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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The heart of a school is the students and professors. It may be a good idea to make a list of possible activies your son or daughter may attend while in school. While looking each college try to talk to students and faculty in these areas. Colleges are busy places, but the chances are good that you will be able to speak to people in these areas long enough to determine if you can see if you can see your child spending time with these students and staff. People affilated with the college tend to be more approachable by prospective students than one may initally think .


Make sure you look at a variety of schools, and pick what feels right for you. Lots of students are pressured to pick the school their parents tell them to, but it really comes down to what you want to do. But don't worry too much about it, because I think that people can fit in at a variety of schools. Either way you're going to make friends and have a good time!


I would advise parents and/or students that choosing a college which has a comfortable learning atmosphere is the most important quality in a school.


My advice would be to look around. Even if you think you have the best college in mind--visit, tour, talk to the students, and weigh your options. If the college ever seems to be not what you were expecting, figure out why. I ended up going to one of the most expensive schools in my state because I thought it would have what I needed to start my life off right. What I got, aside from some lasting friendships with professors, was really no help from the administration in the field I was studying. Also, no matter what you're studying, always try to take time to go abroad. It doesn't matter where you go--you should go with the motivation to see some other form of life. That doesn't mean to just go and drink the entire trip. Go to see new places, places that may disappear one day, places that you'll never see again! Make the most of your college years, no matter where you go.


Do not settle for anything but rather experience college and take your time as major changes with life come around.


The right college should be the student's choice because they have to live with it for the next few years. We change our minds too; this is supposed to be the time when we are finding ourselves. Therefore, changing colleges shouldn't be a huge issue. Wherever you end up going, just have fun, relax, and study. You can't get that job without some work, but you can't stress over one midterm. In the end, you'll remember the people you met and the things you did, more than one grade. But remember, it's the grade that gets you to the end.


Through my experience, I would advise parents and students to make sure the college is right for them. Is the college socially and academically what you are looking for? Are you able to pay for it? In order to really make it count, take the time out and really look. You would really be surprised what is out there. Talk to your high school counselors and see what they know. Make sure you take multiple tours of the school to ensure different perspectives from the students. Do not be afraid to ask questions- this will ultimately benefit you in the end. Spend the night at the campus and go to a class that is in the interest of your field that you want to study. If you are undecided, then go to a general education class that all freshman need to take. I cannot stress enough to really look- do not wait for the schools to come to you- and do not wait until the last minute. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE!!!


When finding a school just right for you or your child. It is important to look at the class sizes and the location of the school. When I picked my college, I did not want to sit in a lecture hall and learn that way, instead I wanted the smaller class sizes in order to fulfill my learning potential. Also I would look at the school size in general and what times they actually offer classes. Also I went to the informational meetings about the college, where we got to know advisors and some of the faculty before we actually got to the school. If you get the chance to meet with people before going there, that is one huge opportunity to getting to know the college and what they are all about.l


You really need to tour the college before you agree to attend. If you do not take a tour of the school you might not be satisfied with your choice.


For a high school graduate, picking a college is like picking your future to some extent. College is a place that you will make new friends, take classes that pertain to your career plan, and make the life you want for yourself. Choosing the right college makes this experience a very good one, which is why this decision is of such great importance. The best way of finding the perfect place is to narrow down a list of desired schools and apply to them. When you get accepted to these schools, go to them, visit the campus, take tours, and spend time there. There is no rush in this process as this is a very important decision thats being made. Once you find that school that fits you best, go there and enjoy it. Don't get to worked up and stressed from work, but don't slack off either. Work hard to get good grades, and then treat yourself by going out for the night. Just remember, these are the best years of your life, so enjoy these years to the fullest.


Convince your children of the importance of getting a degree just for the sake of getting a degree. The idea that college is supposed to be "fun" ruins so many people's lives.


I think choosing the right college is all about the individual and what they are looking for. The campus, people, faculty, and enviornment all play an important role. Advice that I would give is to go based on what you feel. There is a perfect fit for everyone. You should always go and visit your possible choices. For example, I had a few schools in mind and after visiting them all, my #1 school totally changed. After visiting the school I ended up choosing, everything just felt right there. Also, take in to account the professors and the type of attention they are willing to give you as a student. It makes a big difference. As for making the most of the college experience, find a balance between academic and social life that works for you. While the focus of College is the academics, the social aspect plays a big role in it to. It helps you to grow up and learn about yourself. Good luck in college and the future! Hope real life student advice helps you in your decision and experience!


When deciding where to go to college, one should look at several factors to make their decisoin. The first is the financial factor. One must be able to pay for their school either now or in the future with the aid of student loans. Another factor that must be looked at is deciding whether or not they can see themeselves stayin that the college or university for more than four years. Transferring can be a very diffucult and expensive thing, so the decision should not be taken lightly. One should also really think to themselves, "Would I be proud to graduate from here." Loving your school is a very important thing, and if you feel like it is the right place for you, then go with it. Students should have fun while in college, but still realize when it is time to buckle down and study. You should always follow your dreams and pursue the education that you have been dreaming of your entire life.