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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Haha, yes and no. Starting from the top: It's true that Case doesn't have as many "hot" girls as state schools: but we're also a fraction of the size. Case is also more tailored to engineering and the sciences, so the women that Case attracts are a bit different from the ones state schools may attract. Regardless, it's really not so bad and the CWRU joke is not warranted. There are a lot of good looking girls, but the majority are "normal" (which is fine!). Of course, as with any place on Earth, there are also the ones that are not-so-good-looking to put it in nicer terms. As for Case students being really nerdy: oh this is absolutely true. But it's not necessarily a bad thing at all. In fact, I'm inclined to say that it's really awesome. I'm a Computer Science major but I live with an Aerospace Engineer, two Physics Engineers (don't ask!) and a Biomedical Engineer. The two physics engineers are extremely passionate about their physics classes and you can see the enthusiasm and the love for the subject when they start talking about special relativity and god knows what other stuff that they have a passion for and that goes over my head. The none physicists call them out on it and say "wow you're being really nerdy" and then everyone kind of just starts laughing. Yes, we're nerdy: we are smart individuals who have a passion for a specific area of study and we are able to acknowledge that something (such as special relativity) is interesting even if it has nothing to do with our major. By no means do we only talk about nerdy things - but we are capable of starting a discussion or conversation about something interesting and "nerdy" without having to feel bad about it because we are surrounded by others with similar interests. As for social skills...unfortunately the stereotype is hit or miss. For sure a lot of kids are "normal" (see above!) - but others really do seem to be too introverted and it can be awkward speaking with some people. This is especially true in the Computer Science and Computer Engineering classes. These are the kids that people sometimes refer to as a "Case nerd".


Not entirely. We ENJOY studying; we are miserable for other reasons ;)




For the most part, yes. However, the school is doing a lot to improve the social atmosphere - of at least they say they are. The biggest drawback to Case is that there are in fact many opportunities in and outside of the classroom but the workload is so heavy that most students are not able to enjoy the out of the classroom experiences that should be a greater part of the college experience.


The stereotype holds true to a good percentage of students, but there are students who tries to break out of the mold by fitting a social life with all the academic demands made by the school.


For the most part.


For the most part, except for the kids who are from Ohio. They get in easier, so they're the ones who break the mold.


I am sure those apply to some people but not for everyone. There are all sorts of people that goto Case. I am sure you could spin it anyway you wanted to. I am sure you will find the people you like at Case unless you are really picky or have no idea what you are looking for in life.


A good number of Case students have no life outside the pages of their books which confirms the geeks and nerds stereotypes. Most of Case students do not come from snobby homes but there are a good number of good for nothing snobs who think that the whole world belongs to them because they so called deserve it


Yes they are, but nerdy on this campus is almost a term of affection. The ratio is correct, but the odds are not so good and not all the goods are odd.


Not anymore. Of course, there are still some students like that, but the vast majority have outgrown that stereotype. Now, I'd say we're kind of a mix: you've got a group of the tech savvy, athletes, academics, Greeks, involved, and overinvolved students.


No, this stereotype represents an extreme end of the type of students at Case, yes there are nerds and anti-social people, but there are also extremely out going people, people who hate spending evenings in the dorms and go out all the time. You find those who have the same interests as you and you hang out with them, like at every other college


some of them, but there are also lots of "normal" people who are fun to hang out with


Yes and no. There are students who fit the above the description but this is no way the norm at CWRU. Students are generally friendly and active on campus and in the community. Most everyone is very intelligent and many are quite accomplished but there is no feeling of over competitiveness or academic tension between students. Surprisingly I've found the opposite to be the case (no pun intended). As for the campus, there's no hiding the fact that Cleveland isn't exactly crime-free or that the winters can be depressing. The campus however is quite safe (I've never felt uneasy walking alone) and the campus and surrounding University Circle neighborhood is beautiful in the Spring and Fall. Campus life is making a comeback too with more events every semester.


It is true that there is a LOT of porn on the hub, and lots of people are into video games, but Case students are also very social and involved. There is often heavy drinking on weekends and lots of parties. At these parties however video games and school are almost always discussed.


The truth is, Case students are really smart. Most people don't realize it, but our school is just as hard and elite as any Ivy League school. I had a 4.0 GPA and a 30 ACT and I was wait listed until April! Yes there are some nerds here, but that's because people don't come here to fuck around like at a state school, they care about getting a good education. Does everyone sit in their room all weekend and play World of Warcraft? No. Do some people? Yes, but every school has those. Case students are typically very involved, most do multiple clubs, join a fraternity/sorority, have a job, and take a full course load. Again, we don't fuck around. Although those stereotypes are true, Case students as a whole are not anti-social. The social people can typically be found en-masse in fraternities and sororities. Some say that's where our social life is rooted. It isn't Animal House, you've got to know people to know what's going on. That being said, I always have somewhere to go, something to do. If going out is your thing, there's a place here for you, if play World of Warcraft is your thing, there's a place here for you. Case women are not unattractive. My girlfriend is beautiful. This stereotype is just not true. Every school has unattractive people, Case is no different.


Not at all. There are nerds and there are rich people, but there is not a significant enough percentage to justify the stereotypes accurately.


The school is predominantly engineers and pre-meds, including myself, and Case has taught me to embrace my nerdiness; however, there is a plethora of individuals majoring in things other than science, they just might not be the majority of undergraduates.


While they may have been more representative in the past, the student body has undergone a substantial change in the last few years. There is a wide variety of students, many like to party, but most are very academically geared. There is a growing group of "Work Hard, Play Hard" students but there are still the traditional nerdy shut-in types. It seems that each class is better looking than the last, both men and women. There is far too much diversity to pigeon hole the student body in to any stereotype - except for maybe the "Pre-meds are douchebags" one.




There is a lot more social life than you would think. There are also a lot of people that are down to earth.


To some extent this is true, but it is greatly exaggerated. Engineering is one of the school's strengths, but many forget that Case Western Reserve University was born out of the union of the technical school Case Institute of Technology and the Western Reserve College, and as such we have strong departments in the arts and sciences that grew up independently and are not merely a place for engineering students to complete graduation requirements. Many students that come into the school as engineering majors decide that engineering is not for them and they are able to switch without feeling like they need to transfer to a different school or something. There is a strong geek culture at the school, and many students who might have felt that they were out of place or weird in high school find that they are in good company at Case. That said, case students are not as bereft of a social scene as the stereotypes would suggest. For those who want to party there is a party scene and there is a vibrant Greek life, but there are also many other ways that students occupy themselves socially, so I don't think it's like some schools where there's just nothing better to do than get trashed every weekend (although the pre-meds might convince you otherwise). For myself I go out dancing almost every weekend, as part of the Cleveland Swing Scene, and I'm constantly spending way too much money going to concerts and shows in the area, not to mention the plethora of events at Case. I constantly find myself unable to see some show that a friend is in, because there are just too many other things that I'm doing.




There are more nerds then your typical college campus. There is also a lot of work to do and most students are very dedicated to their studies. However, if you get in the right group of friends, there are people that like to party, play sports, and actually be social. Like most things, the experience is what you make out of it.


Case is by far not the nerdiest school I have seen. I went to a specialized math and science school for high school and Case doesn't hold a candle to it. Biomedical Engineers are masochists (haven't met one that didn't think of transferring) and the class size shrinks from 250-ish(freshman year) to 75-ish (senior year).


For the most part, although they are just generalizations!


Not entirely. There are a number of "nerdy" students, but most, I would say are "self-proclaimed nerds" and are happy with themselves. Video games are popular on campus, which is great for the people that like that. If you are into partying and going out, there are a number of bars within a resonable distance that a number of students (both of age and under) go to on weekends, and even during the week. Also, there are some VERY intelligent people that attend Case, but there are also some COMPLETE idiots... it scares me to think that a number of students here have plans to go to Medical school someday... While our library is open 24/7 during the school year, and you will often find quite a few students there in the wee hours of the morning, not everyone spends all their free time hitting the books. I didn't and I made it out with a degree in biomedical engineering.


maybe a quarter of the time.


Nowhere near accurate.


no, not at all...i mean there are some of those people, but they are the minority. People do have fun and so to parties


However with Greek Life being so big and students being involved in over 100+ student groups, the stereotypes aren't necessarily accurate. Yes, Case students are focused on their academics but are able to balance a lot on their plate at one time without losing their focus.


To some degree because some students are nerds, there are a lot of engineering majors and a lot of them do not have social skills.


There are a few exceptions to the rule regarding students, but for the most part yes, they are accurate.


Every college has its nerds and Case does have a lot, but there are also people who do like to party and are social.


Not really. They do tend to be pretty smart, but lots of them get out and have fun too. There is a small group of people that stay in their rooms, but that will happen at any college – Case kids do get out and have a good time. That said, we're definitely not a huge party school.


Case students are overall very smart, but we are also very active within the university and the community at large. A lot of people think liberal arts majors are the 'easy' majors, but that is not at all true. In many cases liberal arts majors have to do a lot more critical thinking and often have a great deal more work to do outside of class.


Much of the stereotyping is true, but some is not. For example, enrollment at Case will include four years of dedication to a challenging and time consuming curriculum, but the environment is far from cut-throat. The students and faculty are all extremely nice and approachable. Everyone is willing to lend support and advice, primarily because the grading system is conducive for collaborative learning. If there are 100 students in a class, and each student has an A at the end of the semester, there usually no curves or cut-offs, and everyone will get their well-deserved A. As far as the stereotypes of the students, the majority of the student body fulfill their label as intelligent, determined, and hardworking individuals. However, nerds, we are not. At Case, the college experience is rewarding and full of social opportunities. This is not the place where you will find binge drinking 24/7, but if you are looking for a good time Thursday/Friday/Saturday there is often something available to go and do.


partially, but there are lots of fun people around who know how to relax and have fun




It's true that Case students are academically motivated and Case is a academics oriented school, but Case students are also involved. There are so many opportunities to get involved and lead at Case. We have a lot going on, so students that don't have anything to do aren't trying. And can there be too much programming? If you're too busy - don't go!




For some people


No! Case is a challenging school and you do have to work to get the gradee that you want, and while there are people who lock themselves in thier rooms, there are just as many who have a life. And as to being geeks so what we are proud of it, and if you had gigabit fiber-optic internet you would be on just as much as we are.


Yes, very


While some students are unhappy, I believe Case is what you make it. If you sit in your room and do nothing, then of course you will be unhappy. However, if you go out, join a student group and make some friends you will be happy and make the most of the opportunities Case has to offer its students. Case is definitely not a state school in terms of partying, but if you want to party there are parties out there you can find. As for having nerdy students, yes there are some, but if you come to Case, you are a determined hard working student so that just goes with working hard.


It certainly is somewhat geeky, and the humanities do often get looked down upon.


To some extent, yes. But for many of the students here, no.


The vast majority of the stereotypes are not accurate. Case is, indeed, ranked highest for its engineering and medical schools. But it also has an outstanding management school and law school. Case's graduate theater program has been called the "Julliard of the Midwest" for its successful collaboration with the Cleveland Playhouse and the undergraduate theater program has tacked onto the graduate program's success. Case has a very beautiful campus - it tends to surprise people visiting here for the first time. We are located right next to the Wade Lagoon, a beautiful little park overlooked by the neoclassical Cleveland Museum of Art. The historic Mather Quad part of the campus has these huge flower beds that burst with color in the spring time. The architecture is eclectic and interesting. Lastly, there are some Case students who do nothing but study (generally pre-meds). But, most student at Case aren't like that. Case students are very involved on campus and throughout Cleveland. We have great intramural sports and a strong Greek life presence. And I, personally, have never been bored here. There's also things to do, things to get done, things to experience. People who complain about there being nothing to do at Case tend to be oblivious and self-sheltered.


Case was recently ranked the 19th unhappiest campus in the United Stated by the Princeton Review. It made the front page of the student newspaper, The Observer. No one was surprised.


in many cases, but they are far from being rules