Case Western Reserve University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The freshman year of case includes a mix of many demographics at case, but most of the cool people that actually like to socialize and lead normal lives drop out and go to more pleasant colleges by the end of their 2nd semesters. What is left are all the miserable and strange cases of humanity too sick and twisted to realize the hell of reality that they are in. The most social of them throw LAN parties with their friends. The least social of them rarely come out of their dorm rooms and spend their time eating cheetos, doing coursework, and mining Dogecoin. The females are equally unapproachable, and will usually go full on "Social Justice Warrior" if you even act remotely flirtatious.


Hard-working, antisocial, selfish kids.


Highly intelligent and focused individuals who will one day be a fantastic asset to their chosen career.


My classmates are interesting, but can be very social awkward.


My classmates are from the top of their class and extremely competitive


My classmates, for the most part, are driven to succeed and are highly competitive when it comes to academics.


My classmates are a bunch of complainers .


Overall, students at Case are from all walks of life. There are many international students, which adds to the diversity of the campus. There are students from all states, all socioeconomic statuses, all religions, and all races. Oftentimes, it seems like the "majorities" are often the "minorities" because there are so many diverse people. It truly is a melting pot of ideas and cultures.


Because of the diverse student body, I believe that Case can be the perfect fit for any type of student and individual. No race, gender, ethic group will be singled out or felt out of place. The campus provides a wide variety of clubs and programs that promote acceptance and unity.


We have a very diverse student population. Our international population has been growing exponentially over the last few years. This provides a cool opportunity to learn to work with people different than yourself but can be frustrating and difficult at times. Students tend to be willing to go very far to get the grades they want and tend to be smart.


Very open to the LGBT community, and numerous religious/cultural/political organizations and centers available for students. With the high tuition many students are work study as well. Cliches do form among certain ethnicities, but I personally have a very diverse group of friends.


The students at my school are all unique. Everyone fits in wonderfully at Case Western. No one would feel out of place here. There are multiple different student groups on campus that would cater to anyone's interests. Students are from all across the United States, as well as from other countries across the world. Due to this, Case Western is very diverse.


Ehh...not really sure what to say here... I guess if you're African American you might feel *a bit* out of place simply because there are very of you guys here. For sure very few (inclined to say no one, but that's probably unlikely...) people are racist so you'll be treated the same as anyone else, thankfully. The point is simply that there are very few African Americans at Case. This is also true for hispanics. If you're asian...rejoice. You'll find many asians here. But again, you don't HAVE to be with asians! I have an asian friend, but I also know asians who like to stick together. It's completely up to you. There are also a fair share of foreign students which is nice, but it doesn't affect me much at all because to be honest, THEY do stick together. There are a lot of koreans from my class and they really stay as a pack. The majority of them don't like to, or don't feel comfortable speaking with "us". Oh well, they seem happy with each other for the most part...


They are mostly helpful and very knowledgeable.


The students at Case are intelligent and driven while still being unique, diverse, and fun.


Very focused and hardworking


More nerdy than cool.


Most of the students here are insanely intelligent; many are brilliant or genius-level (though some got in based on grades alone).


My classmates are very intelligent, involved, and lots of fun on the weekends. Everyone is different. You have people that are mostly focussed on staying in studying or playing video games with friends. You also have the movie buffs, and music feins. You also have the people who like to Party on the weekends and go out and have a good time in down town Cleveland. Greek Life here is like none other where all the fraternatities and sorotities get along and do events together and there is no hazing or pressure to join. Things here are great!


My classmates are hard working and most are friendly.


Academically focused


Permit me to try to give you a taste of what it's like being a Case student: Many Case students currently own more computers now than the number of significant others they've ever had. I've Red Greened an AT-AT costume together out of cardboard, duct tape, and hockey sticks. For most students, the probability density of whether they're awake at any given hour converges (in probability) to a uniform distribution as time in school goes to infinity. I've consulted a table of integrals during 'casual' conversation more than once. Knowing Python makes you seem more attractive to girls. Jocks are about as scarce as surface water on Arrakis. I've been warned not to walk alone at night because I might be eaten by a grue. Our jokes involve allusions to English literature, Physics, and Star-Trek with about equal frequency. I've described what things look like by explaining what a function such that its Fourier transform resembled the thing in question. It is not uncommon to find someone who knows when the next Intel and AMD specs will be released, but may be unaware that it is a presidential election year. And it is even less common to find someone who sees serious fault in this. Finally, I've worked out the thermodynamic calculations (lumped system approximation) to determine the requisite time to microwave water, for a given power output and fixed mass of water, to make a mean cup of tea, before I even set foot in the kitchen. ...And if you understand even half of that, then there isn't even a dice-check involved, you'll fit in!


The student body at Case is a diverse population. Racially speaking the majority are Caucasians, which this past class represented approximately 50% of the class and the other percentage representing other races. There are groups that attempts to enrich the student body of other groups culture, traditions, and other things that fits almost everyones backgroud. Coming to Case, I felt out of place in the beginning, but have found my comfort zone now. If someone is a very out going, party scene, more laid back person, as I am, there might times of discomfort where Case does not seem as the right school. Students who are more studious and rather sit home and watch television on a Friday night will feel at ease because of less pressure to do anything at Case.


There really aren't any racial religious or sodomite issues on campus. There are different people around, but nobody really causes trouble. The politics on campus is left of the rest of the world, being a campus, but more centered than the stereotypical college. Students come from all varieties of backgrounds, but there are some general rules: the Indian kids are wealthy, otherwise they couldn't afford to go to school out of the country, the kids from Ohio got a break in admission, many of the out-of-staters are wealthy and came from top-notch high schools. Also in general, the kids from Ohio and Pittsburg think Case is a reputable school, kids from everywhere else are only there because Case gave them the most money.


There are two races here at case..... White and Asian(including Indians).... Everyone else is almost non existent. Blacks make up less than 4% of the entire undergrad population, Hispanics are less than that and Native Americans....well probably not enough to be one full percent. The racial makeup of professors is even less diverse than that. People on a general note are not sensitive to racial and ethnic issues or differences. It therefore becomes difficult to be yourself and truly express your unique background and experiences to people who don't make the effort to understand or appreciate it. Some students are pollitically aware, but the school seems to have taken a political stance, that seems to reflect the majority of students' views. However the school plays a big part in the activities that it allows to occur on campus. It seems that one side is continually allowed experession while others are not....hmmmm.... i wonder wat's going on with that.


Everyone is pretty tolerant here at Case. We have a large support group for LGBT portion of society. A large majority of the campus, both gay and straight, owns a shirt that reads " Gay? Fine by me." Students are relatively politically aware. The Case Democrats is a huge group. So needless to say the campus leans for the most part to the left.


Everyone at Case is super involved and super friendly. What? You're overloading on 21 credit hours this semester, Vice President of your sorority, Co-chair of a student organization, Student liaison for an administrative comittee, AND you can sleep in until noon on the weekends? Yeah, that's a pretty good representation of the typical Case student. Students are also very likely to solicit and receive help from other students; there are no classes here that are graded so only a certain number of students receive high grades. Instead, study groups are common in the library and you see plenty of smiles and friendly waves exchanged when you're walking to class on the Binary Walkway (okay, so the nerdy stereotype still exists a little).


Case is full of a very diverse student body. We have every ethnic group and religion. It is really great to live in such a diverse yet accepting place. Come in with an open and accepting mind and you will get the same in return. Case is also very good with financial aid, so we have students from every financial background. Most students are from Ohio or Pennsylvanian, but we also have many students from California to Florida to China, pretty much any where around the globe.


very diverse


Two words: active and accepting. I've been surprised with the level of diversity on campus whether it be in regard to politics, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or lack thereof, etc. People seem to do what they want, dress how they want, act how they want, and no one really seems to mind one way or another. There are student organizations for every one of the aforementioned groups and they all hold events (many very well attended) throughout the year. The campus Democrats are more vocal on campus than the Republicans and I'd say the overall political atmosphere is slightly liberal but not tipping much to the left past the median. People voice their opinions from all ends of the spectrum and no one side overpowers the other in response.


Everyone at Case is pretty liberal, and everyone gets along. There is no hatred amongst groups to speak of and Case is home to a pretty diverse student body consisting of many different cultures, ethnic backgrounds, and religions. As far as who would feel "out of place" at Case... probably no one. There is a group for everyone, although individuals who want to party every night might have a difficult time finding a venue unless they are 21.


For the most part the student body is very diverse and very open-minded. There are strong ethnic student organizations such as the Asian American Alliance (Triple A) and the Muslim Student Association (MSA). The school is pretty friendly to the LGBT community, which has a strong organization called Spectrum. For the most part students are reasonable and extremely intelligent - I very rarely meet someone who I cannot converse with on a variety of topics, much unlike high school. There is not a lot of school spirit, particularly in athletics, although the football team made it to the NCAA D3 playoffs for the first time in history this past year which generated some excitement. Students seem to be pretty proud of the academic environment, which is rather rigorous.


There's a lof of diversity at Case, there's actually more minorities than white people. A lot of the students are well off, since it's such an expensive school, and some are on scholarships and loans. Most of the students are from the Northeastern part of the country: New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania... It's kind of funny. Some people go to class in business casual (i'm in business school), because they think they're millionare entrepreneurs, but most people go to class in sweats. It's a pretty long walk to class if you're not in the business school (about 20 minutes from dorms) so I think it's pretty stupid when I see girls stomping down the street in heels. There's no point in dressing up because everyone's so stressed and tired they don't care what you look like.


We have a very accepting campus for LGBT students and supporters. We have special events and a LGBT student group on campus. I haven't noticed any tension between races. There is a lot of diversity and almost everyone gets along. Case students are from all 50 states ( I think) and from many other countries. There are student groups for all of them. Case students tend to be in the upper-middle class, but all economic groups are present. They give very good scholarships.


Different types of students interact to a limited extent, but as with everywhere else in the world people divide based on differences. Particularly early on freshman year, people make a lot of friends that are different from them, people from different countries, rural and urban, black, white and Asian mix a lot early on, but start to separate more later. The people that seem to self-segregate the most seem to be African American students and foreign students, who tend to keep to their own more. Most students wear pretty casual clothing to class, with sweat pants, jeans and sweatshirts being pretty common, but there are some people that dress differently too. It seems like most Case students are either from the Midwest or Asia, or both (as odd a combination as that might that seem). We have students from all around the country though, that just seems to be the majority.


not all that diverse. majority asian and white. not too many blacks or hispanics.


While it is a diverse crowd, many students are nerdy and unaware how to carry on normal social interactions. A student that needs a large amount of social interactions at all times could feel out of place at Case. Students dress in everything from pajamas to sport coats in class.


The students at Case are diverse, accepting and all-around good people. If students are asked why they choose to stay at case, it’s because of the people who they go to school with. The only negative aspect about students seems to be their predisposition to consider all students at Case "socially awkward nerds" which is used to excuse any behavior that is detrimental.


The population is extremely diverse. The students seem accepting of everyone. The LGBT seems to be pretty strong and active. The Asian population, particularly Indians and Koreans have a lot of cultural activities. While they form their own 'groups', people of other race and ethnicities commonly join in. I haven't noticed any particular dressing tendencies - dress in whatever style you'd like.


I honestly can't think of any student that would feel out of place at Case. There is a group for everyone here. There are cultural groups, LGBT groups, religous groups, fraternities and sororities, sports (Varsity and club), really anything and everything. One thing that I think is great, is that if there isn't a club, anyone can start one and request funding from the Student Government to sponsor projects and activities for the group. I have never heard of any types of racial issues between students or groups of students, I've never heard anyone make fun of others for their sexual preferences, which isn't to say people may not make comments in their own circle of friends, but I've never seen fights, or name-calling, or hurtful things of that nature between students. In the dining halls, people just sit with their friends where there's space. The cafeteria isn't divided up between "athletes" and "nerds" or anything like that. The students at Case are VERY diverse. There are those from well-to-do backgrounds, and those that are from less wealthy families, especially since Case offers a number of merit and need-based scholarships and financial aid. A majority of students seem to be from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and maybe Michigan and other random mid-west states, but we also have a fair share of international students (Eastern Asia, India mainly I would say) and all over the US, just a lesser percent.


Case seems pretty diverse in many ways. It is private, but they give so much financial aid (need and merit based) that it's a broad range of economic statuses. Students don't dress very expensively. There is not a strong feeling of a "need to impress anyone."


The are all different kind of students and all the different groups are accepting of each other. Also, since there are so many different groups of students, everyone is able to find friends and people that are similar and accepting to them.


Case is somewhat segregated, but its done by the students themselves. Everyone, sticks with people who look like them.


Our student body is immensely diverse. Our African American and Hispanic populations are very small, but our Asian and Indian populations are huge. We have students from all around the world and from a variety of lifestyles and backgrounds. We are one of the most LGBT friendly schools I know of, and there are just as many "rich" as "poor" kids on campus. Regarding religion, I'd say most students are not religious - I believe most Case students are Atheist or Agnostic, though there are still people from a variety of faiths here. Most students are lazy about their dress, wearing the stereotypical Case hoodies everywhere. Politically, our students are mostly apathetic. Most students are politically centered, but don't expect particularly large or active political organizations. There are volunteer organizations on campus, but they're rather small, too. In fact, I'd say that most students on campus don't care about much more than making the grades.


It's pretty diverse, and pretty liberal. A good mix.


Case's student body is extremely diverse, so if you don't like diversity, don't come here. Our diverse population is what makes Case so amazing. Having people from all different cultures and socioeconomic statuses makes this campus the best it can be. Everyone has a different view/take on everything so we can make our events and services the best for everyone as a whole. One thing that binds all Case students together is that almost all of us our completely dedicated to our work. If we sign up for an activity or we register for a class, we do the best that we can do. We can still have a good time and do well in school though. One thing I do not particularly like about Case is that it is predominantly left, but you will find this at most universities. Being a Democrat seems to be a trend that everyone joins once they enter college. This may be because people become more informed about politics and the issues, or it may be because of peer pressure and people are afraid to be different.


The student body at Case is diverse and most people are open to this extreme diversity. It is very unique in the sense that all people are welcome and there is minimal, if any, discrimination here. However, the student who does not study and comes to college for a 24/7 party will be more likely than not to be the ostracized individual.


Case is not a party school. We have a couple groups of kids who will have an occasional weekend party, but the general student body is pretty quiet. This school is the school for you if you like to play board games or computer games on the weekend.


i have not noticed any racial, religious, LGBT, socio-economic, or other groups being treated differently i am friends with someone from each of those headings, and i enjoy hanging out with them, and do not treat them any differently all student would fit in at case...there is already such a large spectrum here, that everyone would find friends most case students, i would say, are from ohio, but i know plenty that are from different states/countries


I believe Case has a wide variety of students on campus. Several racial, and religious groups are represented. There are LGBT and different socio-economic classes as well. While it is common for one to stick with people of the same race, I do see there is a mix of different races within groups on campus.