Cazenovia College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Nothing. I do not brag about this school in any way, shape, or form


i brag that Cazenovia College is great and how i love it because it is a small college. i love how everyone knows everyone at the college and how professors are always giving you their time whenever it is needed. it is a beautiful campus to be on and even live on, there are always activites for students to be a part of. the classes are great to be in and to learn, with professors working their hardest to have us learn.


Cazenovia college is small so all my professors know my learning disability and my learning style. My professors are usually around campus to talk to.


the community, the campus, my friends, the horses (I am enrolled in an Equine program at my college), the riding teams, the equine facility, th professors, the coaches of the riding teams, my advisor and professors, and the fun times!


Definitely about the fabulous equine facility, where most of the classes of my major are held. It is absolutely beautiful and advanced, and perfectly suited to my major. Also, the small school atmosphere and beautiful campus. The student/teacher ratio is perfect for a small school, and the fact that you can sleep until 7:45 and make it to your 8 am class on time is a plus. The professors are also great resources, and friends. You really get the personal relationship with them, and because it is such a small school, they are committed to everyone's success.


The classes are small and so you really get to know your professors.


I do not brag to my friends about Cazenovia College but I do tell them that it is a great place for me to be. It is easy to do well there because everyone works together to help each other out.