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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would have told myself to apply for as many scholarships as possible. I probably would have also told myself to learn how to manage time, money and learn awesome study habits earlier so that the transition will be easier in college.


Based on what I know now, if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would make sure that my writing was in check. From my own experiences and the things my peers tell me, writing is an essetial in college. I would also prepare mysel f for all of the differnt types of people and getting used to living with them. Moving from a house to a dorm with a bunch of girls around your own age can be so much fun at times, but can also drive you to your limits at times as well. I would remind myself to never forget to stick to my studies and to always put school before any partying or going out. Most importantly, I would remind myself that above all is God and service to others. Always go above and beyond for others and doing service.


I would give myself the advice to work hard and learn to manage your time better. Make sure you know how to prioritize your work load with your social life. Also, make sure to keep track of your money becasue it does go by fast!


I would tell maria to work on her time management, that includes being able to make time to do good in school but also to create memories with her friends. Once you leave school, everyone goes their own way so I tell myself to make the most of every game, class, or activity and enjoy being a high school student, spend quality time with your friends and create unforgettable memories! I would tell myself that this won't last long so I should make the best of it and get more involved in school and get to know other people and have fun! you get too focused on getting those grades and get into college that you forget to enjoy the time you are in high school, so stop for a second and enjoy but keep working hard to reach your goals!


College is the time for change, and that does not necessarily mean bad change. Yes, it seems daunting, especially because you're going to be in a different state so very far away from college. But you're going to meet people who will change your life, they support you and understand you in ways you thought only your twin could. Make sure you understand what time management means, it's vitally essential to studio for architecture. Don't be afraid to break out of shell! You won't meet the people who are going to change your life by just expecting people to start talking to you. You need to be assertive and say hi to people. College is going to be the first time when you start to make decisions all by yourself, it's going to be easy to fun things and slack off from work, but it's also a time to learn things! College is not what you've romanticized about, but it's so much fun at the same time. It's a wonderful experience that is going to change your life, just be smart about things and you'll be just fine.


I would tell my self to make sure to be more open at trying new things. When you go of to college it is hard but the more open i am the more friends i will be able to make. Also i would tell my self to try and balance things better


If i were too have a conversation with myself in high school, i would tell myself, focus on school like you have been, but dont be afraid to have some relaxation. working your butt off is good, but being stressed is not, find time to have a little fun. take a dance class, or join a new soccer team, don't be worried about school all the time. College is a lot of work just like high shool so don't burn yourself out before you even get there. Also find out ways to learn about the professors you are going to have your first semester in college, having a good professor makes all the difference in weather you like learning about what they are teaching. Over all I would tell myself you are going to make it and you will be fine, but do a little more research into college to be the most prepared you can be.


Don’t let the idea of college overwhelm you; as long as you continue to put time and effort into your schoolwork, you will do well. That isn’t to say that it won’t be difficult, but you will succeed if you keep a positive mindset and stay focused on your goals. Time management skills will serve you well. Be sure to dedicate time in your schedule specifically to assignments and studying, and don’t procrastinate! College is quite expensive but there are resources available to you. Start applying for scholarships and grants right away, even if you don’t know where you will be applying yet. Above all, I urge you to make connections with your counselors and professors. Counselors are an invaluable resource for guidance, support and information on everything from planning course loads to writing resumes. Remember, it is their job to help! Meeting with professors outside of class helps establish relationships which will allow the opportunity for you to gain information about the syllabus or tap into their knowledge bank if you hope to continue studies in their field. These relationships will prove to be helpful when you need references for future employers or universities.


The sight of amazing fluorescent lights flashing from breathtaking hotels, and the sound of money dancing upon tourists’ fingertips all integrate into a place I call home, famously known as Las Vegas. Conversely, in this city where many see education as unimportant, I find myself holding steadfast to my dream of studying biology and becoming a pediatrician. What I learned in college was and still is beyond imaginable, and I have learned so much. Several events play a large role in shaping who I am today, and if I were to go back in time, I would tell myself how to manage my time, to study for my SAT/ACT, apply to more scholarships, and apply to various universities. First, I would tell myself to practice time management and understand there is a fine line between juggling school, work, and my social life. Second, I would force myself to study for the college entrance exams to hopefully get a higher score. Third, I would have made time to write well-thought out essays for scholarships. Lastly, I would tell myself to apply to multiple universities, including those of ivy-leagues and some that would've given me a full ride.


As a college student now, i would go back in time to let myself know as a high school student that thier are alot of scholarships of being a college student. knowing what i know now from transfering from a high school student to a college student has prepare me to be a better student. I wish I could go back in time as a senior to tell myslef that it takes alot of self motivation, disclpine, responsblilty as a student to be successful in college. because as a college student now i face alot of distractions such as partys, drinking , alcohol and sex. the main advice i would give myself if i had a chance to go back in the past as a senior would be to foucs on my goal of getting my education. and never let nobody stop you from accomplishing your goals that yuo have created and set. I also learn as a college student that many people who are for you to do good are the ones who are your enemies. My experience that i am going through now can help me have good advice to give to myself as a senior in the past.


Take advantage of all the learning and networking opportunities available to you in the city and on campus. Work hard, but play hard too --- make time to get out and explore everything there is to do wherever you are. Meet as many new and different people as possible. Get involved on and off campus to broaden your perspective, and most importantly : get out of studio once in a while!


As a high school senior, I would give myself this advice: ENJOY LIFE! I believe that students are so focused on getting into colleges and making sure that their resume's are perfect, that they're forgetting how important it is to enjoy themselves. Every once in awhile they need to enjoy living and learn to do what makes them happy. Stop being concerned with what others want you to do and follow your hopes and dreams. Now that I'm a Junior in college, I've realized how quickly time flies past. If we don't do what we love, then what's the point? It took time to realize that I can achieve great grades while still participating in things that I love, such as the dance team. Many people will tell you "You can't do it all"...well I believe you can. Which is exactly what I would tell myself as a high school senior.


If i could go back in time and give myself advise, I would tell myself to do the little things, like studying, to improve my grades even slightly. I believe that this would have helped me to get more money in the form of scholarships, whic would have eased the burden that I will have upon graduation.


I would research the schools I had applied to more and make a more informed decision about my college.


To compete in todays job market it is essential to get a college education. Regardless of financial difficulty, there are many ways to pay for college available to those who seek them out through their local college.Without a college education, a graduating senior only has low paying jobs to look forward too. Going to college is one of the smartest choises you can make make, and will impact the quality your life, as well as your future childrens. Each college has support programs such as tudoring, financial aid, counseling, daycare ect. available to help you suceed. There is no excuse keeping you from going to college, except your own desire to sabatoge your future.


Greetings and salutations, Kendra. Please suspend your disbelief of speaking to yourself from another point in time for a few moments and hear the advice I have to give. Community College is not very difficult, not nearly as hard as you are worried it is, and you will do great and suceed. Once you have graduated do not waste time in looking for another university. Take your plan and keep moving with it, because the inertia will keep you going. Do not be intimidated by your peers or teachers - - they are not out to fail you. Work hard and you will suceed. Enjoy your time in Community College and study hard - - but take all of Mrs. Walker's classes or you will regret it one day. Listen to the sage advice of Mary Schmich: "Don’t worry about the future; or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubblegum."


If I could go back to talk to my old self before entering college, I would tell myself that keeping an open mind can go a long way. That I need to put myself out there and experience new things to really find who I am and the directions i need to take. College is about figuring out what you want to do with the rest of your life and being able to be happy while doing that. Keeping an open mind to different people, styles, and classes benefit not only you intake of knowledge but your communication skills, experience of many diverse situations and many different people. Along with keeping an open mind about college, I would tell myself that it is okay to be nervous but do not let it hold you back, you can succeeded and you will. There will be challenges but you will make it through them only to become a better, stronger person. I have learned alot since being in college and I am glad that i have had the opportunity to enjoy and grow with all of my endvours. It only makes me more excited for the future.


“I hope I remembered everything I need.” “My parents should’ve sent me to summer camp.” “I definitely didn’t pack everything I’ll need.” Those thoughts, and one hundred similar ones, raced through my mind the drive on my way to college. I reminisced on my last weeks of my senior year, which I had spent absorbing every last ounce of high school. While everyone else sat in the courtyard, enjoying the simplicity of a snow cone and laughing about the memories, I would intervene, “what if we never see eachother again!” “Life as we know it is ending!” I’ll admit; I was a little dramatic. But I'm a worrier and ended my senior year as such. If I could go back I would take myself by the shoulders, and shake some sense into me. I would tell my past self to take a breath and enjoy myself. You’re going to get to college and realize everyone is just as nervous as you. I promise you’ll make friends, maintain your grades, and have fun. I regret that I spent that time worrying. If I could do it again, I would’ve gotten a snow cone.


Please chooose a definite career direction and pursue it, such as medicine, law, engineering, business, teaching, etc. You have to have a career choice in mind before you start college, so that you will have set definitive goals to accomplish.


Do not procrastinate on any homework or projects. Study for your exams throughout the week.


Study smarter, keep your moral values in check, everything is not about partying but rather doing other things to get to know yourself. Balance is the key to everything. Don't be afraid to go against the crowd or your parents for that matter. Take control of your life. There's always time. You will find out who you are and who your real friends are. Do what you love.


Staring College is the best future that I can have. I like a wonderful future for me and my family. United State gave me a home so i will give United State all of my heart.


The advise that i would give myself is to go for what i really want to be,to work hard and to take advantage of any opportunities that come to me .After 18 years I wish that I had someone to incourage me to go to college,I envy those kids that are fresh out of Highschool,they are still young and know all the basics,unlike me I had to refresh my memory what it felt like bieng in school,especially now that I have seven kids its really hard to raise a family and go back to school.


Look beyond the details on the admissions website. Ask students what courses are available, what professors are like, whether they find it easy to get off-campus housing, etc. Do not assume that a smaller school is automatically better than a larger school; for many fields, a larger university will give you access to opportunities (undergraduate research, etc.) that are not available at smaller schools.


To get involved in as many extra curricular activities as possible. Thats the main way you are going to make friends and get to know the inner workings of your school. They have been the higlight of my college career, and the people I met there will be some of the best friends I will have throught my life.


My public high school was an environment that imposed a regurgitated format of learning. In my opinion many teachers were not advocates of our collective success as students. During my last year of high school education I applied to only one University, but did not get accepted. I was discouraged, but had a back-up plan. I then had a bad experience at a community college. I was devastated by my ranking and unpreparedness; so I departed. After some apathy, I eventually broke that pattern which became my daily routine. I decided to recommit myself to school. After Enrolling at Metropolitan Career Center I found a caring family environment. Admittedly, I matured later in life academically. I am currently a much more mature student and prepared to increase my knowledge base. I can now implement and identify the correct ingredients to enforce good study habits. I do appreciate and see the value of creating checkpoints to evaluate my growth academically and as a person in general. I am more appreciative of the challenges related to learning as I now understand the growth gained from such experiences. I believe and value these experiences, and feel the clear confident enhancement.


College has taught me how to learn. This may sound trivial, and even a bit cliché, but for once in my life I find myself reading texts to understand and master the material, rather than reading texts to simply get the "A". Academia has a true purpose for the first time in all my years of attending school, with the means to an end being a career. In order to be a productive citizen, I must master what is presented in the next four years, at minimum, to succeed. Because this is my newly discovered motivating factor, I find myself more driven to succeed in the classroom. I have always been a motivated student, but now I am encouraged to dive deeper into the meaning of texts, to analyze class lectures and apply the material to every day life obstacles. Because I have discovered the true meaning of learning, college has taught me that the experience is far greater than the score on the first difficult pop quiz. Attending college allows one to discover this valuable lesson about, essentially, learning how to learn. Without it, one will not get the most out of the world in which he is surrounded.


I have learned how to get along with many different kinds of people. I have most importantly learned how to budget my time to get all my work done to the best of my ability and have time for fun too! I am looking forward to making an impact in the lives of my students to help them believe in themselves and make a difference in the world.


College is a very valueable learning place not only in the class room but also in every day life. By attending college I have learned many things such as maticulous time management and great money and saving skills. I have gotten many thing out of college as welll such as amazing people and learning skills. I have alos created a very good work ethic I will continue to use through out life.


I told my mother while I was in high school, that even though I loved home, if I had went to my state's university I would never grow up. That turned out to be true. Leaving my small town and going to Washington, DC has been the experience of a lifetime. I have learned so much through my classes and internships. I never knew that going to college would be such an awarding experience.


Learning a Life Lesson in Reverse I graduated from college. It felt weird to say that, because when I drove home after four years of intensive studying to earn my chemistry degree, I really didn’t feel any different. Did graduating make me feel grown up, mature, or like an adult? The answer is both yes and no. Academically, I learned an enormous amount of material. I had incredible teachers, and I felt completely prepared for graduate school. But the emotional and social growth I expected to gain at school never came. The truth is that I put academics and work before everything else. Write a lab report or go out to a bar? Lab report. Apply for an internship or join the ballroom dance team? Internship. I had friends, but they were not lasting relationships that would continue after graduation. I realized this truth when I closed the door to my dormitory for the last time, and there was no one there to wish me luck or say goodbye. My college experience taught me many things, but the most valuable lesson was the realization that learning to balance work and fun is what it means to be and adult.


I have gained life experience. I have made a number of lifelong friends and met professors with valuable knowledge. I have grown in intellect and personality. I have developed a stronger will to succeed. I have grown physically, mentally, and emotionally. If I had never attended college, I do not see how I would have been able to mature in this way at home. I was thrown into a situation where I knew nobody and everything was new. The experience was frightening and exhilarating at the same time. I was forced to be friendly and cautious, open and guarded, simultaneously. I was required to take classes that I never thought I would be interested in, and yet those classes were exciting and entertaining to the mind. College is an experience like no other. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to truly discover who you are. On the practical side, college has provided me with a solid background in biology that will qualify me for a world of careers. As long as one is willing to do the work, the educational and social benefits of attending college are unable to be matched by any other experience.


Knowing what I know now, I'd be much more aware of what I wanted my major to be and I would have declared much earlier. I would have known that getting involved on campus makes the transition so much easier, and to start doing that as soon as you get on campus. I would tell myself to get out of my proverbial "box" - yeah, I'd be uncomfortable for a little while, but when that's over, I'd gain a new experience, new friends and have had a great time. I would have told myself not to bring as much CRAP as I did - when you go to college, become a minimalist. Dorm rooms are much smaller than you think. And save LOTS of money before you come. You spend so much! Try your hardest to get a job as a library assistant. You essentially get paid to do your homework.


Senior year in high school was so intimidating because of the college application process. I needed all the advice I could get. With this said, the advice I would have given myself is to be proactive. I know it is easy to get lazy during senior year, but if I had been more involved in various activities, I would have learned time managment. That is my advice, to really start the habit of time managment. It was easy to do homework ten minutes before class in high school and get away with it, but college is a whole other story. I struggled my freshman year of college with time management. It was something extra that I had to learn. If I had started that habit in high school, my transition to college would have been so much easier. I would not have struggled trying to learn something that was not on my class schedule. Time management saves you time!


I would tell myself that I needed to take more advanced classes. Technology and demands will be changing everyday. It would be best to prepare yourself for the unexpected. The opportunity to attend college is available to you. If you have "rocks in your road", college teachers will be there to help you get over them. My advice to you now is to study hard and apply yourself to the courses of study. Ask your guidance counselor for any advice needed to succeed to enter college. My last words of advice would be to "believe in yourself". Life may lead you down different paths in your life. It is very important to keep learning all the time. Apply yourself today for your future.


As a senior, I highly recommend you to continue taking a full schedule of Honors and Advanced Placement classes reminding yourself that there is a plethora of stressful times to get through both in school and life. Time management and study skills, while in high school, were simple tasks and not high on my list of priorities and good grades were taken for granted without too much effort like studying. Get a daily planner and learn to use it! It is important that you write down your class schedule, assignments, due dates and free time activities. Review it on a regular basis and get plenty of sleep as there will always be something that happens to hinder rest time. Complete your assignments early so as to have more time available. Don?t be afraid to use the tutor assistance at school even if you get straight ?A?s? as there is always something to learn. Appreciate your teachers and their hard work as you are just a number in college and you are accountable for all of your actions. There is no one to bail you out for your stupidity. Be responsible as it will take you far in life.


When I was a high school senior, my parents got divorced. My family was suffering a lot of emotional and financial pain for a long time after that, clouding our judgement on a lot of issues, like where to turn for help and where to apply to college. Although the Catholic University of America is a great place to be, it is very expensive and getting in took not only a lot of time and effort, but money as well. If I could back in time and talk to myself in high school, I would strongly advise myself to reconsider CUA and progress my education more slowly while me and my family healed. There is so much hype for high school graduates to get into college right away that often I times, I believe that people rush too much and make too many mistakes when choosing their majors and classes that more often than not, will end up costing them a couple thousand dollars in the end. The best advice I would give to not only myself, but my parents as well, would be to just take it slow. Life is only a rat race if you let it be.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself about college I would make myself more aware of the financial difficulties that I would be running into and pick a school that would have been more help ful to me with my student loans. I would also tell myself that once you got to college you should gone to the orientations and meet new poeple instead of staying in your room for the first two weeks. Lucky for me though hiding out in my room worked out for me and I have some of the best friends that anyone could ask for. I really do think that I was meant for this school, mostly because this was my last choice, but came here anyway to advoid my very large family,I believe this because I have found such good friends. And I would tell my senior self that and tell myself that I should work extremely hard to get money and do everything I can to keep this school.


Looking back, the advice I would give myself would be to appreciate my parents during the college process and see that they were are trying to help by reminding me of deadlines and scholarship applications and not just tormenting me. When arriving to college my advice would be to loosen up more and put yourself out there to meet people and experience the true essence of college life, you do not need everyone to like you but you will find your niche of people who will become some of your best friends. Also when choosing a college the food, especially when you have to have a meal plan, is not the most important thing when picking a college but make sure there is something you will eat as everyday that will be your only option other than spending money to eat elsewhere. Finally to relax and do not stress about the small stuff things will work out the way they are supposed to, and also avoid 8am classes that are in the farthest building on campus from your dorm and just in general.


I would start by telling myself I need to learn time management. College is not as easy to fly through as high school was. The only way to get the GPA I want is to work very hard for it. But I would tell myself and the time spent doing work and studying is completely worth it. I would tell myself not to worry about living with strangers in the dorms. It's not as hard being away from home as I thought it would be. Everyone is put in the same situation so there's no reason to have anxiety over what people think about me. I would tell myself to get involved in just about everything I could during the first semester of school. The best way to meet people is by getting involved. I would say that I need to learn how to save money instead of spending it. The main advice I would give myself as a high school senior is to be open to anything that comes my way, because I will definitely be able to handle it.


Growing up in a generation filled with pandemonium and turmoil, strong ethical and spiritual values are essential to endure many of life?s challenges. These principles can only be nourished and strengthened through proper education and daily experiences within the work force. At the Catholic University of America, both the faculty and community strive to achieve their mission statement in establishing Core Values that will ultimately contribute to the future endeavors of their graduating students. These Core Values all challenge their students to ?learn, lead, and serve in a diverse and changing world.? My parents taught me that one must work hard to accomplish their goals, but at the same time must never lose sight of their own spirituality. At a young age I began to volunteer my services, and by doing so I realized that helping others, especially children was what I wanted to do. At the Catholic University of America, volunteering and giving back to the community is vital in accomplishing ones goals . It makes you humble yet brings one to the realization of what the rest of the world is like outside a distinguished university. It helps one decide where they are meant to be in life.


I would tell myself to study hard, work hard, exceed expectations, and be more outgoing. Being a commuter is hard, but meeting people will be worth it.


I would tell myself to participate in activities and take courses in things that interest me at that moment., rather than taking courses or making decisions in an attempt to meet a desired or predetermined career. Following my interests in the present will naturally lead me to a career or life that I will be satisfied with in the future. It is better to make short term goals that have long term effects, rather than making a series of short term decisions in an attempt to have them all match up and lead to something so far down the road that it cannot be seen. Doing this prevents you from trying to predetermine what should be a natural path your life takes. Trying to map out your entire life when your a highschool senior is only going to cause you to get lost, a series of small steps can take you a long distance.


Whether or not you know what you want to do, find a school that fits you academically first and foremost. The weather, the city, and the people matter, but if the school doesn't fit you academically than none of those things will make up for it. Find people with similar mindsets, similar goals, and similar dreams for their futures and you'll thrive in that environment.


It is extremely important to remember that going to college allows one to expand one's knowledge of the academics and of society as well. If a student sincerely wants to learn more in any subject, they need to find a school that understands the student's personal needs and sees them as an individual, not another statistic. And of course, the school campus itself must be comfortable for the student, with people they can relate to and a campus that feel safe (as it is most important for any human being to fulfill their social needs and safety needs before doing anything else) as well as faculty that positively encourage them. However, I feel that the parents and/or student must also look for a campus that challenges them: includes new ideas, differing philosphies, different traditions, etc. so that the student can have a well-rounded sense of their surroundings, which, in turn, will help them stay open-minded and empathetic with others in the world. All of this is essential in cultivating a student and giving them the ability to reach their fullest potential in their careers and life in general.


In finding the right college for a student, three key things must be taken into consideration: the student's major, the location of the college or university, and the student themselves. Selecting an institution that has a strong program in the student's major is desirable but also important is the location of the school (a 10 minute car ride or a 10 minute plane ride?). Finally, the student should especially consider what kind of experience THEY are looking for. Are they very social? Do they want a college in a city or in the mountains? Are they academically driven? What kind of other students are they looking to make friends with at their school? The student must be happy at their school in order to succeed.


The Advice that I would give to parents and/ or students is to start looking for colleges early. As early as the beginning of Junior year, because visiting schools is very important, it can actually decide a yes or no of the decision making of schools to attend. Apply early and apply to several different schools, make sure to have safety schools too. Its not to early for these things because time flies by. Look into what the college offers, anything you might be interested in from majors to activites and keep it in mind. Making the most of college experience is a tough question because it depends on the person, but I will say to participate in different activites to see what you like best. Participating in different school activities is a great way of meeting friends and people who have similar interests. Dont be afraid to take the initiative, for example a Spanish group desperately needed a new president at school and no one wanted to take the job, I am now in my second year as president of the Spanish Club and love it. Good Luck in your college decisions!


Make sure you visit the campus before making your decision and engage in conversations with students and faculty at the campus. Ask as many questions as you can, no matter how stupid you may think they sound.


Attending a college or university is one of the most important decisions a person can make in his or her life. There are many factors in making such a decision, too many to consider in detail here, but I will highlight three. First, consider the amount of financial aid available and your own financial situation - there is nothing worse than being overwhelmed by college expenses. Second, think about whether you would be more comfortable in a state or private institution - the experience can make or break you. Finally, reflect long and hard about what you want to do with your life - there are colleges and universities that specialize in different majors and going to one that does so can boost your own love for your studies. In saying all of this, the college experience is filled with opportunities for every person to grow in ways unimaginable; I would recommend that each person take his or her education very seriously, not for the degree, but for the sake of learning. Treat the college experience not as a means to an end but as an end in itself. GPAs fade in time, but the knowledge is yours forever.


I think the right school is easy to find if you know what you're looking for. Make sure that you have a clear vision of what you want, the location, programs, and social life being top priorities. Making the most out of the college experience really depends on you. You have to really seek out the good times and be present for the times that can change your life forever.