Carthage College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The welcoming and supportive community is one of the best aspects of the campus as well as the facilities available for student use.




the athletic facilities


Anyone who walks onto the Carthage campus can immediately identify many of its outstanding aspects, from the scenic lake view, the beautiful chapel and landscaping, and the positive and energetic vibe that emanates from the students and faculty. But my favorite aspect about the college cannot necessarily be seen externally. I believe the best part of Carthage is the passion the faculty has to providing each and every student with the opportunity to thrive. Professors are committed to not only teaching the required material but also applying it to the real world, encouraging students' growth in both knowledge and character.


The best thing about Carthage is the small community and the friendliness of everyone at the school, this allows you to make a lot of friends and build strong relationships with not only students, but also faculty members. The professors have really made my experience here at Carthage the very best because they are genuinely interested in the best interests of the students and are always open and available to give and offer help.


The class sizes are small, which makes it easy for professors to know each student personally and for them to be easily approachable to the students.


Carthage College has been the best fit for me because of the small class sizes. Students are able to enjoy small focused classes where the professor integrates everyones ideas into the lectures. I believe that small class sizes are key to any type of student becoming successful because no one can slip away with simply sitting in the back of a lecture hall.


Personally, my favorite thing about Carthage College is the small class sizes in the adult education program. It provides a great opportunity for more teacher and student interaction. This makes it harder to fall behind in the classes and ensures that you are understanding what you are doing and learning in the class.


The thing I consider to be the best thing about Carthage is the size of the school. Carthage is a very small campus, but that makes is very easy to get involved and find friends very quickly. Also, being so small, campus is more like a community and the students here all make it a very close-knit community. With a close-knit community, one can find themselves maybe trying things that they never would have without having met so many different types of people.


The professors all have a Masters or Doctorate and teach in an objective and hands-on way.


The best thing about Carthage College is the amount of friendly students and faculty. Since coming in September, I have made a wonderful network of friends and staff members that I can rely on. I feel as even though it’s been a short five months, I can talk about personal issues and also know that they have the best interest in my academic career. Coming to Carthage, I thought I wouldn’t make any friends. I was surprised to find a plethora of upperclassmen as well as other freshman eager to become friends with me.


The best thing about my school is location, location, location. Why? Situated between Chicago and Milwaukee and located on the shore of Lake Michigan, Carthage College has an ambiance that says quaint, small town atmosphere yet is not far from the big city life college age people crave from time to time. Many surprises can be found here. Abraham Lincoln was on the Board of Directors. A Carthage graduate won an Emmy. A Carthage graduate became Miss America. There is even a Carthage graduate who is the only one to graduate with four majors at one time. Carhtgae College rocks!!!


I believe that Carthage College excels at providing students alternate ways of thinking about all situations, creating more intelligent productive members of society


My personal favorite aspect of this school, and its best quality, is the many wonderful learning opportunities offered to students in order to prepare us for the real world while also providing opportunities that only a few people have had the pleasure of experiencing first hand. The trips offered through various classes are just icing on the cake! These trips abroad allow students to make life lasting memories and are valuable experiences.


I feel like the best thing about Carthage is the small size. It has a nice community feeling, and as people do get to know one another more, it feels more like being around family. The class sizes are additionally nice and managable, and can range from about 10 to 20 students. This is encouraging in discussions and you really get the chance to have your voice heard.


I think the best thing about the school is the size. Many may say that it's too small, but it really is a very good size. It feels like the campus is small, but I find myself seeing a lot of faces that I don't know every time I walk down Campus Drive. Also, there is nothing like walking into a class and finding that there are only 9 other students in the class. Learning at this school is at a high rate because of the small number of students.


The overall learning environment is very comfortable. Professors are very approachable, class sizes are for the most part fairly small, and it's great to study outside by the lake when it's warm!


I love Carthage because it feels like my home already after less then a year. It's a smaller school, so I expected that to happen but not as fast as it has. I can't imagine being anywhere else, or with any different friends. Because of all this, I would have to say the best part of my school is the sense of community and family I get every day that I'm here. I can't go for a walk across campus without seing familiar faces or having a talk with a friend. I'm not a number.


Carthage is a smaller school than any State school; every single professor is an expert in his/her field -- we don't hire anyone who isn't. They're more than willing to help you outside of class -- even outside of their office hours. They're all very friendly and willing to get to know you, even well after you've had their class. There are more clubs and activities at Carthage than I can count -- in our music department alone, we have five choirs and five instrumental ensembles. Aside from that, sororities and fraternities abound.


The best thing about Carthage is the faculty. The teachers are extremely helpful and knowledgable. They willingly give out their home phone numbers to students who may need extra help and also hold many regular office hours to address any student needs throughout the week. Not only do the professors help to advise students academically, but they also are happy to talk with students about any and all real-life problems or concerns. These professors are genuinely invested in making sure that their students succeed, making me extremely proud and appreciative to be a student at Carthage College.


The people are the best part of Carthage. Everyone is very friendly and caring. The professors want you to succeed and do their best to help you be successful. The students will become your best friends. Even people you don't know will show you kindness by holding open the door, even if you are still 10 feet away.


My college, Carthage, provides its students with unbelievable resources. Carthage creates an atmosphere that encourages learning, while provided all the resources to do so. The wide variety of majors that are supported at Carthage all appear to have their own excellent resources. Whether its a math, science, English, or art degree, whatever that could possibly be needed to succeed in that field, Carthage has.


I would say that the best thing about my school is the education that I am receiving. With all of the choices in classes offered, I am getting a fantastic education that is making me a well-rounded person that will be an asset to society when I graduate. I very much value education, and that was one of the main reasons that I chose to come to Carthage.


The faculty; they are really geared to making sure that you succeed as a student as well as in life.


The best thing about the school is it's location. Whenever you feel like school work or activities are going to overwhelm you, you can take a half hour to just sit by the lake and relax. You can hear the trees moving in the wind behind you, and the waves washing up on shore. The movement of the water calms you down, and the scenery is absolutely beautiful.


There are many things I consider to be great things about Carthage college. If I had to choose one thing to write about, it would be the size of the campus. You dont have to rely on public transportation to get to your classes. It is a short 5 minute walk to everywhere you have to go. Every building is accessible and there are countless resources.


The opportunity for extra curricular involvement and social interaction, as well as small class sizes.


I would say that the school spirit and community are the best thing about my school. Everyone is proud to be a Carthage student, and all the students support the althletic teams, art shows, music , and theater departments.


The quality of education, by far. Small class sizes and experienced professors do a great job of teaching their subjects in a way that isn't so much a lecture hall style, "talking at you," sort of way, but rather in a small gorup discussion, "talking to you," kind of way. It's an engaging, active style of learning that prepares you to learn on your own, and sets you up for a lifetime of growth and learning, as ipposed to stagnation after college.


My school is a dry campus. It makes it very easy to avoid situations where alcohol will be present if that is your desire. It makes the dorms easier to live in and allows me to avoid parties because I'm not living in one. It makes studying easier because there is less noise and distraction all around me in my every day life.


The most beneficial aspect of Carthage is the learning environment. The decreased class size offers students a more personal relationship with their professors; no teaching assistants are used. The Professors are always available for questions or concerns about the class, or even for help with topics outside the classroom. The advisors also are very concerned about making the four years at Carthage the most successful experience possible. Beyond that, there are several other beneficial services offered to students such as study groups, the Writing Center, and the Career Center, as well as numerous student activities and clubs based on interests.


The availability of faculty and the adjacent bar. I've gotten to know several faculty members quite well.


The best thing about Carthage College is the small class size and accessibility of the professors. Becuase of this, I have been able to build and maintain positive relationshipd with faculty--most of which are highly regarded in their respective fields.


I consider the size and location the best thing about my school. It has great surrounding atmosphere and I absolutely love that it is on Lake Michigan. It provides relaxation when needed. The size of Carthage College is perfect for me. I grew up in a small town and Carthage reminds me of home.


The faculty and staff here at Carthage College do an amazing job at making students feel welcomed and understood. Professors are friendly and willing to meet up over coffee to discuss things having to do with the class and even outside of class, and the staff are always willing to accomodate student's needs so they can concentrate on fulfilling themselves as students and young adults. They actually WANT students to have a good time and make the best of college, and if it means that Carthage is not the place for them, they are willing to accept that also.


Small school environment in a great setting.


The best thing about carthage is the small class sizes and the individual attention from the faculty. They are always willing to help students and love interacting with students.


The campus itself is the best feature about the school. Carthage is right on Lake Michigan which is beautiful, (although it gets a little cold in the winter) but since it is a small campus, there isnt much walking to and from class. Also, The dorms are a decent size and everything is modern and well kept.


I love the location. We're placed perfectly in the middle between Chicago and Milwaukee, which makes visiting either city incredibly easy. As a theatre major, it means that we can go to see shows more often than if we were farther away because the drive is easier. We are also directly next to lake michigan, providing beautiful weather and an awesome view from most easterly dorm rooms.


The best thing about my school that I consider is the majors that ususally take five years, only take four because being able to be done in four years is great. You will be able to get start paying loans back faster and being in the business world before others who are going for the same degree you are. Once you find a decent job, you can go back and get your masters even!


Carthage has some of the best instructors. They are passionate about what they teach and are there to help you understand. Every instructor is willing to go that extra mile to provide you with the guidance that you need to make your learning experience better. They are friendly and they respect the needs of their students.


The best thing about Carthage is the real sense of community. People actually do care about each other and try to help each other in terms of studying for classes, or if they have something going on in their personal lifes. Everyone just is nice and tries to help


The small class sizes are excellent for getting to know classmates and professors on a personal basis. It also helps to make my learning experience better, since professors are more accessible and easy to talk to.


I love how I go to a small college. There is a great relationship between teachers and students. The teachers take time to work with students outside of class, and respect each student's views and questions. Coming from a large high school, I really like the small community feeling Carthage College has, as opposed to a large school.


The faculty and staff really do care about students and their success in school. The fact that their care shows motivates students to strive for their best and succeed academically. The availability of the faculty and staff also adds to the atmosphere at the school. Having great faculty and staff allows one to feel great about the quality of education that one receives from Carthage College.


The best thing about Carthage College is the close-knit community. The teachers really get involved with your life and they know what you're involved in around campus. This also is possible due to the small class sizes. I never had a class with more than 25 students. Some of my classes had 7/8 people in them. This made it easier to learn because of the individual attention you receive in class.


The best trait Carthage College has is it's size. I transfered from the University of Colorado at Boulder which was so huge that I felt lost. Carthage is so friendly and small, that not only makes you feel like a part of the campus and community, but there is also much more interaction between students and their teachers, as well as interaction between student.


The people you will meet will become your best friends. With the right people, it can be one of the best experiences in your life. There is a lot to do here, but you have to look for it. And there are a ton of different clubs you can join.


Student to teacher ratio is really great in this school. The school is smaller, but that allows for small class sizes. The relationship between the students and faculty is a lot greater because of this. Students are able to recieve more help from teacher then, and are able to learn a lot more.