Catholic University of America Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Trying to figure out how to pay for school. They are raising tuition and it is also hard to find housing because they don't have enough for undergrads.


Housing services is a strict and sometimes unfair. We live in single sex dormitories, and the people who guard the front entrance of the dorm are extremely rude, especially when a girl brings a guy friend or vice versa. They automatically assume the worst and are not friendly at all to the students.


The fact class particaption is part of your grade


I most frustrating thing about my school is that we don't have a very disverse selection of majors. For example, the school down the block has geology, I think it would be neat to have the opportunity to have majors/minors like that.


The most frustrating aspect of this school is the administration. When it comes to questions of transferring credits, financial aid, scholarships, and disciplinary issues, dealing with school officials can be a real pain. If you are lucky you will deal with a person who actually cares about your problem, but for the most part students tend to feel like their individual case is unimportant. It is rarely easy to get the answer you are searching for and usually it is on you to figure it out.


That the student body was made up mostly of wealthy people who didn't give a crap about the school rather than people truly interested in making a career path.


It is a magnet for rich kids who sailed through high school and don't care about their education, just making money.


the food is not so hot


the administration and not flexible on personal situations like a death in the family. Also finishing on time is very hard to do here.


The administration is on a constant power trip, where they feel the need to overly discipline students, as well as moniter their lives via fake profiles on Facebook.


Alot of fake individuals.Individuals who haven't found themselves yet.


having to walk uphill to get everywhere


Since the campus is so small, there are not much parking spaces available for all students.


The high cost of the school, combined with the fact that the Provost is a PREIST and makes over $1 million per year!


Very conservative and close minded.


The most frustrating thing would the the adminstration, and the red tape.