Case Western Reserve University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


CWRU - Case Women R Ugly Case students are really nerdy Case students don't have social skills


Many people think that Case students are just a bunch of geniuses who study all the time and are miserable because of it.


Nerds Trekkies Social Retards


Case: boring, dorky, girls are all ugly, workload is ridiculous, sports, at Case?.


Stereotypes that Case and Case students hold is that we are a bunch of nerds, whose living consist of nothing but studying and video games.


Smart, very devoted to grades, overall friendly


Smart engineering students and premeds.


They are all nerds or that it is a back up school for those that could not get into Ivy League schools.


They are nerds and geeks and most of them come from very rich snobby homes


Nerdy. Also with the ratio of boys to girls on campus, it favors the girls, but as the popular phrase goes " the odds are good but the goods are odd"


That we're all computer nerds who stay in our rooms all the time, have LAN parties, don't shower, and don't socialize.


Nerds, Anti-Social, Boring


We are all geeks and nerds


Some stereotypical words that come to mind about the students: nerdy, antisocial, and awkward About the school: unattractive, boring campus life, and unsafe


Stereotypes include: -Love watching porn -Playing too many video games -Very introverted -Not the type to go out to parties


Case students are nerdy, Case women are unattractive, All Case students do is study, Case students are anti-social, Case students are over-involved and over-achievers, Case students are smart


Two major stereotypes are that everyone at case is a nerd or rich.


At Case, everyone falls into one of two groups: the engineers or the pre-meds (ie. those aspiring to matriculate into medical school post undergraduate), and everyone falls into the affectionate category of "nerd."


Case Students are Nerds Case Women 'R' Ugly (C.W.R.U.) Pre-Meds are douchebags


Stereotypes about Case: it's boring, there's never anything to do, its for nerds Stereotypes about Case students: they're all nerds, they're not social, all they do is study


Geeks, Introverts, Stuck-up


That CWRU is only a school for engineering and that the student population is nerdy and doesn't know how to have fun.


nerdy, hardworking, not too social, parties are just ok..winter tends to promote alcoholism


Case is full of nerds. Nobody leaves their rooms because they are all too busy watching movies that they downloaded from Case's superfast network or are playing world of warcraft. Everyone has so much homework they also never have time to do anything fun. Basically, we are a bunch of nerdy unathletic people.


Stereotypes made by students and staff - Case students are nerds, socially awkward. Biomedical Engineers (BME's) are masochists and/or are Business Majors Eventually. Stereotypes made by outside world about Case - Students are smart and go to a very good school


There's a lot of homework. Students don't get out much. Everyone loves Star Wars. Everyone is a geek. There's nothing to do. Everyone is an engineer. Nobody wants to be here.


they are nerdy, they don't have social skills, they don't go out, they all play video games, they are all smart, they spend all their time studying


Nerds, engineers


Every case student is an engineer or Pre-Med. There are no black kids at Case.All the students at case are socially inept and akward.


Nerds, Geeks, all they do is study and never go out and party


Case is more focused on academics and therefore most of the stereotypes of Case students are related to that.


They are nerds, people only major in engineering, have no social skills.


Case students are stereotypical nerds, work way too hard, play too many video games, never go out to parties, and are socially awkward. Case is a very difficult school where students have little free time besides their studies and where humanities are looked down upon while scientific/technological/medical professions are praised.


The big stereotype is that everyone here is nerdy or computer-obsessed World of Warcraft players.


Dorks, smart


All Case students are 'nerds' and the only good programs are in engineering.


The stereotypes about Case is that it is a cut-throat environment where the workload is intense and challenging. The students at Case are portrayed to be intelligent, determined, hardworking nerds with no social life.


we are nerds/ geeks


Nerdy, quiet, smart, socially awkward.


A lot of people would say that Case is intense and Case students are nerds. Recently, I've heard there's too much programming at Case - some people whine that there's not enough to do; other's say there's too much!


nerds study all the time never party


Nerdy Antisocial No attractive women


Unhappy overworked engineers who have nothing to do but study and write papers. That Case Students are all geeks who spend all of their time on the internet and have no social lives.


Busy Involved Active Smart High-achieving Passionate


Case is stereotyped at having the most unhappy students on a college campus. We also are stereotyped at not being a party school and having nerdy students.


Geeks, engineers, doesn't care about the humanities, "where the men are boys and the boys are weird," unattractive girls


That we're all science nerds and don't have a life.


The biggest stereotype about Case is that it's solely a technical/engineering/medical university. There's also a stereotype that the campus isn't very visually attractive and that there's isn't really a student life here. There's a perception that Case students just study all day and do nothing else.


Case attracts a fairly specific kind of student. Almost everyone here had applied to the best schools in the country, ivy-league and such, and often enough deserved the honor, but were turned down. Case is almost no-one's first choice. We are the academic second-rate: the nerds that could write as much software as they liked, but preferred World of Warcraft; the ambitious entrepreneurs that couldn't swing Harvard; the engineers who won their high school science fairs, but who didn't suit MIT for whatever reason. As such, there is only one universal sentiment among us, bitter. There are broad exceptions, of course. In the region, Case is one of the best, and local students are honored to come here, and there has been a recent push to try and attract more conventional collegiate students, but this is rarely a source of comfort to those who are already here. It's nothing less than galling to see someone who cares more about a frisbee than AJAX get a better grade in JAVA programming than you do.


overly bookish, unattractive, shut-ins, unusually intelligent, socially inept, gaming/technology-obsessed