Cascadia College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I advise you to be more proactive in figuring out what major you want to explore. I know you love and enjoy many different fields and find ways to include them in your day but be sure to sort them and deside what you wish to do with your time and skills. Be excited for the coming change of college for it brings you many opprotunities to expand your horizon and plan your goals. There is no need to be afraid of what lies ahead but rather ask all those around you to share their knowledge. Do not let the weight of "finshing school just to start another school" bog you down. You will find that your love of learning will be fueled more so than ever before. Trust me, you will love it so take the time to enjoy where you are now and then celebrate where you are headed.


The advice I would give my high school self as a college woman would be to be myself, sleep more, and not be afraid of what people will say. People will try to cut you down but you have to move on. Also, guys are not worth the pain, you have to study and be smart, because you have that down cold. Don't worry about the guys. Worry about your grades. Worry about your books, not your looks.You are smart, strong, beautiful and kind. You have got this, but dont forget extra pencils, paper, and tape.




Remember that high school ends and you will be able to move on in to your future. Although high school is a place in your life where you begin to develop interests and career goals, it is just a stepping stone to a bigger and brighter future. Stay focused on what is to come and step away from what could prevent that from happening.


My college career has been both rewarding and, at times, devastating. However, from that devastation, I have had the chance to rise up and succeed. College has helped me to learn, not only academically, but also in experience. I have met so many interesting people along the way that I have learned from. These people have helped to open my mind to new thoughts and opinions. I now thirst for knowledge like I've never thirsted for anything before. My only wish is to continue my education so that one day I may open others' minds to new possibilities.


College has been the most beneficial venture I have gone through up to this point in my life. After attending a small private high school, I was excited to get into the college world, meet new people and discover what passions I had. The ability to sample various fields of study, while building my personal network of friends, teachers, and advisors has been so valuable. After completing many classes, I have decided to study business for at least two more years. I am very thrilled about this because, thanks to my college experience, I know that I enjoy business more than anything I have taken so far and have done well with the interaction I already have under my belt. The confidence and excitement I have for my future is incredible and I truly cannot wait to continue my journey of discovery and development.


Being allowed to go back in time to talk to myself would be an amazing opportunity. I would sit myself down and tell myself, as weird as that would be, to become more independent. I would advise myself to start using a planner and organizing my time more appropriately. I would explain that college is different. Its alot more freedom but with that freedom comes more responsibility personally. The teachers don't care if you don't show up to class or turn in an assignment. In high school the teachers spend more time one on one. College is more about who can step up and succeed by themselves. Teachers are willing to talk but they won't find you if you don't turn something in. An organizer is very important to remember class times, homework assignments, due dates, and tests. Organizing my time would prove beneficial so I would be used to having to do things I may not want to do in a timely manner. Overall I would tell myself that organization will be the key to success.


If I were able to go back in time and revisit myself as a senior in high school, I would simply remind myself that education is a privilege, rather than a requirement. Children in the United States have a tendency to take their opportunities for granted, but thankfully, through world travel and global studies, I have become shockingly aware of the freedoms we have in comparison to so many less fortunate children in this world. Students need to be grateful for their right to attend school, as well as their ability to pursue a higher education, despite their gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, or socioeconomic status. If given the ability to go back in time, I would teach myself the great honor it is to be able to educate myself, especially in a world where so many people are denied such a right. As a result, I would learn at a much earlier age to cherish every moment I was blessed to have spent in a classroom, and would understand that through education, I can use my knowledge to help make a difference in this world.


I would tell myself to start on life experiences as soon as possible. Try everything I could and not let anything hold me back, because that is the only way I would know where I'm going to want to go. Don't factor in other peoples opinions and follow my heart . I would tell myself to read, travel, and see as much of the world as possible. I would tell myself that these experiences would lead me to my ultimate goal of finding my purpose in life and that knowing what you want to do makes the journey easier and clearer. I would make sure to say that it is okay not to go to school right away because the world has more to show and offer than that. I would not forget to tell myself that when I do find my passion in life, to pursue it with every fiber of my being and go after as many things that will help me achieve the goal. If the passion includes school go after any and all options for funding it.


I would hope to be better prepared to enter college campus life. I was fortunate in that I could still live at home and commute so that provided a better financial situation than many students have. I am grateful for that but it did not supply me with an independence that I really needed in order to be out on my own. I was in Running Start as a high school senior so I knew what the campus situation was like but I would like to have a 'way back machine' to return to high school and work harder at focusing on my future as an adult instead of graduating. The 'ride' would have been more directed towards what I hope to center my life around: music and where I belong in that field.


First off, I would tell myself to keep procrastinating on my senior project. Now, that may sound a little strange, but consider the circumstances: I ended up with literally a month left before the project was due and 60 required hours of work - a graduation requirement. However, because of this pressing need for time, I was forced to think of something that could be done daily, and also would pique my interest so that I would be motivated enough. I ended up choosing analysis of college basketball for my subject, did all 60 hours, and finished with a product both my teacher and I loved. Oh, and I correctly predicted the score of the national championship game to top it all off. I 'd also say: be confident in everything I do, look to God for guidance, and the rest will be taken care of. I sorely lacked confidance that came after my senior project ended and saved my senior year. I also lacked the joy, hope, and motivation that come from trusting God and casting all of my cares and worries on him. Trying to stop all my mistakes would've prevented a lot of necessary growth!