Case Western Reserve University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Students here are thought to be "dorks" or "nerds" because we are mostly engineers, but most of us are just down to earth students trying to struggle through an education.


Case is viewed as the geek school. There is also a feeling that there are no parties here. This is NOT TRUE! While there are "geeks" here most people are what you would call normal, however most people here are very smart! Also there are parties here, I went to more than one last weekend!


The general stereotype of students at CWRU is that students are geeky, awkward, and do nothing but study. I'll be honest when I say that many students here fit that bill. However, for every awkward engineer, there are two fun-loving, enthusiastic, and out-going students. Stereotypes aren't everything, and students certainly know that, while they're here to learn, having fun is really important too.


Geeks, and nerds are the common stereotype of the student body at Case Western. All students take their coursework seriously, but they also like to get involved around campus as well. I do not believe that any stereotype can explain all of the students at Case Western because we have just a diverse body.


Smart students at my school


I think Case's stereotypical student would be a nerd that hides in their room. There are definitely students here that fit that description, but that is by no means how everyone is. There is plenty to do on campus, and yes, Case students care about their academics, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to have fun.


So many Chinese students


Nerdy and/or incredibly smart kids. The nerdy stereotype does describe some people but definitely not everyone--it's become more diverse the last couple of years. Yet, considering the workload and overachieving students, we still fulfill the intelligent part.


If there's one major stereotype about Case Western, it's that we're all a bunch of nerds! It's true, the majority of people here are hard-working and studious, but we do know how to have fun too! There's always something interesting to do, especially on the weekends. So yes, many students at Case seem like total bookworms, but in reality that's only part of the time! Getting a great education does take effort, but there's time and opportunity for fun as well!


The stereotype of Case Western Reserve Students is something close to "nerd" or "over-achiever," and both are very true. CWRU students are over-achievers, or else they would not have been accepted into the school. We take our academics seriously and can be very educationally-focused. However, this is not to say we don't have fun: there is quite the "study hard, party hard" personas around campus.


Like every school Case Western Reserve University has the jocks, the nerds, the theater group, etc. One thing that I notice at CWRU is that even the different groups of students all have one common theme--they want to succeed in life and so they value their education. So the stereotype given is usually geeks or nerds. CWRU students are known for engineering, hard sciences, medicine, business, and many other disciplines. To get through the difficult course work takes lots of work and time spent at college doing---well, what everyone should be at school for--school work. That being said, CWRU students are stereotyped as students who do not know how to have fun, or go out and act like college kids. That stereotype is half true. I have experienced many Friday night study parties in the library as well as my friends. However, when Saturday rolls around my homework is finished and I can do something fun. I'd say we know how to do experience both sides here. So, yes. If smart, hard working students are considered geeks and nerds: call us that all you want.


Students are usually portrayed as ugly, studious, stay-indoors types, boring, weird, nerdy, smart. The stereotype is not completely accurate; some students are like this and others aren't.