Case Western Reserve University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There seems to be a lack of school spirit. No one seems to really support our atheletic teams either.


At CWRU, a lot of people are initially unapproachable. They're either resistant to speak because they're foreign or because they're shy. This leaves a lot of people feeling either rejected or lonely if they don't put up the effort to get to know others. Many overcome this by finding people they identify with (e.g. other Asians).


The worst thing about this school is the distance from home. To go back home I have to take a 6 hour bus ride to Chicago, then my parents drive the last two hours home. It's a long trip, and flying is way too expensive.


I think the worst thing about my school is the school spirit and pride because this school is not usually a first choice. This is most prevalent in the upperclassmen because Cae Western Reserve University has recently gone up in ranking and name recognition.


The worst thing about Case tends to be the distance between buildings. This is obviously bad because one persistently has to walk from one building to another to reach their next class.


The worst thing is the expense. The financial aid isn't that accomodating, and with over $50,000 a year in expenses, it gets expensive.


Professors are more interested in research than teaching. Poor academic advising. Teachers are often inaccesible and do not promptly grade work.


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The cost is very high. Even though a lot of financial aid is offered, I still have to take out a lot of loans to pay off college and that is upsetting to me because that means I will have a lot of debt coming out of school. But even then the cost is not terrible.


Its location in Cleveland isn't all that terrific. I'm sure it's improved since I went there in the 1970's, but at that point, it was surrounded on three sides by ghetto, which was frightening. We were warned not to go out except in groups of 4 or more, and preferably with males. In the time I spent wandering around the campus, I was rarely worried about my safety, but there were a few incidents during that time.


The worst thing about Case Western Reserve University would be the social atmosphere. It is not particularly the best social atmosphere due to the fact that academics is so heavily emphasized. Being an academic driven university is definitely a positive, but it also has its drawbacks in that it may not be the greatest environment all the time to just hang out or spend time with friends since everyone is so busy studying.




It is a lot of work.


THe poor security. A lot of my friends say that they are afraid to come back this semester because of numerous incidents that have occurred over the summer.


TThe cost. It is very expensive and my family must sacrifice.


It's in the city and you have to be very cautious and aware of your surroundings. Moreso than anywhere else.


The people at my school are only focused on classwork. Though there is a huge variety of activities, people will sign up to be on the e-mail list but no one ever shows up for anything. People are all about image and intelligence rather than actually doing anything postive for themselves or the world.


despite how hard students work, rarely is much achievement seen. we frequently question whether or not the price and all the nighters and the exhaustion are worth it.


The weather and peoples' negative initial impressions of the school


Extremly heavy workload


The workload is a little overwhelming. There isn't really any cooperation between different classes, so there could be a huge workload in all of your classes at once. There's a huge expectation of the amount of time you should be devoting to homework outside of class and it conflicts with or prevents extracurricular activities.


The social life is lacking compared to most other schools. The school is very nerdy.


The workload. There is no time for socializing or having fun. Everything is work. The students are boring, since they're forced to study every waking hour. There is a severe lack of sleep due to work. There is no relaxing time.


The worst thing about the school is its appearance. The school doesn't seem to focus on improving its facilities.


lack of space for commuters to relax.


The worst thing about my school is how academicly challenging it is. The thing that gets nearly everyone down is the work load and how hard our classes are. Sometime it is difficult to remian extremely involved and keep up with the demands of class work. The good note is that in the end it will pay off especially for majors like PreMed., PreLaw., and PreDental. The work load is without a doubt stressful and difficult, but there are many ways to work through it and have a great time here at Case Western!


The worst thing about this school is its location. There is constant construction going on in various places on and around campus that make traveling by any method rather difficult. Cleveland also has terrible winters that last forever, so unless one really loves cold weather and short days, living in this environment can be rough. Finally, the school is near a very poor area of Cleveland, so students are often at risk of being mugged.


The worse thing about Case Western Reserve University is the amount of work. It is manageable if you stay on top of things all the time, but it is hard and eventually you will be led astray. It can be hard to find time to find other things on campus that you enjoy without letting your schoolwork slip as a consequence. Many of the people here are very adamant about maintaing perfect grades with the result being enormous amounts of stress. So if you come here, be prepared to work hard, and do your best to stay on track.


The fact that since the school is in a large city, it can be somewhat unsafe when you step off of campus at night. This is obviously to be expected, though, in a large city, so make sure you weigh that in when deciding your college.


A lot of students complain that Case students have weak social lives and that there is never anything to do on campus. They're just too lazy to look for it. There are a ton of student-organized activities, concerts, and events, and loads of diverse cultural things to do and see around campus and in the nearby downtown area. Most people that are extremely involved get frustrated with the students that are just not willing to go out (granted there are more here than most schools)), which makes it appear as if the entire campus is unsocial and boring.


far too nerdy, people don't think anyone here has any social skills, which to a certain extent is very true.


Worst thing is the lack of things to do on weekdays. You have to have a good set of friends ready to do anything.