Catholic University of America Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Catholic is a smaller, Papally-chartered school with a somewhat isolated campus within the District of Columbia. The students are friendly, religion can play a moderate to strong role in campus life, and the academics are decent. The architecture and theater programs are well-respected.


CUA is a school set in the Northeast section of Washington DC. it is very close to the border of Maryland and DC. This locations affords CUA a large campus. We have 193 acres of land. On our campus, there are a variety of buildings, all built in different styles. I live in a building that looks like a castle and is 100 years old! Other sophomores live in a dorm that is very modern and was built in 2008. The campus can look both modern and old, it depends on where you are. The center of our campus holds the Pryzbyla Center, where students eat and hang out. It is a modern building that contrasts to the rest of campus. There are also many trees and flowers planted everywhere, allowing for a truly aesthetic experience.


Catholic University of America provided me with a quality education and close contact with my professors.


CUA is an unique university in that it is located in a metropolitan area, but at the same time offers a landscape that provides green areas for student activity and interaction and that also maintains the professionalism in academics equal to and above that of the other universities in the surrounding area.


Catholic University excels in offering to its students a welcoming and cooperative learning environment with personalized attention from its faculty and staff. This attention is the reason many students give for choosing to attend CUA. Faculty are dedicated to nurturing the whole person, preparing students for success in life. The shared Catholic identity is an essential, binding element of the CUA community, which embraces members of other faith groups as well.


Catholic is a friendly, conservative, and very religiously centered school that focuses on preparing students not only to be experts in their chosen field, but well rounded men and women. There are dozens of opportunities to grow in one's faith, but it is definitely not forced on anyone.


It is a very good school.


Homogeneous population, but the experience is whatever you want it to be


It is a place where you can always see a familiar face and feel comfortable with yourself and your ideas.


Catholic U. is a value-based, conserative campus where students and faculty are friendly and helpful.


A regular college that tries to be both a unifed 'catholic' body while, at the same time, promoting a unique and diverse campus.


Catholic University was the perfect school for me because of the small class size, the friendliness of the people, the beauty of the campus, the accessibility to downtown D.C., the drama department, and the lifelong friendships that I made there.


A very welcoming place, where administrators think they can run everything.