Catholic University of America Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The Catholic University of America is a very small school wtih minimal school spirit, and a majority of the student body has a history of attending private school. If your goal for college is to be in large lecture halls with hundreds of people, to attend sports events and be overwhelmed by the ammount of students in the student section, to take classes only in your major, or if you have no desire to be around private school kids, do not attend this school. Catholic focuses on small class sizes, has little school spirit, and


In general, I would not recommend that students studying any field that falls under the School of Arts and Sciences attend this university. Departments are small and underfunded and you will not get the classes that you want.


Someone afraid of the city.


I do not think there are any restrictions on who should not attend this university. Honestly, in my three years at Catholic I have never felt truly ostracized or uncomfortable. Even though our school was chartered by the Vatican, I have also never seen an example of any conflicts occurring between students of different religions. I would say CUA is open to anyone who wishes to attend.


People who do not want to waste $45,000 on education if they rather partying and drinking all day and night. People who are uncomfortable with the idea of Catholicism.


It all depends on the person, but if you are not an applied student or if you come for orientation/ campus visit. The reason is once you visit the campus you either love it or you dont. Its one of those campus that you sort of just know it fits you. If your not an applied student forget it.


Someone who should not attend this school is someone who wants a very large school with a very constant spirited and busy environment. This school is pretty small and very career focused. There are not really the average sororities and fraternities here like a larger state universities. It is in the Washington D.C. area so if a person does not like the city this is not where to be. Also this is Division III so for an athlete it may depend on what they're looking for on the athletic collegiate level.


Extreme liberals, those who want strong school athletics and spirit, someone who wants to join a frat or sorority, or someone who wants to major in business.


Someone who is not open minded to mixed cultures, religions and backgrounds. Nor someone who likes to keep to themsleves and must be forced into social situations, in order to make friends. If you are not self motivated to succeed then you will not do well.


whoever wants to


Really radical people, punks, goths are normally the people who don't attend this school, but I think we should have more of them. We need more diversity!


A person who is not open-minded or easy going.


Someone who has no tolerance for different political or religous views. There are some very liberal and some very conservative people here and everywhere in between in terms of political and religious affiliaiton. If you can't accept people have different views don't come to school here.


A very liberal, close-minded person who doesn't feel that they need to go out into the community and try and help out many of the needy people in the surrounding neighborhoods. Also, if you believe that the only reason you should be at school is to get a job as a high powered lawyer or lobbyist, don't come around here.