Case Western Reserve University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Eating Alone at Fribley Commons. Eating alone in your dorm room. Not attending the football game. Spending friday evening in the Electronics Design Center. Getting mugged in the nearby ghettos whilst trying to buy alcohol. Having your car stolen. "Math Parties" and Starcraft.


Greek life is very important here. Case has lots of introvert engineers, and because of this most of the more social, friendly people join Greek life. Despite the fact that the head of the Greek life department is unfair and does not care about the students, many students find solace in their chapter.


The most popular student organizations around campus consist of the University Program Board, Orientation Leaders, and various ethnic groups. All students look to get involved in groups that contribute to the overall university and help improve the atmosphere around campus. Every wednesday night on campus consists of "spot night"; here various activities are held such as concerts, fundraisers, and other social functions.


Case has a lot of different student groups. The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) is a pretty big group on campus, especially since they work with the campus administration to help students. Greek Life is also pretty popular on campus. Around 1/3 of the campus is Greek so its never overwhelming for people who do not want to rush, but there is also a great community for those that do. I personally love the Greek Life at Case. I probably would not have joined at another school, but I found a sorority at Case that I am really proud to be a part of and have found some of my best friends in.


Case has a lot of different student groups. The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) is a pretty big group on campus, especially since they work with the campus administration to help students. Greek Life is also pretty popular on campus. Around 1/3 of the campus is Greek so its never overwhelming for people who do not want to rush, but there is also a great community for those that do. I personally love the Greek Life at Case. I probably would not have joined at another school, but I found a sorority at Case that I am really proud to be a part of and have found some of my best friends in.


Greek life is huge on our campus. 80% of the student leaders on campus are Greeks. What does that mean? Not all leaders are Greek, but if you want to have the best chance of having a terrific college experience and leaving the university better than when you entered, you should go Greek. Other popular organizations are Media Board, University Student Government (USG), University Programming Board (UPB), and the Residential Housing Association (RHA)


University Programing Board concerts and weekly events, United Student Government involvement and action plans, and Greek Life are major factors on campus off the top of my head. More than 150 groups exist depending on students' interests, but a major issue is that workload for some students prevents them from really becoming more involved.


There are over 100 student organizations on campus, including Greek Life. A third of the campus is involved in Greek Life. I personally am a part of the German Club here and Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity. I just joined Alpha Chi this fall, and I am loving it. Students on campus are also very friendly. Usually we leave our doors open in the dorms, welcoming anyone who wishes to stop by and say hi. This is partially how I met my closest friends. We all lived on the same floor freshman year, and so we would always go and hang out in each others' rooms. We became so close that we're still living together this year. There are plenty of things to do on weekends. You can go downtown with a bunch of friends and explore. Usually every weekend there is an Improv session, and you can go see that. You can also just stay in with friends and watch movies, play games, watch silly videos on YouTube, and do things like that.


Okay, I think this is where I should put this: As an incoming freshman...if you want to interact with people on your floor...pick a dorm in the MISTLETOE residential community. The names of the dorms are either Pierce (that was mine!), Storrs, or Hitchcock. Apart from 4th floor hitchcock that is all girls (there's a funny joke that people have. Can you figure it out? The TOP floor of the hitchCOCK dorms is only for girls? Anyways...), these three dorms are co-ed on each floor. In addition of having members of the opposite sex on the same floor, they also have a quad layout and have a common room on each floor. This has some pros and cons, but I'd be willing to say the pros outweigh the cons. On the plus side, it's WAY easier to meet people (and make very good friends) this way. Many people would simply hang out in the common room either reading, just messing around on the internet with their laptops or simply doing SOMETHING (I know at the beginning of the year we'd play cards a lot). Even if no one is out there...GO OUT THERE! It won't be long before someone else joins you, and then it'll get pretty full before you know it. It's really nice. The bad thing is that I found Mistletoe to be more "segregated" per floor. That is to say, I became close with my floor, but I knew few people on the floors above mine. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's something to keep in mind. Every other freshman dorm has boys and girls on every other floor. So The 2nd floor might be all guys, 3rd floor all girls, 4th floor all guys, etc. They also don't have a common room on any floors except a big one on the 1st floor. So the difference is that if you live, say, on the 3rd floor and want to interact with people you're going to have to either simply walk into someone else's room or walk down to the lobby and hang out in that big common room. It's not like the people living in these dorms don't make friends (that would be ridiculous to say!) but I think Mistletoe dorms make it easier to interact with people. I'm very glad I made the choice to live in Pierce. Oh, and we're right next door to the cafeteria ;) As for dating: it's certainly possible if you want to, but it's more common to simply "hook up" at or after a party. But if you want to date, you shouldn't have trouble finding someone. All of my closest friends were from my freshman dorm, but I am also friends with some people in some of my other classes. I know people who've made friends at the library too. Just gotta meet people! And usually, you'll be better friends with people you're around often. So of course that sort of leads to the dorms... As for the party scene: it's there. There aren't parties EVERY weekend (no idea why but whatever) but they aren't rare. Most of them are simply "okay" and get the job done but aren't like in the movies...but every so often there will be a gigantic party with 15 kegs and whatnot. Pretty ridiculous and awesome. But don't come here for the parties. If you're that kind of person, Case will be miserable for you. But if you do like to party every so often, then I think you'll have fun. Of course, if you don't want to party at all then that's also fine. There are plenty of people here who don't drink, and you won't feel weird. Personally, I didn't drink much at all in high school but I tried it out and I find it fun. It's up to you. Greek life is relatively prominent at Case. If you want to go greek, you'll be able to pretty easily. And if not, that's perfectly fine too. I have 3 friends who are in fraternities and they like it. I personally wouldn't like to put in the time that they put in, but if you like it then that's cool. As a freshman, you're going to hear a lot of people talking about transferring near the end of the first semester. Most of them are just whining about all the workload. Yeah, it's tough...but the time you put in will pay off later. Yeah, I would probably having more fun at a state school (plane honest truth), but Case offers more than state schools when it doesn't come to parties. And it's not like I'm depressed here at Case: few people are. Yeah, it could be better, but I'm fine and satisfied as-is.


Case offers alot of student organizations that are geared towards academic, religion, race, sports, and other things that can be enjoyable. I am not sure how many students actually participate in what, but the idea of them being around is comforting. Most of the time especially during the week, students are studying in groups or independently so there isn't much time for goofying around. A real party occurs once or twice a month, but there are get together randomly amongst close friends. Weekends seems to drag at times, by the time your done with homework and papers the next week seems to creep up on you.


If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday, it's probably to finish the physics lab report due on Wednesday. On weekends you either study or decide to slack off and not do your homework. Saturday nights that don't involve drinking are bowling in the city (with a large group) and the hooka bar. People don't party very often. Students generally leave the doors open in the dorms.


Activities are big here....PERIOD!!! If you're not in some organization or part of some activity then there's something wrong with you. With over 250 clubs and organizations, you've got to find someone else who likes what you like. Whether it's the Case wine and cheese club or the aikido club or the hip hop dance team, or one of the many cultural organizations. Freshman year is crucial...take advantage of the social ties formed. Your freshman dorm is when you leave your door open, or randomly walk down the hall to speak with the person in room 230 or attend your building's mixer to meet people and eat free food. Thats when you begin to discover who you like and who you'll plan on being around for the rest of your 4 yrs. Frats and Sororities are pretty important. I think the numbers say that 30% of the campus are involved in greek life.... and the greeks hold a lot of events here on campus so i would say that the frat scene is pretty "happenin" (i know...dorky word choice). The dating scene.....barely exists...PERIOD!!.....well at least for those of us who have "different" standards


A third of the campus is greek. It is a huge deal hear at Case. Case has a very lenient housing program. Freshman year my floor was coed with separate bathrooms. Most people leave doors open or hang out in the common area. Sophomore year, I lived in a co-ed suite. 3 guys, 3 girls and one bathroom. Worked pretty well. You can always choose to live with all one gender. There is no real curfew for the dorms and there are no sign in desks in the dorms. But, I always feel safe on campus. Campus is in cleveland so there is a huge amount to do besides drink. Theaters, bowling alleys, lots of restaurants, athletic events. Little Italy is within walking distance of Case so that means lots of pasta, cannolis and gelato


The most popular organization on campus is definitely Greek Life; over 30 percent of campus is Greek. Most of the parties and friend connections grow out of Greek affiliation, but at the same time, there is no real cut-throat competition. We're all Greeks = we're all in this together. In fact, our Greek Life system has won national awards for the past 5 or so years. I'd say the next best time to meet friends is that first month of freshman year; after that, you're soft of stuck with the same friends for the rest of your time here (not that that's a bad thing!). But rely on your floormates/suitemates to keep you occupied of weeknights - there isn't much of a party scene on Wednesday nights since everyone is so bogged down with homework. Athletics are not super important to the school (yet), but school spirit is increasing and as our teams win more, we get more excited. I wouldn't be surprised if athletics were a huge part of the social scene within 5 or so years.


Case has an active social life, it is just often over looked because the nerds who stay in all night tends to scare people away from looking for anything to do. We have many school clubs and organizations, you get involved in pretty much anything you want to. There is plenty to do if you actually get off your butt and go do it, you can't expect the fun to come to you door step. There are many frat parties, and off campus parties.


CWRU has had a reputation for being, well there's no other way to say it, lame. I was fully expecting this when I arrived way back in 2005 and had relegated myself to a dull 4 years. Fortunately, there seems to be a renaissance of sorts occurring on campus. Since I have been here, there has been a huge increase in the number of events whether they be student organized or sponsored by the programming board (concerts, etc.). If you know where to look, there is more than enough to do. Greek Life is big (33% of the campus is involved) but like much of CWRU, it differs from the norm. The Greek Life system here has been rated one of the best in the country for promoting the values of Greek Life and it shows. I'm in a fraternity and it has been a great experience. Of course it's not for everyone but Animal House seems much more a fantasy than a reality at Case. I won't lie though, much of the party scene does revolve around fraternities. Case has a bad rep for being a little unbalanced in the gender arena (about 55:45). It's getting better but there's no easy way to say this, if you are a guy, you are in the majority and therefore your chances at finding a date are reduced, sometimes severely. This also depends on your major as there are actually more girls in the humanities but in some the engineering disciplines I've heard horror stories of classes with 60 guys and 1 girl.


No one is going to hold your hand and get you involved. To be happy with this school you need to do that for yourself. The people who leave after their first year are the ones who never made an effort. If you try even a little though you will find something.


Social life.. well, you have to meet the right people otherwise you will not have one. However, there are many things to do in and around Cleveland if you are bored. The Grog Shop is approximately a mile away from campus and is home to a pretty sweet concert venue. Below that is a club called the B-Side Liquor Lounge (aka B-side or The B) that has an 18+ indie dance night every Sunday that I frequent quite often. Both of these places find their home in Coventry Village which is a few blocks of area where the cool, hip, and underground hang out. It houses an amazing restaurant, Tommy's, that serves primarily vegetarian and vegan food and makes the best milkshakes in Cleveland.


I am a member of the Greek Community, which makes up about 1/3 of the undergraduate student body. I am proud to be a member of Phi Kappa Psi, one of 18 social fraternities on campus. Greek Life here is not your stereotypical Big 10 environment - students don't play beer pong on the lawn, there are no date rape allegations, and so far as I know there is no hazing. Greek Life is my favorite part of student life on campus - there are parties, some of which are wet and many of which are dry. More importantly it gives you a chance to live with a large group of people and make life long friends, many of my best friends are my fraternity brothers. However, I do have a social life outside of the fraternity - but Case is definitely what you make of it. If you are looking for a school with non-stop drinking and parties, try OSU.


A lof of people participate in fraternities and sororities because you have no friends if you don't, and business students are encouraged to join the accounting fraternity. There's also a lot of religious and ethnic groups that people belong to, so it kind of separates the student body. Case is not a very social place at all. Nobody leaves their door open in the dorms because no one talks to eachother or cares about anyone else, so it's hard to make friends. Most people make friends at orientation and that's who they hang out with. Either you're a nerd that plays videogames with other nerds, or you like to party and you meet people that way. There's no room for anyone in the middle, so you are left freindless.


I am very involved in athletics at Case. Sports are not always the biggest news on campus, but we always get recognized in the school paper and by the athletic department. We have a beautiful new stadium and track. Our football team has gotten much more popular because of our undefeated season and trip to the playoffs. We always have a few outstanding athletes in every sport. There are a lot of Greek activities, as well as organized activities from the student groups around campus. There are parties, and fun ones at that, but don't be surprised to see someone studying on a Friday night.


I'm involved with Case Swing Club and it is a huge part of my life. Its members make up most of my friends, and it has introduced me to a hobby that I do all the time and plan to continue for the rest of my life. I tried to join a fraternity, but found that I just had more fun with the people in Swing Club (we teach and learn Swing Dancing, a group of partnered dancing styles from the 1930's and 40's). I met my closest friends at Swing Club and through Fencing Club. Athletic events are sadly rather poorly attended--I say sadly because some of the teams are doing rather well and they don't get the attention that they would at some other schools. The theater seems to be pretty popular and particularly IMPROVment, our student-run improvisational comedy group. People seem to party pretty regularly, or not at all. There are a pretty sizable group of students who maintain a pretty vibrant social life without partying at all, and there are a lot of people I know that say that they don't drink and they're still really social. On a given Saturday night you could go to an Improv show, watch a play or musical being put on by the students, go to a concert somewhere in the Cleveland area (I read the Free Times and Scene, Cleveland's two free weeklies to keep up to date on events in Cleveland), go see a movie, go bowling, go to a frat party (which often doesn't involve drinking--most of the official ones don't). As for myself, I go to concerts at some of the bars and music venues in Cleveland and I go to dances, or I'll go dancing at the concerts. Music and dancing takes up a lot of my time and money and about half of it is off campus.


Not much to do on a weekday night other than study because its too cold in the winter.


The social life is certainly lacking at Case. However, the situation is what you make of it. Cleveland offers a variety of unique opportunities, pro sports teams, clubbing, bars, etc. There are also museums and things of this nature on campus.


Fraternities and Sororities are a group of people whom you trust and get along with. When you join one, you are joining a family...for better or worse. You will live with them and deal with any problems as they come. Because of this though, they do become like a family and you spend much of your time with them. While you wont spend all your time with your fraternity or sorority, you will spend a majority of time with them because they will be your roommates, and often, your closest friends.


A lot of the students don't get out much, although it's not too hard to find a group of people who do all sorts of fun things. Athletic events are unattended. Theater is pretty big here. The guest speakers are great and are well attended. I met a lot of my friends in classes. Most people don't party at all, although if you find the 'right group', it's totally different. Fraternities and sororities are really big here, although I would DEFINITELY not classify them as 'traditional' in any way. It's more of a social and community thing than for arranging big parties. Also, there is only friendly rivalry. There is a lot to do off campus. Coventry is an old hippie street with some interesting restaurants, stores, and a pretty big concert scene. Some students go downtown to Playhouse Square to see plays or go to Severance Hall - which is practically on campus - for the orchestra. There's also the Art Museum, which is phenomenal. Little Italy has some nice Italian restaurants and bars and is within walking distance. There are lots of non-drinking fraternity and sorority dance parties.


This answer will be different for every single students at Case. Basics -- around 30% are in Greek life, but if you're not you don't care about it. It's easy for anyone to be in Greek life that wants to ("nerdy" chapeters, "athletic" chapters, etc) but if it's not your thing, you can be just as happy with your own group of friends doing whatever it is that suits you. From my observations people make friends within their dorm freshman year, and maybe to a lesser extent their classes. Depending on your major you may have small classes with people that you wouldn't be friends with, or large classes where there's bound to be someone you could be BFF with. However, I would definitely say that if someone ends up joining a particular frat or sorority, they become good friends with their chapter members and spend most of their time with them. For example, two of my best friends from freshman year joined a sorority and after that I rarely saw them. I went on living my life and had and made other friends, and they had Greek life, but that seems pretty common. Also, once you are in a specifi chapter, you seem to stay friends with those people and not people from another chapter (except for frat-sorority interaction). Dating scene is so-so. If you are actively looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend, you will probably get one. Even the "nerds" find love here. In the past, athletics didn't seem to be that big of a deal here, but recently our football and men's soccer teams have been doing very well, and more people have started attending games.


All students get involved in some way or another. (intramurals, bars, varsity sports, engineering groups, cultural groups). People party on the weekends or not at all. Fraternities and sororities are about 30% of the students, so that's where a lot of socializing happens. Student performances like plays, musicals, singing groups, improv groups are well attended.


Fraternities dominate the


There are many different groups that students are able to join. There are groups that involve sports, music, drama, community service, and anything else you could possible think of. If more than one group interests you, you are able to join all of them. You are not limited to only one group. These organizations also put on different events throughout the year around campus that is open to all students. Some of these events include: relay for life, hudson relays, movie nights, guest speakers, concerts, dances, contest...


Greek Life at Case is great and very much focused on the 4 basic values of the office: Scholarship, Leadership, Citizenship and Ritual. With over 15 fraternities and 9 sororities on campus 33% of the student body is made up Greeks. These numbers are even higher when looking at leadership positions within student organizations. There are mixers which can be from just hanging out to doing community service together. Outside of Greek Life, a day at Case is never dull. If students want they can find at least 3 events happening each night of the week.


Many students are part of fraternities, but these fraternities aren't anything like the stereotypes - most frat parties on campus are dry. Nobody gives a crap about athletics, and few go to see the speakers on campus or attend lectures by professors. Almost NOBODY dates, and if they do it's not usually with someone else on campus. We do have an awesome orchestra, and it's fun to go to Film Society events on Friday nights, events hosted by our LGBT group Spectrum, and I enjoy my participation in APO. However, we don't have "traditions" on Case campus - you find your own fun.


This past semester I tried to join a ballroom dancing club. Although it is an awkward experience for new comers anyway, no one seemed interesting in talking to each other or getting to know me. They seemed passionless and disinterested in having fun. I think this sums a lot of people that come to Case. They come here for the name and join as many clubs as they can to add to their resume.


Loads of things to do around campus, there are dozens and dozens of student groups. Something for everyone.


Undergraduate Student Government, Greek Life, and the Residence Hall Association are probably the biggest organizations on campus and the most popular. These groups hold all sorts of events throughout the year to benefit students. They also typically hold community events and are always looking to help students with any problems they find on the campus. Although I'd like to say Case is very spirited, the attendance at our sporting events is always very poor. It is very easy to meet people at Case. First of all, at orientation you usually meet or at least see everyone in your residence hall. Classes are also very intimate so you typically get to meet and become friends with other kids in your major. Greek life consists of one third of our population so it is a big deal on campus, although I am not involved. The night life in Cleveland is great if you're over 21 and just good if you're not. There is always something going on on-campus and for those who are over 21 you can go to the clubs on West 6th and the bars on Coventry. Coventry is always a good time for those looking somewhere close for a night out.


Case activities are abundant. Many people are Greek (60%+) of the campus, but this does not limit social interaction among Greeks, or even among Greeks and non-Greeks. Because the campus is relatively small, people from all organizations and teams remain friendly throughout their time at Case. This is Case, however, and on a Saturday night there are probably more events that don't involve drinking than events that do. However, if drinking is your bag, then you can always go to Coventry, or do whatever you find conducive to your thirst (so long as it is safe, of course).


The student body tries to do what it can to encourage students to socialize. There is typically a fun activity every night.


One third of our campus is Greek. I had never really given much thought to being in a sorority before I came to Case. But, I decided to go through formal recruitment and loved all the great women I met, so I joined a sorority! It's definitely expanded my experience at Case. I know so many more people, go to more campus events, and overall have a better time. Getting more involved takes time. I never believed it when people said being involved raises your grades, but it's true. I've become more time efficient.


doors differ about whether or not everyone doors are open, but in general, room doors are open athletic events, guest speakers, and the theater need more support, but there already is some if i am awake on a tuesday at 2am, i would be studying, but other people might still be up hanging out with their friends. hudson relays, a tradition, just occured frats and soro. are popular, but are not needed to have a social life, I am not in a sorority, some of my friends are, and i have no regrets


Case Students are unlike those that you will find at most colleges, we are GEEKS and proud of it. Some say we dont really have school spirit because most people dont know that our football team made the DIII playoffs this year going undefeated in the regular season, but that is not the case. What we do know though is that our robotic vehicle DEXTER went to the finals at the DARPA Urban Challenge. Case is not a traditional football and Animal House university, we are academic, even the Greeks, Case is a school for a special breed of students unlike any other, and it takes a special student to come here.


Greek Life is big on campus. My best decision I have made thus far in college is joining a Sorority. Not only do you become closer to the girls in your own chapter, but you gain a sense of belonging in a campus community. Greek life consists of almost over 30% of the whole campus. If you are not involved in greek life, there are other opportunities going on. There are plays, recitals, Thwing Tuesdays, RHA events and other student group events constantly going on. It is what you make of it.


I'm the editor of The Athenian, a humor magazine on campus. It gives people a place to just write satirical, goofy, outlandish things about Case or the outside world. Even if we don't get a lot of submissions, our readership is strong - we're the second most popular publication on campus, only falling behind the weekly newspaper.


If you want to have a social life, you can. I am the President of Dhamakepella, the South East Asian fusion a capella group, and we meet twice a week to rehearse, in addition to performing at different events around campus. Meeting people is easiest during freshman year, and I made all my closest friends then. Greek life is a huge part of the Case campus, so 1 in 3 students who come here will go greek.


I'm involved with the Case Footlighters, Case's completely student-run musical theater group. Also I'm a Civil Engineering major, I feel more close and at-home with this student group than any other group on campus, including the Case chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers. The Footlighters actually doesn't have any Theater majors in it....we're composed of people who have chosen to do something else for their career but have still retained their love of musical theater. This semester we put on Chicago and sold out all of our performances. I played Amos Hart, also known as Mr. Cellophane. It was a great experience and best of all, one of my Civil Engineering professors was in attendance.


One of the most common buzzwords that can be found on this campus is the "Case Community." I have lived on this campus for four years. There is nothing terribly communal about this community. Many of the large social groups on campus want nothing to do with each other, unless there is a personal connection of some kind. We divide up in our freshman year into our socio-econo-ethnic group and have nothing to do with each other for the next three years. The doors in our residence halls lock automatically. Passcards are required to go anywhere. Finding quiet study space is nearly impossible, and there is always some reason for someone to kick you out of where you are.


Though the campus is a bit isolated by a surrounding bad neighborhood and lack of functional public transportation, the prevalence of bars and restaurants certainly helps the atmosphere. Being willing to venture into other parts of Cleveland, which has numerous wonderful areas for day- and night-life is essential, but, sadly, many students don't seem to have realized this.


They have them ... I was in a sorority, hated it, no longer affiliated. I thought that I needed some extra social life to make me feel more connected to Case's "social world" but after being in the sorority, I realized that maybe it wasn't the way I wanted to meet new people. I'm not about competing for people to like me enough to "pick" me to be in THEIR sorority! It's just a beauty contest how you look is what sorority wants you!


You have to look for it, but there are always things to do. Most weekends you go out, but there is always a week that you just have to stay in and work. Greek like is pretty strong here, but you don't have to be a part of it to have fun. There are parties on and off campus that are easy to get to. There are tons of great clubs as well. The theater groups puts on plays every other month and there is a free student improve show every weekend. Case brings in a wide range of speakers.


Greek life is very popular. The football team did darn well this year, but we all know that the ultimate frisbee team, The Fighting Gobies, is the true show in town. As I just said, I am a Fighting Goby/ie, so yeah. Students in Raymond, my dorm, do leave their doors open. It's great. The dating scene is bizarre. The times when dating seems the best is the times when classes body slam you, leading to many failed attempts and confusion. People party highly infrequently, which I am very cool with. Fraternies/sororities are probably the most important groups on this campus. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday, I'm either doing work, on a Facebook discussion group talking about religion or gun control, playing Brawl at my fraternity, or going on a Thought Walk. Can't forget the Thought Walk.


Greek Life is a very important part of campus. Over 30% of campus is Greek and our Greek organizations win prizes all over the world. For something like the past 5 years our Panhellenic Council and Interfraternity Congress have received top awards in our district for our Greek system. Greeks at Case perform over 365 days worth of service and service-related activities each year. I met my closest friends in the Greek Life system-- and not all in my sorority. The chapters aren't nearly as competitive with each other as they could be and there is an air of unity in everything we do. Athletic events are growing popularity. Our football team actually won our district title this year and went to playoffs. People used to be surprised we even had one. Our mens and womens swimming and diving teams are nationally recognized as are our track and field and cross-country teams. We have amazing athletes here and all of them are also excelling in the class-room. Each year, the campus holds Springfest, Greek Carnival, Hudson Relays (a 26 mile relay race around campus competing between class years), Greek Week, Homecoming, Alumni Weekend, Snow Ball, and a ton of other smaller traditions. This year we have also brought Relay for Life to Campus and it is a smashing success.