Catholic University of America Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for nursing, engineering, and architecture.


Religious Education


Its beautiful campus.


It is best known for football and research.


The architecture and nursing programs; that it is THE Catholic university of America, it's community service/giving back to the community


Students getting robbed, mugged, and their cars broken into to. A drive by shooting on a freshman dorm in 2004 is probably what the school is known best for.


My school is obviously best know for it's faith; as THE Catholic University of America, most of our students are Roman Catholic but a small percentage are Jewish, Muslim, and other religions. Many Catholic students find themselves at home and well-accepted at CUA but students of other Christian denominations and religions also have plenty in common with the majority of the student body. Academically, we have very strong Architecture, Nursing, Engineering, and Music programs.


Our drinking social life, our Catholic Church connection, our Engineering, Architecture and Music schools, our friendly nice attitudes.




It is best known for being located in Washington D.C. and also being the Catholic University of America with affiliations to the Vatican.


The basillica on campus


Academics is stressed at my school


My school is best known for their liberal arts program.


Catholic University has wonderful reputations for their Nursing, Architecture, and Engineering programs, along with Philosophy and Business. My major is Elementary Education and I have been told by professors and adivors in the major that it has the best Education Department in the D.C Area. There are many opportunities to better yourself in your major, whether it comes from outside experience including internships and jobs, or the help from the professors and advisors.