your goals. Connect yourself with successful people and find a mentor to guide and encourage you when things get tough. Network with people in all areas of your intended field. Don't burn your bridges - you never know when those people may be able to help you in your endevours. In conclusion, have fun and enjoy the once in a lifetime experience.