Carthage College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


There are three main pieces of advice I would have given myself when selecting a college. First, to pick a college where you feel comfortable and you can relate to your previous environment in a certain ways such as, religion, diversity, food, and culture. Second, selecting a college, which specializes in the intended area of study planned on being studied. Lastly, choosing a school, which offers a wide variety of networking activities and network based organizations. In the world today a degree is very important; however, it is proven that in today?s society it is not necessarily what you know, but whom you know. Getting involved in organizations helps build a framework for future development of your professional career. Last, but not least important, staying healthy and getting the proper amount of rest is very necessary, so that higher levels of academic prestige can be achieved in a more productive and efficient way.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself my senior year in high school, I would tell myself not to worry about not having friends at first. At college you can easily make friends with your classmates and many of them turn out to be people you can rely on. I would also suggest that I research information on what is ideal for a graduating college student to get into the job field. I would explain that although college more schooling, life on campus is different and there are more freedoms. Also, getting involved in clubs that are both related and not related to my major is a very good idea. Those are the basic advices I'd give myself.


You really need to work harder and keep you grades up. Higher grades will help you get into the college of you choice. Having good grades could also improve your chance for a scholarships. The money you get from scholarship will reduce the money you owe after college on student loans and put you on the right path to a great career.


Simply put, I would tell myself to go and embrace college life to the fullest. Coming into college I was afraid of not making friends, of making the wrong choices in terms of classes and what I got involved in, and just generally worried about what people would think about me. Looking back, I realize that my fears were unfounded. I wish I could go back and tell my high school self to embrace Carthage to the fullest. To take the classes I wanted to take, even if they aren't in my major. To make friends rather than sit in my room, to get invovled in those clubs I wanted to, but was to afraid since I thought they would label me somehow. I would tell myself to be myself and to not worry for a second what other people thought of me.


I would tell myself to relax and not stress out about college. College is hard and a lot of work, but it is also a lot of fun and I have met some wonderful people. Most classes are not as difficult as people say, as long as you sit down and do the work. Overall, meeting new people and being in a welcoming envronment outweighs how hard classes can be. College is fun, even though it is a lot of work.


Friends and romantic enterests will always have a place, but chasing down such uncertainties will only complicate your life. Your time is now and you must give it all you got! You might not have a chace to do this again, and if you did have another chance it will be much harder to pick up where you left off. Please listen when I tell you it is an extremely difficult life out in society without a college degree. When you are accomplishing what you need for life you won't have to just settle for what you can get out of life, you can choose your destinations. You can choose what line of work, who to marry, how many kids to have. When you diminish that power, it can lead to an unfulfilled life full of misery and regrets! Get out there, pursue your dreams, meet life-long friends in your dorms, meet great inspiring teachers, suffer hard or boring but enriching classes, maybe even meet your Mr/Mrs Right, but by all means- live! College is living life at it's fullest!


First off, BE NICE TO YOUR PARENTS. Going to college is not about being independent right away because there is no way that you will be able to do so. Your parents will still be there to help you until about your sophmore year. By then you should be ready to tak responsibility for yourself. Also, STAY INVOLVED. In High School, I was involved but I failed to stay involed which made half of my senior year boring. Other than that, as long as you enjoy the little things in life, you will be fine.


I would tell myself to not freak out as much. Also, I would tell myself to take in everything possible because, you won't be able to go back in time and relive it. I would also tell myself that the college life is not everything it is brought up to be. College is not all work and it's not all fun. College is about managing your time and money to use it efficiently and get everything you need out of it. Also, Carthage College helps you to have fun and still focus on school and work at the same time.


My advice to myself would be to keep working hard in high school. College demands a lot from its students and the way I could have prepared myself for college would have been to work harder in high school to be ready for the work in College. My senior year in high school was very easy and laid back. I enjoyed it, and my social life grew a lot. But I also felt that when I got to college, working harder was difficult since I didn?t work as hard in the year before. I think by working until the end of high school, my transition to college would have been easier. I would also tell myself that I should have taken more time to find scholarships. I looked for scholarships and received many, but I could have received more freshmen scholarships if I took more time to look. I think this with having a laid back senior year. Transitioning from high school to college had its ups and downs, but when I look back at it all, my beginning college experience was a transition that changed me from a student in school, to a student in life.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself about the future there are definitely a few things I would tell myself to do. The first would be to look into more colleges. I know moving away from my parents would have been difficult but I believe that life and my college experience would have been different if I had moved out of state or on campus. Secondly, I would have told myself to not get a job and instead apply for more loans. When you work you have less time to focus on your studies and do better in college. Another thing I would say is quit procrastinating and study. I know that if I would have started my study habits sooner I would have done much better in some of my classes if I just focused a little more. Last but not least, I would say to open up more. Be more open to new friends and clubs. Try new things and see if you like them because you only live once. Yes, my college experience has been enjoyable, but with a few changes I feel it could have been much better!


if i could go back to when i was in highschool, i would tell myself not to stress so much about the life changes in college. i'd tell myself not to worry about not knowing anyone at carthage. it is nice to know that you can start over in a new place where no one knows who you are and doesn't have a stereotype of your personality. you can start over and be my real self and if people want to be friends with the real me, then ok. but i'm not going to change who i am just to make friends. i may not have a ton of friends here, but the friends i do have are some of the best i've ever had. i would also tell myself that i should stay on campus over the weekend and try to be social. when i was a senior, i wasn't sure if i wanted to join the swim team. i would tell myself that join the swim team is stressful and take alot of time, but is very rewarding and is the way i found most of my very good friends.


Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't have a large amount of advice for my high school senior self. Coming here to Carthage College, I had a very open mind and was determined to work hard and succeed, which has led me on a great path to academic success. After three semesters in college, my GPA is higher than I ever could have imagined in highschool. Just to be on the safe side, I would tell myself that hard work, commitment, and determination really does pay off. Carthage is the right choice for me, and everyone here is willing to help me succeed. There is one particular thing I really wish I could tell my high school senior self. An A- doesn't count as a 4.0, so you need to study just a little harder, but you can do it!


The Past Emerson, There are many things that you should consider about college. One thing that is really imperative is that you learn time management. All throughout high school, you have kept a 3.0 GPA on top of participating in after school programs. When you get to college, the work will be harder, and will require a lot more time to study. Do not procrastinate, but get the work done. This skill will not only help you as a student, but in your professional life too. At work, you want to make sure that your work level doesn't increase because of poor effort. Rather, you want the work to be completed on time, and accurately. Also, keep your focus on education. There will times when you want to go out with your friends. However, turn them down because the first reason you are there is to receive an education. The social life will come natural. But don't let it consume you. All the best, The Present Emerson


If I could go back in time and speak to myself as a high school senior, the biggest thing that I would tell myself would be to reach beyond my comfort zone, but to have patience with myself. My first semester as a freshman here was a very tough one. I came to school far from home and had no friends with me. I had to reach out to people in order to make friends. I had to put myself out there and take the risk of being rejected, but in the end, I made some friends that will last a lifetime. Also, just have patience. I expected to come to school and to fit right in and to love all of my classes and everything, but I quickly found that to be completely contrary to what I was experiencing. You just have to allow yourself to explore all areas of study (even those not in your intended major), to rediscover who you are (because now you are growing and changing and have the opportunity to be anyone that you want), to let the transitions come naturally, and to have patience with yourself and your situation in the process.


I know that you will make a great decision regarding your college choice. Pick a small school because you will not feel lost or overwhelmed. Enjoy the time that you spend at college; join clubs, focus on your school work, and take time to relax. Do not let people try to change the person that you are. Always be yourself when trying to make new friends at college, if you have to change yourself to fit into that group then they are not worthy of being friends with. College will be a great time in your life. You will become even more mature and begin to appreciate the amazing woman that you have become. You are going to make the right choice. Never look back, never have regrets. Every choice is a learning experience; embrace it.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself that I am making a great choice. Carthage is my home away from home. Carthage gives its students the opportunity to get involved with campus organizations and the surrounding community. It provides transportation to downtown Kenosha and a short distance away from the train/bus station to visit either Milwaukee or Chicago, which are both equal short distances away from Kenosha. For students and making friends, Carthage has a great Orientation program that the Freshmen class and all new Transfers attend when they first arrive to Carthage. Many friendships are made through the Orientation program. Also, the professors are chosen on their experience in their fields. They bring Carthage a lot of experience and share those experiences with students. The professors and staff give out their home/cell phone numbers to students as a way for communication. The Carthage community is a great place for those that want a great education but do not like the "large campus" feel like many public universities can be.


Don't be afraid. Go to school without reservation. Enjoy the time you are given as a student, embracing every avenue possible. If you want to be in a club, student organization, or a theater production, but are worried about time, money, or something else, give it a shot. Things always seem to work out the way they are supposed to in the end. Every opportunity you give up is a chance lost at making friends, forging connections, and growing as a person. Take every opportunity to learn that you possibly can. Take your studies seriously, but beyond that, don't be afraid to enjoy yourself, seizing opportunities to grow and learn outside of the classroom. Overall, your education will be enhanced if you are involved in other things besides academics. Keep your ultimate goal in mind. Doing this will help you make decisions that are best suited for your future. Don't be afraid to be happy. You have worked hard and done your best this far, so you know you can do it. Enjoy the four years you have been given.


When picking a college make sure you know pick one for academic reasons, not social, but make sure that you are still completely satisfied socially. Make sure you get involved right away because it is easier making friends. It does help to know at least one person at the school in order to adjust. In order to help a rooming situation, it might be better to go random right off the bat and if you are not quite sure about rooming with someone don't. Don't be afraid to ask your professors for help, go to a tutor session or a study group. You can have a social life, but make sure you still have self-discipline in order to get your work done. With financial aid, look for online scholarships so you don't have to pay more when you are done with school. The academic and health resources on campus are there for you to use, so don't hesitate. Most importantly make sure you pick a school for you not for someone else because you are the one going there.


If given the opportunity to speak with myself as a high school senior, I would have reinforced the importance of keeping my door open throughout the school year. As a freshman in high school, I was extremely reserved and quiet. I talked with a few girls on my floor but focused more on my high school friends. By the time I realized my friends from home were moving on, it was too late to find my way into a new group of friends. I ended up picking up a few friends here and there, not they did not have problems leaving me for other people they blended with better. I have a decent set of friends now, but it does not change the feeling of loneliness I experienced in the beginning of my freshman year.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior in high school with what I know now I would tell myself to not stress so much on the little things with school and to work hard for what I want in me future. I am currently a junior at Carthage College and as a senior in high school I would have wanted to know that college is not a total change from high school the only difference is being away from home. I tend to stress too much on things with school and sports the past two years I developed shingles and hiatal hernia because of stress. If I knew in high school that stressing about small things would only hurt myself. I do not need to stress about little thins and I should only focus on what I want to accomplish in life and for my future in physical therapy school. As a senior in high school I would learn from myself that there is nothing to be afraid of and college will go fast but be some of the best times of my life.


Dear Elizabeth, "I never said I was smart. I said I went to class and I enjoyed what I did." Ironically, Willie Mays is a smart man, so heed his advice. Let your love for learning overshadow your drive to be "the best," because your personal gains from learning will be with you long after every one has forgotten your class rank. Also, talk to your professors, read books that interest you, and learn about what you love. Don't be afraid to say that Calculus is your favorite subject, or that one day you dream to play French horn in the Chicago Symphony. And even more importantly, do something about it! Introduce yourself to your neighbors in your dorm, smile as you pass fellow students in the hallways, take a chance every now and then, and travel whenever the opportunity presents itself. College is a monumental chapter in your life, so fill every page and leave nothing to be desired. Sincerely, Your future self


Relax, but be outgoing. College is a chance to start completely fresh, and to shape your future. You are responsible for any and all actions that you make from this point on. College is fun and exciting, it is the place that you will meet the best friends that you have ever known, and create lasting memories of experiences that will shape your character. Be open to new things, but keep your head above water and remember the morals that Mom and Dad taught you! Good luck!


I would tell myself to try to balance out the academics and the social activities so I will have an enjoyable experience at school. I would try to remember that it is important to have a good circle of friends at school so I have a strong support system.


There's nothing to really worry about, the people at this college have already proved to be helpful and friendly before you even travel to the campus for move-in day and registration. Keep in mind to be yourself and be open to talking to people you may not know. Procrastination is not the best tool to have. Keep yourself busy, but not too busy as to not be able to finish classwork by the time it's due. Try to eat healthy and work out regularly, make regular goals and strive to meet them. Even though your school load is busy it's also important to keep steady hours at your job to keep up with the bills and tuition dues. Take each day as it comes and don't sweat the small stuff.


I would tell myself to plan my finances more carefully. I would make myself become more involved earlier on and talk more. I would budget my time better and do my homework more often. I would not procrastinate as much. I would go to sleep and wake up earlier. I would take advantage of the gorgeous lake more often. I would explore off campus to see what the town of Kenosha has got to offer.


I would tell myself that the first year is difficult because its new and not to give up. It starts out difficult, but once you make more friends classes become less stressful and when there are people to hang out with you enjoy school a lot more. I would also get into a set of different study habits because the curriculum is presented differently depending on the teacher, some lecture, or use powerpoints, some prefer to be hands on, etc...


Be yourself


If I could go back into time and give myself advice about college life, I would definitely tell myself to be prepared for the amount of homework. I know that a person learns from their experiences and mistakes, so I would probably not tell myself everything about my classes that I would be taking, or which ones not to take. I would tell my high school senior self to be ready for a whole new prespective and way of living life and going to school. If anything, I would tell myself to skip going to tours for the other schools that I was accepted to and to just choose Carthage right off the bat.


Don't be afraid to go out on your own and meet new people and do new things. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there as who you want to be. Don't worry so much about what people think of you, because if they don't seem to "approve" of you, they're not worth your time. Buckle down and study for exams, and actively participate in class. Don't be afraid to ask questions if you're confused or seek help from a professor outside of class if something still isn't clear. All of the professors here just want the best for you, and if you're having a hard time with something, and you go talk to them about it, most times they are very willing to help you out or work out a special arrangement, but they do need to hear from you what's going on. Make sure you don't skip class, because even though some of the professors don't take attendence, the information you miss by skipping is extremely difficult to make up. Just keep your chin up, do what you need to do, be involved, and have fun!


Amber, try to get more money. Carthage doesn't offer enough money.


Make sure to keep some friends at home for during breaks and such but don't stay with your boyfriend. He will just hold you back from doing things because you don't want to make him feel jealous. Also, take a spanish class instead of French 5 it will be more useful overall. Hang out with your family, get closer to your sister, they are the ones that will be there in the end.


Go to Yale! Carthage is great, but Josh you were so much better and your sights have always been set on something higher and more prestige. You should have went East Coast/Ivy League. Carthage will just screw you over financially and you may end up ruining your life's dreams and ambitions by going there. Although I wouldn't change it for anything and you need to be at Carthage. You have made such a difference already as a Sophomore. You will put Carthage on the map. Tough choice, but it is ultimately up to you!


I would take more classes that give you college credits.


During my senior year of high school, I felt that I was allowed to slack off because it was my final year. If I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would tell myself to buckle down and do well to keep my GPA up. I also only had class until about 11:00 am each day and the rest of the day I did nothing. For this problem, I would tell myself to take some classes at a local college in order to get some needed credits finished ahead of time. I am currently on the road to graduate early by taking full time summer classes. If I would have taken some college classes during my free time my senior year of high school, then I would not have to be taking classes during my summers now.


Choosing the right college is a very tough thing. When I was looking for my school, certain things were very important to me. Things like location, the overall look of the campus, size, and the people were what I looked for. Before I had even applied, Carthage was very accepting and made me feel that they wanted me. They constantly sent me mail, emails, and called to make sure I knew about their school and that they wanted me. They offered me a very large amount of money, more than any other school I was accepted to. But, more than that, your college experience is all dependant on you and your attitude towards school. Sure, it can be scary to come to a brand new school, but it is such a great opportunity. You can be who you want, do what you want, and really become something. But, you're only going to be able to do that if you let yourself do that. Get out there, try new things, be outgoing, and always smile. Be a friend, join clubs, and show your love for the community you now are a part of.


Get involved in a sport or activity.


I would say to follow your heart and pick the school that feels right not the one that will give you the most money and also to always remember that if a school doesn't end up the best fit for you it's not the end of the world. Transferring is always an option.


I think the best way to choose a college is to pick something that is familiar with you, and to trust your intuition. I've lived in a small community my whole life, and chose an extremely small college. I couldn't have made a better choice. The small sense of a community in college also makes it easier to become involved. To make the most of your college experience you need to get involved with as many clubs, activities, and athletics that you can. It's the easiest way to make friends and create a social life. But the most important thing is to just be yourself. There are plenty of people who will like you for being you, and if you are yourself, it will be the easiest way to make true lifelong friends.


Find whatever best suits you and go with your gut feeling.


Make sure you are close enough to home that if you need to take some time away from campus you can get home. Don't choose a school where you have the possibility of feeling lost among the people. Get involved, whether its a club, sport, sorority, etc.


There are many factors that should be considered when choosing the right college. Te size of the campus and classes, is this a comfortable fit for you. Te degrees that the college offers, are they a good fit for the plan you have for your future. It help to work with a career counselor prior to beginning college so that you do not have to lose credits by changing schools because you cannot complete the degree that you need. Check on the school statistics for graduation and job placement in the degree area that you are most interested in. College is completed in a short time and work can go on for the rest of your life, be sure to have considered your career plan carefully so that is it a good match for who you are and what is important to you. The amount of financial aide or scholarships available can help you determine what your debt load will be upon completion of your college experience, this is an important factor for considering your future after college. Be sure to tour campuses this will give you a feel for whether or not you are a good fit.


Make sure you really look into the school you are looking at. Go on campus tours and ask current students what they think of the school. They will be willing to tell you their true opinion.


The best thing anyone can do is to spend time on campus while class is in session. This is truly the best way to see students interact and to also see the amount of energy and appreciation on campus. Talking to current students is also very helpful as well. I don't mean talking to tour guide students because remember, they are getting paid to be nice. Go out of your way and talk to a group of students walking back from class or standing in line at the cafeteria. These students won't think twice about telling you the good and the bad about their school. As for the prospective student, staying the night is a great opportunity to see the type of activities that go on when parents and instructors aren't around. Also check the location of the school in comparison to local grocery stores, restaurants, and other fun activities. This is an extremely easy way to see the types of activities students can do off campus, and also an easy way to see if the campus is lively on the weekends.


Be practical. A college should be about what kind of degree it can give you, and all the other factors are just gravy on that one goal.


First, decide what size school will work best for you. Decide based on how you learn and what you need, not simply what looks fun. Do not pay attention to what your friends are doing or where they are going, just find what will be best for you. In order to make the most of your experience, find lots of activities to join in the first few weeks of school. You'll meet a lot of people and find what interests you most. After classes start, you can narrow down to only those activities that you really care about, and still keep all the friends that you met through them!


Never pick too soon.


Honestly, I believe that finding the right college is taking the time to explore each campus and talking to people who actually live on campus because sometimes administration can be decieving. Also, I recommned choosing a college that has endless possiblities because a person never knows when their major may change. With that in mind, I strongly recommend, for those who cannot afford college as easily as some people, make sure the college you attend offers a lot of financial aid and will help get you that financial aid. As well, do not pick a college simply because the campus is beautiful or supposedly friendly, as they saying goes "looks can be decieving". Aways be sure to check if the school helps students along the way as well because sometimes its not easy for students to know what they want and how to go about getting what they want. So make sure there are plenty of advisors and helpful people. Other than that, my suggestion is to go with gut instinct, if a college seems right for you than it probably is.


Make sure you really check out the school and understand what that school is all about. Talk to lots of teachers in the field you would like to major and talk to students. They will give you their honest opinion of the school.


The best way to find the right college is to visit more than one. And by more than one I mean at least 3 or 4. Campus visits are the best way to figure out whether a college is the right one for you. Also sit in on classes, do an overnight stay with a student ambassador, and go to on campus activities such as games. The more you decide to find out about your college, the more you'll have to go on when it's time to make your decision. There is no right or wrong way to go about finding out about colleges so just take in as much as you can and see what happens.


Take your time in the search. Explore many options. Make sure you visit the campus more than once. Also sit in on classes you would be attending. Make sure there are many diverse options for you academically and socially. Look into the dorm settings and the campus as a whole. This will be your new home for 4 years.