Cayuga County Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


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If I met myself as a high school student today I would sit down with myself over lunch and have a long discussion about what would make our transition to college less stressful. The first comments I recommend is listen to my teacher Miss Brown about MLA format and master it really well. The second thing I?d tell myself is do not depend on joining the military cause you won?t get in you?ll get denied for asthma. I would also advice myself to take some college courses in my senior year so that I would gain an idea of how college course are taught and what are expected. Before we parted company I would be sure to hand him information about stock histories and of course the winning lottery numbers for today so I wouldn?t have to worry about funding my education.


Study health from the beginning, search for more scholarships. Talk to Doctors in the area, volunteer in all fields of health and not just Physical Therapy. Participate in more extracurricular activities and play more sports. Dont ever let anyone tell you you can't do something and always strive to make this world a better place.


The college life has changed my life over all. I first arrived to college and all I could think about was what people told me life was going to be. I took it as it was given to me. I went to class but when it was time for me to study, I never studied. My friends would always want to go out and party. One day I was laying in bed and I realized I need to get my life situated. I am here paying for college on my own, I can't be messing it up. I decided to join the United State Navy as a Military Police. I want to become a Police Officer. The training and yelling I obtained from the military made me a better person. I would give myself advice to take college for what you got because theres people out there that want to go to college but can't afford it. Take the chance to succeed and make a career out of your eduation. I regret not studying but now I'm back on track; ready to get my degree for my career.


You've done everything you need to do in order to enter Cazenovia College in the fall. You've filled out all the forms, gotten the grades, sent your application in and they've accepted you. You are really going there in September. It's not a dream. Two years in Cazenovia; two more years in Utica College and you will get spit out in the end with a degree in Occupational Therapy. It seems like magic, doesn't it? Bing, bang, boom- instant career! Don't forget that the hard work you did in high school was just the beginning. If you didn't like high school mathematics, you won't like college math any better. If studying for history exams drove you crazy, get ready to be driven crazier. Your education has just barely begun. If you spent three hours a week studying for high school work, be prepared to spend that much time each night to succeed with college level work. Be ready to ask for help. Plan to spend many nights alone in your dorm room studying and reading. You will not magically become a professional Occupational Therapist. Don't get discouraged. Don't give up!


Always rely on yourself first and the advice of others last.No one can shape your destiny and decide your life for you except yourself. Never forget the dedication required and the sacrifices you will make now will better prepare you for a rich future. Furthering your academic career will in turn improve your role as a leader in your family and in your community. But remember to be humble and honest as well .Pride is a great source of self fulfillment , however , can cause you to lose sight of your goals in time.