Case Western Reserve University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who don't want to work hard or study. People who have some kind of absurd need to go to crazy dangerous parties. People who don't get financial aid or scholarship, because tuition is freaking expensive.


People who might be afraid of rigorous academics. It is tough, but there are lots of people who want you to do well and there is lots of help available. Also, not much of a party scene.


Procrastinators who only want to go to college to party.


Someone who only wants to party and cares little about their education.


Very social people looking to party


Lazy drinkers


Someone who is outgoing and wants to enjoy their college career!


Any persons looking to attend this school for the parties and social life, one who has no clear vision of their future, and one who does not 'want' to learn.


I person who wants to go to college to party.


If you are just looking for a party school and willing to work hard for your grades don't come to CWRU.


People going to college for girls, partying, or the stereotypical college experience should not attend this school.


Anyone who is not willing to work hard to obtain a good education and anyone who is completely unable to self-teach when necessary.


Someone who only wants to party and doesn't care about their academic involvement.


People who want to be social and meet new people. Also, people who want to really live and experience things won't find it here.


A normal person. Somebody who likes being social or doing anything besides sitting in their room.


Anyone who doesn't enjoy large amounts of work, or who is not looking to pursue careers in the sciences, business, medicine, or law may want to examine other options for education. Case is a very science-oriented school. The business aspect of the school is good as well. For law, there are no real requirements so that offers a great deal of freedom as an undergraduate to do what you want. But if you want to major in something artistic or what to become an english major, then you may want to take a look at other schools.


People going to school to party like they do in movies and at state schools should not attend Case. It is a highly academic school, yet there is an active social atmosphere. However, it is not your typical "party school." Most students know how to have a good time, but they balance it out with a strong academic workload. Academic success is a top priority for most students, so if there's a big concert the weekend before an exam or finals, many students will prepare for that and leave you to find someone else to go with.


A student of Case Western ought to have a passion for learning. Not just from textbooks, but also the people and places that surround the area. There are hundreds of opportunities as a student, however they don't fall into your lap--but it only takes a simple conversation or email to get amazing experiences. Students with diverse interests would love it here. It?s easy to double major in seemingly unrelated fields (the most popular double major on campus is Engineering and music) and the incredibly qualified professors are very welcoming and genuinely care about their students.


Anyone who is looking for a college at which to party and not to study should not attend Case Western.


If you are a very outwardly person, do not attend this school. If you are not intensely self motivated, do not attend this school. The academics are harsh and are no joke so you gotta be willing to work yourself in order to succeed