Case Western Reserve University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I just knew more about the campus, its events, and its resources. There are tons of research and job opportunites and career help centers that I could have taken more advantage of if I had known about them earlier. There are also many events like the Calvaliers or Browns game at extremely low prices. I also wish I would have known how much to pack. I had a closest full of clothes I never wore, especially as the number of free t-shirts piled up. This applies to other items such as mugs, bottles, and even dishware.


Theh school of nursing curriculum is very tight. There is little room to vary your education. Graduates come out trained well as nurses due to the many hours of clinical time, but they do not learn much besides nursing. It is a struggle to complete the core requirements, and electives are almost impossible. I wish I could know this and map a five year plan to broaden my education.


I wish I had known that college would be nothing like highschool and that I would need to work harder.


You're going to love all of your new friends, and you'll be surprised who you keep in contact with from high school. You're going to decide you want to learn to fence, and you're actually going to be pretty good at it. You're not going to lose friends by changing your major- because eventually they'll follow suit. The amount you learn about yourself freshman year will blow your mind, so even when it feels tough, just keep hanging in there. You have plenty of people to lean on here.


I wish I had have known more about my learning dissability so I would know how to better prepare myself for this school. I would have learned what ways I like to study.


To come in with a serious outlook, not a time for games or to relax. Hardwork!


I wish I had known that I could have applied for a higher merit based scholarship. I got the lowest scholarship and if I persuaded the administration enough then I might have been able to convince them to give me the next highest scholarship, which would have saved me $3,000 in loans.


Before I came to Case Western, there were many things I did not know that I would soon come to find out. The most important thing I wish I had known before coming here was how to effectively manage my time. As a member of the varsity soccer team here, I found my time had become increasingly valuable. I had to find time to eat, sleep, go to practice, and most importantly study. Over the semester I gradually learned to manage my time more effectively, and as a result my grades improved rapidly.


i wish I'd known how tough it would be to be far from home. The academics here are definitely difficult, but also very interesting.


I wish I had known what I wanted to do with my life before starting college. Case Western is a great school if you have a career/ future planned out. If not, it can be rather challenging to "find yourself" with so many driven, competitive students surrounding you.


I wish I knew how crazy the weather is. Right now, it is July and cleveland has been under 80 degree weather all summer. I also wish I knew about how dangerous it is to be out alone during any time of the day. Less than a month ago, a friend of mine was abducted and then dumped to fend for herself. I wish I knew the kind of people live here---aka indifferent, selfish, and narrow-minded.


I wish I knew the personal study time to class time is more than 3:1 its more like 4:1 (4 hrs to study per 1 hr of class)


That is was as egineering focused and nerdy.


I wish I would have known who to go to for different academic needs.


There are basically no convenient businesses nearby. The grocery store is a twenty-minute walk, there are no drug stores and only a handful of places to eat. If you have a car there are plenty of places within five or ten minutes' drive, but for pedestrians it can be tricky, particularly in the winter.


How much work I'd have for each class


How hard all of the classes are.


I wish I had known I would be receiving less financial aid with each year.