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What is your overall opinion of this school?


CWRU is a hard-line engineering college that has made me consistently miserable and stressed for the entire time I have attended. The professors are mostly research oriented and the quality of classes is insanely variable, with the only consistent attribute between them being mind numbing amounts of work and power tripping TA's. The campus is depressing and ugly, the weather is terrible, and the school is completely devoid of spirit and largely devoid of culture. Don't go here.


Case Western is overrated. The professors and academic staff are fine, but the clerical workers are some of the most insulting people you will ever meet. No matter if you are a parent or student, the people who run this school look down on you. From the financial aid office to the maintenance crews to the meal plan office, they absolutely do not care about making life at Case Western fair or humane. All that they want to do is wring every last penny of you, while giving you as little as they can in return. They never plow or salt the sidewalks in winter, they give you cheap crappy food at $16 a meal, and they will refuse to accept your tuition payments until after they can apply late fees to your account. Everywhere I turn at this school, there is some adult who considers me scum and tries to prevent me from obtaining my education.


Case Western is overrated. The professors and academic staff are fine, but the clerical workers are some of the most insulting people you will ever meet. No matter if you are a parent or student, the people who run this school look down on you. From the financial aid office to the maintenance crews to the meal plan office, they absolutely do not care about making life at Case Western fair or humane. All that they want to do is wring every last penny of you, while giving you as little as they can in return. They never plow or salt the sidewalks in winter, they give you cheap crappy food at $16 a meal, and they will refuse to accept your tuition payments until after they can apply late fees to your account. Everywhere I turn at this school, there is some adult who considers me scum and tries to prevent me from obtaining my education.


Personally, I utterly love being here at Case. It has the perfect blend of plenty of opportunities to learn and grow, while also being small and accessible. I never feel like I get lost in the crowd here because there are only 4,000 undergrad as compared to the 20,000+ at most state schools. All of my professors know my name and I've been able to make many connections with faculty. The school is very focused on making their professors accessible and encouraging mentor-mentee relationships.


Most think Case is a good sized school; one that allows all four classes of students to come together and get to know each other. Everyone one on campus prides the university for small class sizes and professor student interaction. Most students like to spend time at various locations on campus such as Thwing, the student life center, and inside the quad.


The best part about CWRU is by far the potential to learn. The professors are very helpful and there are many services to make learning easier, like KSL, the PDELC, academic fraternities, as well as many smart students around you. I would change where CWRU is, Cleveland is very sad, cold, and rainy. CWRU is a little too small for my tastes, at 4k students, it's very easy to make friends but not too hard to ignore people. Most people don't know about CWRU, except for Ohio natives. People from Ohio think you're smart when you tell them that you go to CWRU. I spend most of my time studying on campus, in the library or in my dorm. Cleveland is very supportive of CWRU, and loves it being there. However, stray 2 miles east and you end up in a very dangerous neighborhood. Administration is decent, they do want you to succeed very badly, but won't punish you for getting caught. Case doesn't have a lot of controversy, occasionally someone graffitie's the spirit wall with penis's but nothing too bad. CWRU students love CWRU! except when it comes to partying. The most unusual part of case is by far the case students. Sometimes they wear capes, sometimes they come to class with swords. Or hit each other with foam swords. Or when humans versus zombies is around, that's strange. I'll always remember my Number Theory teacher. He taught me all about interesting numbers and primes and such. Students complain about too much noise and bad parties. There is always at least 1 good party, but it's hard to find if you don't know people.


My schoo is Top 50 in the United States locate on the Cleveland. My friends from Asian fist time heard this school and react no image for this school even it is outstanding University.


One of the best things about Case is its atmosphere. The students are friendly, the professors are always around to talk, and its right by a city with plenty to do. A lot of people will hear that Case is located in Cleveland and automatically think that Case is a poor school with nothing good around it, but Case is located in University Circle, where we have the renowned Cleveland Art Museum, Natural History Museum, Botanical Gardens, and Western Reserve Historical Society practically on campus. Then Little Italy is right around the corner, where I have had some of THE best food, and Coventry (place with food, shops, and bars) is also not too far away. In Coventry they have the grog shop where bands come and play, and I have seen some of my favorite bands there for really cheap. Also Cleveland is the home of rock and roll, so the house of blues is just a short drive or bus ride away.


One of the best things about Case is its atmosphere. The students are friendly, the professors are always around to talk, and its right by a city with plenty to do. A lot of people will hear that Case is located in Cleveland and automatically think that Case is a poor school with nothing good around it, but Case is located in University Circle, where we have the renowned Cleveland Art Museum, Natural History Museum, Botanical Gardens, and Western Reserve Historical Society practically on campus. Then Little Italy is right around the corner, where I have had some of THE best food, and Coventry (place with food, shops, and bars) is also not too far away. In Coventry they have the grog shop where bands come and play, and I have seen some of my favorite bands there for really cheap. Also Cleveland is the home of rock and roll, so the house of blues is just a short drive or bus ride away.


CWRU provides a great education for everyone, the real value is the experience that students can get while at the school. With our school size, there are an endless amount of ways to get involved and make a difference. Personally, I believe the besting thing about the school is our Greek community. 1/3 of the campus is Greek and there are 15 fraternities and 6 sororities that will make anyone's four years here valuable and memorable.


I'm an Econ and German student who's very involved on campus and have been fortunate with making great friends. Yet, the morale definitely needs improvement. The workload, the poor advisors/unreasonable expectations in some departments, and miserable winter weather really puts tremendous strain on students. The school, faculty, and staff need to get more feedback and communicate better with students on a whole school level.


I'm not going to sugar-coat it: Case Western is a hard school. But the weight that its name carries on a diploma is well worth the work it requires. The best thing about Case is that you can decide what you get out of it! There's such a large array of classes and student groups, that if there's something you want to learn about or participate in, you can! A lot of my time during the week is spent in the library. It's a really good place to get work done for anyone. There's rooms with total silence, and places where there's just a little bit of background noise to avoid that "too quiet" feeling. On the weekends though, I spend most of my time hanging out with friends in my dorm's common room, or at the Eldred Blackbox theater. There hasn't been the occasional weekend where I haven't spent the entirety of it in the library, but there is usually some time to put studying aside and have some fun. Every Saturday night, Case's improv troupe IMPROVment has a show every weekend, and I never miss it! Between performances like this, and other cool events on campus, there's always a lot to do on campus on the weekends. As far as night-life is concerned, I wouldn't say that this is a "party school", but if you want to go to a party, you can always find one! Usually, the reaction I get when I tell people I go to Case Western is one of two things. Either "What/Where is that?" or "WOW. That's a good school." And they're right, it is a good school. From both social, and academic aspects, I would say that Case Western is a great place to be.


Case is a wonderful place. It is an institution of prestige and honor. If you tell someone you go to Case Western Reserve, they usually react very positively, saying some nicety like "wow, you must be smart to get in there." It's a very nice ego boost. The campus is in the heart of an up-and-coming district of Cleveland, Ohio, known as University Circle. A blooming cultural district, the campus enjoys much growth and success thanks to all these new business coming into town. Overall, I think my time at CWRU has been well worth it - from the classes I have had the opportunity to take, to the extra-curriculars that I've dedicated myself to, I would not trade my experience for anything.


The best thing about CWRU is that you can become all that you want to be. For most students, there are plenty of leadership, volunteer, and research opportunities on campus so it is the perfect school for pre-medical students and engineers. Being the first member of my family to attend college, a science major, and a sports club president, I know, from my end of it, a CWRU education was well worth it. If I had an opportunity to do it all over again, I would still choose CWRU.


I really like going to Case Western. It has a beautiful campus, and the professors here are very helpful. It's a fairly small school, with around 4,000 to 5,000 undergraduate students, but the small size of the school does not bother me. It's actually fairly nice having such a small group of people, because then you are better able to meet everyone in your class. Case Western also has a reputation for being one of the top schools in the country. Whenever I mention my school, people always say "Oh, that's a really good school!" It makes me proud to be going to Case.


When I tell people that I go to Case they will react in one of two ways. They'll either nod their head and say "oh okay, where is that?" or their eyes will widen and they'll be really impressed. For sure Case Western is not really known outside of people who, well, ought to know about it. Yeah, it'd be nice if everyone reacted as if you went to MIT, but whatever. The fact is that the people who DO matter (e.g. future employers) do know what Case is, and are very familiar with the rigor and excellence that it is known for. Case has an undergraduate population of around 5,000. Personally, I like this size a lot. It's big enough to not see the same people every day on the quad (although you certainly recognize SOME people!) but it's small enough that class sizes are perfect (at least after the intro lectures), professors will gladly help you with material during office hours (and frequently, if they're available, even when it isn't their official office hour), and class registration is a breeze. There is a lot to do on Campus if you want to, but I actually prefer to just chill in the dorms with my friends and then maybe go out to eat on Friday, party Fridays and Saturday nights (yes...Case students can party) and then maybe go to the movies on Saturday afternoon. But for sure, if you want to do things during the week, Case offers activities very frequently. It's just not my personal cup of tea. Finally, work load: it's rough, but manageable.


Case is like a coral reef--there is an incredible diversity of everything packed into a small area. The hardest part, and subsequently where most fail, is going out and finding it: Go to the museums in University Circle, the shops in Coventry, go downtown, jump in Lake Erie at least once, hike through Lakeview cemetery or Doan brook, take in a concert, listen to WRUW, participate in the greek philanthropy events, build an igloo (and then go do finite element analysis of the loading of the structure), visit the library at 4am just because you didn't feel like sleeping on a Saturday night and wanted to learn what stochastic control theory was all about, go to Case plays and recitals, make friends, date! There is a plethora of activities, lifestyles, and cultures on campus. You can make your Case experience into whatever you want it to be. In fact, I've met other Case students who, when I spoke to them about school, seemed to have gone to an entirely different university all together!


The school itself appears to run extremely smoothly. There are as with any college going to be a few aspects which could always use improvements (think Case's website) but if you are someone who is involed even slightly in the school you would be well aware that there are initiatives in place for improving just about every aspect of the college. A refreshing reminder that the administration in deed is by no means blind. People who apply and come to Case are not concerned with the schools college sports. A breif walk around campus and one will no doubt see sweatshirts and t-shirts with Penn State and Ohio State logos. The lack of this sports culture definitely weighs on the schools morale, but its something Case students have to accept.


Case overall is a school that you could find every kind of person in, from the wanna be jocks to the science nerds. Although it is far from a party school, there are at times events held on campus that can keep your interest going. In order to really enjoy your time at Case a group of friends that share similar interest will be highly needed. The strenous academic load that the school gives requires time to relax and simply enjoy oneself, which is something people have forgotten to do. When concerns of controversy on campus, looking in everything seems peaceful. At times there might be concerns about the how students might feel because of the massive gap in the different races. And because of that might be treated differently by professors and/ or students. But overall can be a friendly environment.


Case is an excellent school for an excellent education. Though sometimes the work load can seem overwhelming, the professors are as high quality as they come, and it is difficult to find a better education. For a somewhat "nerdy" school, Cases' social scene is very active and there is always something to do.


One thing I'd change is the Sages program - it's a good bit of work and the program has no standards, it's just whatever the professor feels like doing. People have two reactions when I say I go to Case: "Where is that? Is that military?" or "That's an excellent school." Most of my time on campus is spent walking/in my dorm. Middle of Cleveland (= ghetto). Case's administration is disconnected from the student body, has no idea what's going on.


I like the size of the school. Not big enough to get lost in, yet big enough that you can always be in a class with new people each semester. People don't react when I tell them I go to case-at least outside of cleveland. Everyone in cleveland will think you're a genius when you tell them you go to Case but once ur outside of Ohio, people will say "what??", "Where's that?" You need to make your own entertainment here at case. I'm not a big drinker, i therefore don't enjoy most of case parties where there is nothing but beer and everyone there begun pre-gaming 7 hrs before. So i've come to note that I need to find things around cleveland to be a part of. Coventry is a nice place to be and they usually have events that cater to college students. My many extracurriculars keep me busy. I usually am performing at certain events or attending to support fellow schoolmates


If you are in Ohio, you mention Case and people automatically go "OOOOOOOOOO, you must be smart" which is a nice reaction. Cleveland is awesome. The campus is long and skinny so its a long walk to classes, but I love the size of the school. You don't know everyone in the college but it doesn't feel like you are simply in a sea of people where you will never have a unique identity.


Case Western Reserve University. A long name for a fairly small school. Located in University Circle in Cleveland, Ohio, there is always something to do, both on and off campus. I love that on Saturday night I can go to a fraternity party, attend a concert right on campus, get a cheap meal in Little Italy, or head downtown to see a Broadway play.


Case is in the University Circle part of Cleveland, it is spread though out University Circle so you really get a sense that you are a part of the community. It is not a very large school or a tiny school, there are enough people that it feels like a college, but still small enough that you don't feel lost in the crowds. Case has a lot of opportunities to get involved with all kinds of neat things, you just have to actually get involved to enjoy some experiences.


There are things to do and ways to have a great experience if you are willing to seek them out. The search isn't even that hard if you don't mind venturing outside your residence hall. There are something like 160 student groups so there is something for everyone. Don't spread yourself thin though because the academics are nothing to scoff at and it's easy to get behind (trust me on this one). One of the most underrated aspects of Case is the size, this is consequently also my favorite part about the school. It's hard to walk across campus without seeing at least one familiar face, and it is easy to get involved in big ways with campus organizations.


Everyone at Case is an overachiever in their own right, and they aren't afraid to brag about it. A lot of people have more than one major and several minors as well as being on a pre-graduate school track. I would consider myself the epitome of a Case student: Biology and Geological Science majors, Chemistry and Evolutionary Biology Minors, and I am pre-med. I think that because everyone is so driven and academically oriented that it creates an environment in which many students thrive in and fosters many to succeed and realize their ultimate professional dreams. That said, the school is most certainly not for everyone. Case is located in the eastern part of Cleveland, Ohio; a not-so-nice-part of Cleveland, Ohio. It seems as though the school is continually at war with its surroundings considering that world renown research is being conducted in the labs on campus on a daily basis into which millions of dollars of grant money is being poured while a quick (very quick, mind you) walk down the block in almost any direction will land you into some of the poorest and most crime ridden areas in the nation. An interesting dichotomy exists between the school and its neighborhood and the solution seems to be for the University to buy up as much land as it can and "push back" the ghetto. Don't get me wrong, there is a large effort to reach out to the community but this effort is fleeting and often selfishly motivated not only on the part of the administration, but also the students, who use the impoverished hoods as a prime feeding ground for volunteer work that they can put on their resume for a few months and then go on with the rest of their lives without looking back.


The worst part about campus is definitely the geography and the quality of the neighborhoods that surround 3/4 of campus. The campus layout, as far as undergrads are concerned, is very narrow and long - as a freshman it took me almost 25 minutes to walk from my dorm to my fraternity house. Additionally, if you walk outside of campus to the North, East, or West - you are instantly in the hood. Many people who come from different areas, particularly rural and suburban, are shocked that such a great school is set next to East Cleveland, arguably one of the most dangerous and impoverished cities in the nation. I do not feel safe walking off campus at night, and even during the day in some directions. However, there are some great neighborhoods to the south including Little Italy (very quaint, nice restaurants) and the Heights - Shaker, Cleveland, and University. There are still mansions from Cleveland's heyday when it was a leader in Oil, Steel, and Shipping in Cleveland and Shaker Heights - very nice to jog through if you live on the south side of campus. I have lived in my fraternity house on the south side for the past two years and absolutely love it!


Case is a name brand school and with a degree form there its pretty easy to get a job after graduation. It's situated in the middle of East Cleveland, near the projects. There's always a ton of construction and the roads are really bad, so if you commute, flat tires are something to worry about. It's not a good idea to venture out on your own past dark because people are always getting mugged. It's a pretty small school, you see the same people all the time....There are still cliques like in high school except now its by race; all the asians know eachother, all the indians know eachother....This school is filled with egotystical nerds who think they're the smartest people in the world and look down on others for not being a mathematician or biochemist....if you're not premed, be prepared to be laughed at. As far as school pride, there is none, nobody goes to the football games, except maybe a couple of parents. The only thing I like about this school is that when I tell people I go to Case, they assume I'm smart and tell me how awsome I am.


I like the size of Case. The teachers know you and care about your success. It is a prestigious school. Many companies hire directly from Case because they know the quality of the education. It is a hard school. You will be jealous of your friends who have little homework at state schools. Expect to do a lot of work, but expect that you will be above the competition when you look for a job. It is not much of a college town. There are places to eat and some things to do, but make friends with someone with a car.


I think that the best thing about Case is that it lets you be who you want to be and to figure out who that is. If I was to change something, I'd say that I personally wish that we had more faculty in poetry (as writers, rather than lit professors) and DMLL (Department of Modern Languages and Literatures). I think the school is just big enough that you don't have to see people you don't like all the time, but small enough that you'll still see a lot of people you're fond of. When people hear I'm going to Case they're either 1) impressed, if they're from Ohio, because it's the best school in the state or 2) "Oh. I couldn't go there--too close to home" if they're from my high school, which is about three miles from campus. It's certainly not what you could call a "college town", but we often refer to it as the "Case bubble" and we mean that pejoratively, meaning that there's enough for people to do on campus that they often forget that they live in a city and that there's a lot of other stuff to do outside of campus (especially if you have a car). As far as the most frequent student complaints...Case students complain about everything. Maybe it's the awful Cleveland weather that gets people going, maybe it's because people stress themselves out too much, but whatever it is people complain a lot, and sometimes make it seem worse than it is. I think the most frequent complaint is about SAGES the mandatory seminar class requirement, but even that isn't as bad as the volume of complaints would suggest.


if your really serious about work then you'll find professors very helpful and plenty of research oppurtunities. If you want to do a lot of partying and study on the side then this probably won't be the best place.


Case is a good size school. The campus is rather large and absolutely beautiful. It is close to downtown Cleveland, and right amongst some of the best hospitals, museums, and orchestras in the world. I am a biomedical engineer and the program is top notch. Most people are unfamiliar with Case, but those that are always very impressed that I go there. Most students are highly dedicated to their studies, but a lot know how to have fun as well. Our division 3 athletic programs are on the rise, and therefore school pride seems to be increasing. Our new president (our old president was run out after some poor decisions) is very engaging and interested in what students have to say. The biggest complaints about Case is that it is too nerdy and that students never have any fun. It is a fair complaint. Students are focused on their work, but you can have fun and have a typical college experience if you seek it out. Cleveland is a great town and a fun and exciting place to be.


Well to break it all down... The school is a fair size, student wise. Case has recently been expanding by accepting more students; however it does not appear they are capable of bringing their housing standards up along with the increase in students. The south residential village was condemned about 5 years ago but Case accepted more students than they could house so they reopened the dorms after making minimal repairs. As far as the surrounding area...Cleveland is a small city that it attempting to emerge from a economic low. However, they seem to have difficulty improving their image because of an inability to complete renovation plans. Construction began on Euclid Avenue a year before I came to Case. The plan included a new "Silver Line" that would be a rail line that ran along side the road and would allow fast transit across the city. However the "Silver Line" was scrapped due to slow progress and costs. Even with the simplification of the construction, Euclid Avenue has been under construction for 3 years and is planned to be finished in 2011. Euclid Avenue is the main lifeline of the East side of Cleveland and runs through the center of campus. The construction has made life and movement (for cars and pedestrians) very difficult for a long time now and it is a common belief that it will never be fixed. As far as activities are concerned, there is only a small collection of things that can be done on any given day. On the brighter side, Case students do have free access to most of the museums in Cleveland for free at the door. The Rock and Roll hall of fame and the Botanical Gardens are also accessible if you go to the student activities office and get tickets beforehand. Administration is the major negative with Case Western. Financial aid office looses papers and forms and it is very common to have to make multiple in-person visits to the office to correct errors. (They are very nice people, just not the best in terms of organization). The administration is also trying to overcome a bad stigma the previous president gave them because of financial mismanagement that resulted in him being removed by a vote of no confidence. Case Western Reserve University has changed its name twice in 4 years (from Case Western Reserve University to just Case and now this last year back to Case Western Reserve University) The first change was due to a belief that the name of the university should be "brand named" and needed a hip/short/new name that would attract students, but the change alienated the alumni from the Western Reserve, which was the liberal arts and science college (while Case Institute of Tech was the Engineering). Topping that off with the annual 5% increases in tuition leads many students to believe the administration does not have the students' best interests in mind.


My favorite thing about Case is the academics and the professors. There's a lot of smart and EXTREMELY helpful people around! The professors actually care about you, even though a lot of them are busy doing research or publishing papers. The classes are hard, but enjoyably. If I could change one thing about Case, I would make the population more balanced between liberal arts and the hard science majors. Case is the perfect size. There is always just the right amount of familiar faces to be seen while walking to class. It's not really a college town, although it is safe and there are lots of 'city' things to do. There isn't much school pride. Getting around campus is a drag - lots of walking. The Greenies (our busing system) are always a big controversy among the students. They aren't very reliable. Case has a very pretty campus.


One of the best things I found at Case, was the community feel on campus. Class sizes have been around 1000/year lately and it's eary to get to know a lot of your class mates and get involved in a number of different student organizations. I was able to be a Class Officer for three years, I served as the Vice President of Public Relations in the Student government, and I feel like it would have been much harder to have held these leadership roles in a larger institution. I also feel that you can get a better education (if you take advantage of it) since you aren't in HUGE classes with 600 or 700 other students, like I've heard of at large state schools. The biggest problem I had, and that took me the longest to get used to, was bring located in Cleveland. I grew up outside of Washington DC, and in comparison, Cleveland is not a very exciting city. Over the years it has grown on me, and I am more familiar with what there is to do for fun around the city, but as an incoming freshman who is unfamiliar with the area and doesn't have access to a car, it can be hard. Also, the winters SUCK. No way around it. Get used to cold, get used to snow, get used to a lot of both!


I like this size of Case (number of students). The campus is poorly planned. Most dorms are a 20 minute walk from the main quad. People from Ohio are impressed when I say I go to Case. People from other states usually are unfamiliar. East Cleveland is not a good college town, but just a couple miles away is "Coventry" which is a good hang out spot with concerts, bars, and restaurants. There's not a lot of school pride. Athletic events are poorly attended. It's mostly a school where the individual comes before the school (in students minds). However, people do help each other out with academics. It's pretty friendly. Everyone I know has friends (from the nerdiest to the "coolest"). People are pretty excepting (I suppose because we all know we are at least a little nerdy).


I love Case. There is plenty to do both on campus and off. If you do want to do something off of campus, there is plenty of free transportation to get you there. There are sporting events that you can go to both on and off of campus


I love the size of Case. Class sizes have increased over the past couple of years but class pride still continues as students are able to relate to more students in their class in their majors. In previous years, if you were a business or liberal arts major, you would start seeing most of the same people.


The school is a nice size. People definietly respect the name "Case" because when people find out I go there they are always excieted. I spend most of my time in my room.


The best thing about Case is its academics - classes ARE strenuous and they WILL prepare you for the real world. The best thing about Case is its academics - the classes are great and the faculty are accommodating and helpful. Besides that there's not much to praise. I believe we were recently given the title of 18th or 19th most unhappy student body by the Princeton Review. Do you like parties? Don't come. Do you enjoy having enough free time to pursue activities which you love, regardless of whether they'll build your resume? Don't come. Are you looking for friends who are willing to hang out and not hide in their rooms playing Final Fantasy or doing non-stop schoolwork? Don't come. Do you like a school with pride and which will go out to support the football or basketball teams? DEFINITELY don't come - we have terrible teams, and even if they did well, most students don't care and sometimes even go out of their ways to mock our teams. Though there are nice places around Case campus to visit, such as Little Italy and Coventry Street, Cleveland is largely a dead city with a high crime rate. Case's administration has issues - I'm sure most of you are familiar with the massive amount of debt our school is in after the Hundert administration left, the controversial school name-change crisis, and the problems with the special SAGES educational program. The school is too expensive, and the financial aid they give just isn't worth it. Though Case looks great on a resume, for the sake of your own sanity/happiness I'd advise you not to come if you're accepted somewhere else.


The campus is probably my favorite thing about Case. It's nice to look at and a pleasant walk to class if the weather is decent. However, the weather in Cleveland is rarely mild in the winter and the walk is around 20 minutes.


It's a great school. Loads of research opportunities and stuff like that, but also a lot of opportunities to get out and do things. We have several groups dedicated specifically to organizing activities for the undergrad students, and the greek life here is awesome. They do a lot of philanthropy but also host excellent parties. The fun is made by the students, so if you can't get out and take the initiative to do things you'll hate it... but if you can, you'll have a rockin time.


Case is the perfect size for a university. Throughout my four years here I can honestly say I have met most of the people in my class. The classes are also a good size. My biggest classes were freshman year in math and chemistry, but as I got older and more knowledgeable in my major the classes got smaller and more intimate. As one of my professors once said, Case is a kind of utopia in Cleveland. We are surrounded by these beautiful museums and green space, and we are also surrounded by East Cleveland and the poverty that has made it so famous. We are in the perfect position to educate others while we are educating ourselves. The most recent controversy on campus has been over the logo. Although the administration, faculty, and alumni were greatly affected by this change, most of the students I know could care less if we were called Case, CWRU, or Case Western Reserve University. We don't have the same kind of ties to Case and Western Reserve that some of the alumni do. Case is an unusual school because the students are so intelligent, but they are not only focused on the academics like most Ivy leagues schools are. Students here are very spirited and very involved in on-campus and off-campus activities. We are the perfect mix between and Ivy league school and a state school. Four years later I still remember my orientation and PlayFair. I remember how nervous I felt moving in with complete strangers and how comfortable Case made me feel the first few days I was here. I am still good friends with all of my suitemates from freshman year, and I imagine I will stay good friends with them forever.


The best thing about Case is the opportunity to get close to all professors. Despite this institution being research oriented, professors are still accessible and friendly whenever a student needs their assistance. Our new president, Barbara Snyder, has a vision that is going to make Case and affiliated schools (Medicine, Law, Dental, etc) more competitive and more powerful institutions of higher education.


If you want to learn a lot with professors who love to teach and do research, Case is the school for you. If you want to party or have a social life, Case is not the school for you. The individual departments are great in giving individual attention to students; unfortunately, the financial aid, housing and medical services are lacking. They are sufficient for you to survive school but not without a lot of pain and grief first.


I love Case. In my freshman year alone, I've had the opportunities to do research in a lab, get to know my professors, and become involved in student organizations that I love. Case is just big enough so that you can meet someone new every day but small enough to run into friends on the way to class and in the dining halls. When I tell people I go to Case, I get a lot of "wow's" or "impressive". Case is regarded as a prestigious school - and it is! It's a great place to be.


i enjoy the size of the school overall when i tell people that i go to case, they think that i am automatically smart more people need to go to the sporting events (especially the female sports) i spend most of my time either at class or in my dorm...i also spend time at the dining halls, exercising, and in other people's rooms


Over the past 3 years, Case Western Reserve University has become my home. I love the atmosphere, campus, school spirit, classes, and most importantly, the people. Case people are genuine, intelligent, positive and inspiring. I have met so many people, professors and students, that I try to emulate in my everyday life. I am continually inspired by the things that people accomplish here at Case Western Reserve University. CWRU is located just outside of Cleveland...a perfect location, as it is part of the cultural center of the city. There is ALWAYS something to do or to be part of...plays, sports, greek life events, philanthropy, museum days, park festivals and cultural celebrations, to name a few. When I tell people I go to Case, they say, "Wow, that's a great school!" I completely agree. One of the unique things about CWRU, is the administration. The president of the university, Barbra Snyder, makes a point to come to student-run events, sporting events and other activities. She wants us to know that she is committed to the needs of the students, and that students are the main focus of the university. The administration listens to the concerns of students and are very aware of our needs and feedback. I will always be grateful for the personal education that I received at Case Western Reserve University. Here I am appreciated as a student and for that I am thankful.


The best thing about Case is that its Big enough to meet new people, yet small enough to manage. Case has a decent size population. Although the course load at Case is very heavy, finding a balance between work in the class and out of the class is key. Case always has something going on, however, it is your job to seek these opportunities when they are presented to you. My one piece of advice is get involved, whether its just being a member of student group or being a leader in student group, or being apart of Greek Life!