Catholic University of America Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about The Catholic University of America is the lack of diversity. As much as you think there may be a large selection of diversity, it is clear that the majority of the student body is predominately white. This is not a huge issue for me, but I know that some people struggle with this.


The worst thing about CUA would have to be the pasta that they serve at the Student Restuarant. It is bland and never has enough salt in the pasta. A lot of people complain about the food, but most of the time, it's only the pasta that does not taste very well.


the fact that i am required to take philosophy classes


The cost!


To me, the worst part of this school is the cost. Everything is too expensive and I feel like sometimes the University is making money off of us. The student is also not very diverse. Most students are upper middle class Catholics and there is not much diversity. Most of the party scene are bars, so if you dont like those, there isnt too much to do.


It took me a while to adjust to the food on campus because I was very health conscious at home and it was difficult to find food to help support that lifestyle.


Candidly, the university seems to have given up on the idea of providing a good undergraduate academic experience. It is at heart a graduate institution, and undergraduates are viewed primarily as inconveniences to be tolerated due to the fact that their tuition subsidizes graduate education. As a result, departments are underfunded, class sizes are swelling, and the facilities at the university are completely inadequate to handle the influx of new undergrads.


The complete lack of diversity in ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious views, and thought.


Professors are lazy and only do there jobs for the money not because they care about what they teach.


It's extremely conservative with little leniency or tendency to accomodate those of views that conflict with the Catholic Church.


The worst thing about my school is the surrounding area, there are some parts that are not safe at all to go.


some of the food staff is not friendly


Sometimes it seems as though the school is very small, and it is different than larger, state schools that have the large sports teams and have that kind of atmosphere on their campus. The school does lack diversity because it is a private institution so many of the students are from the same or very similar socio-economic backgrounds, which is nice in some cases but detrimental in others. It is also very expensive and can be hard to finance.


CUA gets a bad rap for not being as liberal as other schools in the area, but I dont think thats a negative really. The environment is embracing, regardless of creed, sexual orientation, or political leanings. There is a good amount of diversity, but I think the "Catholic" connotation turns away some students from even considering the choice.






the paperwork


the food in the upstairs dining hall , its gross


The surrounding neighborhood is not incredibly safe.


The food is absolutely repulsive, brought to us by none other than the infamous prison catering company, Aramark. Students can not think on this food. It passes through your system in a matter of minutes, taking chunks out of you along the way. Students complain of constant stomach pain, fatigue, and illness related to the intolerable quality of the food. If the administration was truly attempting to convey the Catholic message to its student body, they would do better to be concerned with out health rather than which dormitory has internet access.


The worst thing would definitely be the red-tape and run arounds that have had to be done.


The worst thing about CUA is the food.


The overwhelming lack of diversity among students (white) compared with the overwhelming lack of diversity in unskilled labor on campus (black).


The cost of attendance and dangerous area.


There is hardly any diversity and the little that there is seems to be unaccepted by the rest of the students and professors. Those of different religous prefrence other than Catholics are discriminated against.


The school is overly conservative and judgmental of those who do not agree with its stated beliefs. The administration is completely unhelpful or incompetent. The quality of education at CUA is minimal at best; I do not feel that I have recevied any bit of an education and it is definitely not worth the money the charge for it. The excessive tuition costs go to beautifying the campus and promoting Catholicism on campus rather than benefitting the academics.


I feel that for the most part, Catholic University is a wonderful school for me. I would change some small things, like the size and quality of the dinning hall, the availabilty of more practical meal plans, and the availabilty for scholarships and financial aid. I love the school and wish to graduate from there, however, my financial status is somewhat of a problem. I feel that the office of admissions and financial aid should reach out more to help as many students as they can.