Case Western Reserve University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who wants a career in the sciences. Sacrifices social life for academics. Someone who has a lot of money.


Somebody who wants to work hard and party hard.


Anyone. If you feel that Case is the school for you then attend. It is a diverse college that is open to students from every background, and who are interested in any type of major. Case is accepting of all and it is a great college.


Research-oriented pre-med or engineering majors will get the most out of this school. Beware humanities and other art related majors. Very little support for such endeavors.


Students who are serious about their academic and professional futures should strongly consider attending Case Western Reserve University. As an engineering major, I have come to appreciate how the fun but competitive atmosphere challenges me to perform at my best, and the quality of instruction provided by the faculty and their assistants is nothing short of phenomenal. The social life on campus buzzes with activity, and new students are certain to make quick friends with like-minded individuals, no matter what their interests.


Someone who is determined and willing to do a lot of work and has a passion for what they are doing. This school will kick your ass if you are not on top of your shit and the work load is intense but you learn a lot. Join a frat/sorority early and find people to party with or else your life will be difficult


An academicall focused person willing to work harder to maintain acceptable grades and who may have a strong interest in science or engineering.


Students who are very hard-working and have good time management skills are the ones who will thrive at Case Western. The courses are very demanding, so if you just want to relax and have an easy college career Case is most likely not the place for you. Many students here are very career driven, and this makes it a little bit easier for them to get through the difficult classes since they have a specific goal to work towards.


Anyone that wants a great college experience while also learing your field of study and having an awesome time doing so.


Case is a good fit for any student who wants to focus heavily on academics while still being on a campus with a healthy social scene. Keep in mind that the school places emphasis on research and engineering, but has good programs for other fields as well.


The kind of person who would enjoy this school the best is someone who either likes to party hard on the weekends, or, someone who likes to stay in on the weekends. It's difficult to be a loner in this university because it's already a depressing atmosphere: hard classes, lots of work, few entertainment and activity options, crime, etc. You need to have a car to enjoy cleveland. You need to have money to enjoy being a student here too.


People who want to work hard academically, want a school which prepares you for graudate work, and also want to be in a cultural center of the city of Cleveland.


This school is for extremely focused and driven individuals. It is for the student that isnt necessarily concerned with having the "college experience" and is more intereseted in exporing their academic interests


A person who is serious about learning and does not mind staying on campus to amuse him/herself on most weekends. Also, you must love the cold because it Cleveland has some serious winters!


A person who is very academically focused, works hard, and does not expect to go to a huge party everyweekend. Do expect to drink once or twice per weekend, just as long as your homework is done. You need to the type of person who is able to find their own fun. Also, be prepared to just be yourself because this is a very accepting campus and you find plenty of friends that way.


I have had an excellent experience as a physics major, so I think anyone on the physics track would gain much from going to this school. I have heard from some electrical engineers that the classes are not as great as Case advertising would lead one to believe. However, the engineering school is quite extensive, so in general engineering students would have a lot of options available to them if they attended Case.


A motivated, hard working individual who wants to work in an academically rigorous and internationally renowned university. Most students here are poor-to-middle class students who got it to a number of schools but chose to come here because of the generous financial aid and scholarships(which aren't usually offered at top universities). As a result of this, Case is an "Ivy League School" without the "Ivy League attitude."