Case Western Reserve University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The social scene is a little frustrating to me. It is not the kinds of people but rather the lack thereof. There are only about 5000 undergraduate students here, so it can be difficult to find something to do on a Saturday night.


The first couple years of attending the university there was not enough academic planning activity to help me in the long-run planning to make a more efficient collegiate academic career.


The school pride is also the most frustrating because people should feel proud for attending their university and want to tell others about their school. However, Case Western Reserve University is often looked down upon as a second choice school and labelled as a geeky school with not many social activities. This is not true, for Case Western Reserve University offers a great education and there is a good mix of people that are not all geeky.


The workload and drive to succeed is intense here, certainly more than most colleges. Everyone was brilliant in high school, but didn't make the Ivy cut or couldn't afford it. It's still expensive, but high merit scholarships that are available to almost everyone allow people to rationalize coming here. It's a fantastic school with great programs- and you WILL learn to be one of the best, but be prepared to have not only your brain tested, but your emotional strength as well. Most of the depression on campus is from the workload.


Tuition prices are a little extreme. Though Case does try to help it students out. It does not have any other faults other than cost. It is a really good college to attend.


All the work.


The campus is kind of spread out and the dorms are quite a ways from the academic buildings.


I would say the most frustrating aspect of Case is the difficulty in getting bookkeeping or other, non-academic activities done. Case is trying to go totally digital for all their admissions and such, but it's not well implemented and very confusing.




The most frustrating thing about Case is the higher standard that the professors hold you too, there is definately no room for goofing off or by-passing class. Attendence is essential but it often has its rewards.


Some classes are based on 2 or 3 tests, and that's it. I think that it's unfair because how you perform on tests doesnt necessarily have anything to do with how much a student prepares. There are a lot of factors. Classes shouldn't just be based on tests.


The snowy weather, which isn't really the university's fault. Other than that, the university's requirement for a senior research project for the Sages Capstone is very frustrating.


Logistically it's the financial aid system and sorting out money issues, expect headaches. Otherwise, picking between options for getting involved on a very saturated campus.


When I want to have fun, the only option is video games. That's all people do here. They don't socialize or hang out. They just play video games and sit on computers. It is very, very hard to find "fun" things to do on Friday and Saturday nights.


commuting sucks, but i love everything else


I am majoring in Psychology and Mathematics, but the school primarily focuses on engineering and medical fields of study. There are a number of time slots to choose from for my Calculus III course, but all of them are engineering math courses. As a result, I am forced to take engineering classes, even though I am not involved in engineering at all. I just want to have a normal math class, especially for the price I am paying.


Professors don't know how to teach and are more interested in their research than they are in teaching undergraduate classes.


The administration really does take advantage of the students, particularly with their requirement that first and second year students on campus have a meal plan. The dining hall doesn't always have good food and occasionally has nearly no food. The hours are also terrible. The dining halls all close too early, especially on weekends.


The most frustrating thing is the lack of intense interest in truly diversifying the student body here at case.