Cazenovia College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?




If I was able to talk to my high school self I would advise myself to take my time and not rush into anything. The transition from high school to college occurs in a rapid whirlwind of events and that can sometimes become overwhelming. Taking each step one at a time and enjoying the ride makes it all worthwhile. I would also tell myself to focus more and study hard. Developing good study habits in high school is crucial to succeeding on a collegiate level. On a less serious note I would tell my high school self to sleep more. I took for grantid a good nights sleep in my own bed and I wish I could get some of those nights back. I would also advise myself to listen to every ounce of advice from my teachers because now I realize that everything they did for me throughout high school has truly benefited me in college. Even the teacher who makes you right multiple essays every week is trying to help. In retrospect everything happens for a reason and I'd say my biggest bit of advice would be to keep an open mind and go with the flow.


I only really have two things to say: Be more outgoing - stop watching and start participating. I know you're worried you'll sound dumb or people will hate you, but really speaking up is the only way to know either way. And they're are people who are like you, but it's hard to find them if you never try - and not having friends makes things harder than they ever need to be. Decide something. Stop dawdling and letting important things pass you by. Having to be forced into decisions makes you end up with bad ones. I know it's nerve-wracking to commit yourself to something when you aren't sure if it's the best choice, but being stuck in something that was a last resort that you hate can be worse. So take advantage of everything you can that's around you, enjoy yourself and appreciate where you are and how far you've come.


Stay true to what your gut is telling you. That is the best advice you will ever recieve and it is one of the single most important things to keep in mind. I went to the wrong school for the wrong major after highschool, telling myself it would be fine and I would adjust when in the back of my mind I knew it didn't feel right. I just wanted to go out and be independet - that was very exciting. After high school, I wanted new experiences and to push myself. I pushed too hard too fast, and everything crumbled right before my eyes. After I finally decided to listen to what my gut was telling me, I transferred to the school I originally liked and entered into the major I should have gone with right from the start, and I'm happy I did. I still got away from home, had exciting experiences, and met some wonderful people who I'll know for the rest of my life. Just remember this: change is good, but make sure you listen to your gut. Listen to your gut and to your parent's advice and everything will fall into place.


if i was able to go back in time i would tell myself to not be afraid of college. college is giving me a great oppurtunity to explore and develop into a educated student. i would tell myself that if any obstacle came my way, to automatically overcome it and keep on succeeding. college is giving me a chance to grow and develop with my education. i would tell myself to set goals that way when i get to college i can reach them and keep setting more taht way i can get better at the things i strive for. i would tell myself to no matter what keep believing in myself to do the best that i can.


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would explain multiple different things. I would be sure to tell myself that you are never caught up on homework until you're ahead. I would be sure to remind myself to always be yourself no matter what, but don’t be afraid of trying new things. I would try and teach myself how to stand up for myself. I would make sure that I knew that I could always get a new, less crazy, roommate if I just took the steps to request one. I would try and give myself tips on how to do some things and reassure myself that I would do well in my future. I would give myself tips on how to work my scheduling better and tell myself to find more scholarships because loans are a terrible thing to deal with. I would be sure to tell myself all of this along with other tips, but I would be sure not to alter my experience too much because I am proud of where I am today because of some of those rough experiences I’ve had.


If I was able to go back to my high school self and give myself advice I would have told myself to go to the school I wanted to go to. I picked Cazenovia College because I had gotten the best scholarship to go there. I really wasn't a fan of the school and it's surrounding town. I shouldn't have let the scholarship be the only deciding factor. My family are the ones that told me to go to Cazenovia because it was close to home and they game me the most money. Since I didn't listen to my heart back then, I am now transferring to Le Moyne College in Syracuse, New York for my Sophmore year of college. If I had known I wouldn't be happy at Cazenovia and had listend to myself, I would not have to go through the hassle of transferring.


"Beverly, going to the Community College of Vermont is the smartest thing you can hope to do given your financial status. Spend two years there for your associates and don't be afraid of classes because you'll ace 'em. Don't forget to get your license either or you'll be forced to wake up painfully early to catch a two-hour bus ride for classes! More importantly, seek scholarships and grants ASAP! Come time, you'll be at the end of those two years, ready to transfer to Champlain college, but visibly cringing at the hefty $40,000 tuition with no clear way of affording it... at least, not without equally hefty loans. You'll manage to save yourself a lot of debt troubles by attending CCV first, but you'll want to transfer to Champlain--your ideal college--and only hesitate to do so because you're afraid of straining what little finances are available. You'll have the grades needed though. And if a repetitive, cold, two-hour bus-ride to and from classes can't stopped you from acheiving my ideal career, it'd be bizarre if a lack of colored paper did."


I would have told myself to work harder so you could get better grades and mabe that would of given you more money towards your college so you wont be in so much debt.


I would have instructed myself to apply to larger institutions and to preform further research into an institution's educational programs. I spent my senior year day dreaming of the perfect school, most of which were out of my reach financially. When the time came around I was unable to afford the school of choice, and I resorted to a smaller school lacking the programs and materials needed for my intended major. I would be sure to tell myself to be realistic and to look towards places that I knew would make me happiest. I look back on my blindness and shake my head; however, I have learned from these experiences, and I am here now correcting them. I have applied to the school that offers an exemplary program in environmental science, my intended major. I also am finding means to afford the unbarable price of a quality secondary education; that being the very reason I am applying for a scholarship such as this. I am ready to fix the mistake I made, for it is not plausable for me to go back in time and change my own mind. I just need the monetary means to reach my goals.


Although this is my first year attending college, I have learned many life long lessons. From my experience so far, I have learned that anything is possible if you stay focused and determined. Growing up in a poverty stricken neighborhood, I have always seen failure and have been told that I will not amount to anything in life. By attending college I have proved to myself that I can achieve anything that I set my mind to achieve. This taught me the true value and meaning of determination, and that is one value that I will pass onto anyone that I believe it can help. College has taught me that sometimes in life you come across obstacles that you believe are impossible to overcome, but when you try hard, anything is possible.


If I could travel back in time to impart wisdom to myself about life at college, I would tell myself to come with an open mind -- because a mind that is willing to try anything will allow for only the best experiences. I would tell myself to go for it; to spend time with the people that I would have never associated with at high school, because they would be the people that would be the most inspirational and influential. I would tell myself to have an open mind to try new clubs and activist groups, to venture out into new experiences like plays and talent shows. I would tell myself to be open to try new classes and to take new travel opportunities because one never knows what one can learn if only one puts oneself in different situations. I would tell myself to have an open mind about politics, to get involved in the college community, and to also have an accepting attitude towards my professors, to sit down with them at lunch, and enlighten myself. But, most importantly, I would tell myself to truly be open to everything and everyone because they will influence my life forever.


If I could go back in time I would have prepared my funds better. College is much more expensive, as far as books and materials, than I could have ever expected when I was in high school. I would have started a special account just to pay for all my textbooks through my college years. Then I wouldn't be so concerned about money. Another piece of advice I would give myself is to enhance my social skills to be able to live in a dorm with many other students. I had never had to share a room with someone else, and the dorm transition was challenging for me. I would have been more comfortable to move into the college if I had experienced the dorm life ahead of time. I would go back in time to tell myself to shadow a college friend to feel exactly what it's like on campus in a dorm. The last thing I would do when back in time is to give myself a pat on the back for being such an astute student all my life. It really helped me prepare for the workload in college.


If I could go back and talk to my high school self I would tell her ?cheer up, everything is so much better afterhigh school, there are bigger and better things out there and you will do great. Yeah, and the guidance councilors do not know everything, take chemistry and French and every dual credit or AP course you can, you?ll be glad you did. It would also be a good idea to start looking for scholarships now, the best school for you is an expensive one but you?ll feel right at home there and find a very close knit ?family? of friends. Also, don?t worry that you didn?t get into you top school, their ?great program? is actually mediocre compare to the individual attention you will get from one of the best professor/authors there is. And don?t worry that you can?t keep your grades up; you?re going to be an honor student. As for cheerleading, definitely do it, I know you?re scared you?ll be cut, but trust me you?ll be great. And finally always listen to mom; turns out she?s right almost all the time.?


I sailed through high school, not having to work hard to get good grades. I failed out of Cazenovia after my first semester for poor academic performance. I did not think I had to work hard there. I disappointed myself and my parents. I finished my next 3 semesters at Corning Community College studying hard to get good grades. I am starting back at Cazenovia this semester with my Associates Degree under my belt. If I could go back in time. I would tell myself sliding by is not an option. I would tell myself that College is not all about being social. College time is such a different life style. No one is asking you if you've done your homework or reminding you that it is late and to go to bed. You learn after a while, that you need to step up to the plate and become a responsible student. I would tell anyone else getting ready to go to college be true to yourself. Engage yourself in your classes and realize that this is the foundation for the rest of your life. Be prepared, have fun but not to much fun.


I would tell myself that although Cazenovia is a great college, go to Hudson Valley because it is less expensive and i could transfer to SUNY ESF. I would tell myself that to focus more on school, my first priority is school not crew. Dont make friends with people who drink all the time because they can get you in trouble even if you dont drink. watch out for finals everyone is stressed to the max. Talk to the professors about any problems faced with work assigned. Try not to get dragged into other peoples problems, it will hurt you in the end. Pick friends that will be there for you and stand up for yourself. Don't let anyone push you around. Ask for help when you need it.


Hello me! Lets get to the point, yes you are living in a basement suite with 10 other freshman girls, but don't worry! I know you are nervous about if you will like the other girls and of they will like you back. TRUST ME, you will come to love them like sisters! Some of these girls become your good friends, but remember to venture out and make other friends as well! Don't be one of those dorm room dwellers, be the adventurous and friendly girl who you are and meet people. Oh, but stay away from the short blonde girl named Ashley who will live across from your future friends Liz and Katie on the 3rd floor.This girl is annoying, clingly, and will literally not stop talking to you for hours! The food is okay, the horses are great, and jump right in on making friends on the riding team. These people are awesome and you will learn a ton from them! While we are on the subject of horses, don't attempt petting horse named Elliot, he will bite you! Other than that, I don't want to spoil the surprise! Have an Aweosme Year!


Be sure to do everything you can and take part in all aspects of the school. College life only happens once and its best to use your time wisely.


Going back in time as a high school senior, now knowing about college life I would advise myself to choose a good group of friends, and not worry about what others would think of me, and to be open and outrageous to meeting differnt types of people. Also for me the transition into college was not a difficult as many other, although go away to school was my choose I felt that it was a good decision becuase it has been a good learning for me. I would advise others that it is not as scary as it seems leaving home and going away to college. For many students it is a good learning experience, learning to be able to depend on yourself and not on your parents, and being able to "start fresh." Overall, the key is to be able to have a good learning college experience while having fun at the same time.


If I visited myself as a high school senior, I would give myself some advice about my transition to college. Mostly, I would assure myself that I didn't have to be so nervous about moving to college. It was everyone else's first college experience too, and I wasn't the only one unsure about getting along with my roommate, or finding my way to each of my classes. I would encourage myself to get involved in all of the activities the school sets up for us, rather than taking them for granted, and to not be shy about sitting with people I only just met in the dining hall. I would also remind myself that, although I am going to have more fun then I realize, I do have to remember that this is college, and I can't just skate by doing the minimal work. even though I'm smart, I have to put in much more effort than I did in high school. Even though these are all things I wish someone had told me as I was entering college, I still think I adjusted well and made the most of my first year.


Do an overnight visit at the colleges you are looking at- that will help you make sure its the right college for you.


Trust your gut instinct. Go with the school that feels right. Do not second guess it.


As a student I would say always remember who you are and who you want to be. Pick the school that you feel will bring out the best in you. Sometimes it is nice to take the easy way out of things, but if you do you won't be getting much out of the experience. Look for a school that will help you to push yourself and reach your full potential. It's also important to not sit on the sidelines, which yes is sometimes easier said then done. But by looking for new activities to do and participating in ones you already enjoy you are going to get more out of your college experience. Grades and classes are important but so is making life long friends. As for parents, let your kids go, let them make the decision they think is best for them. They'll be back for breaks and ten times happier to be back if you are encouraging of their decision. College is a once and a lifetime experience to grow as a person and learn, whether academics or life lessons, always remember to have fun and get the most of out classes.


It's less about picking "the right school" and more aout being willing to explore and find your niche and try new things. No school will be absolutely perfect for you, but you can still be incredibly happy regardless.


don't come to Cazenovia!!!


For parents, I would say the most important bit of advice would be to keep your son or daughters best interests at heart, and to try and accommodate for where they want to be. Sometimes a parents idea of the best college is the exact opposite of what their children may want, and dissatisfaction on the students end just turns in to discontent and transferring in the long run. College shouldn't be miserable, it should be where they want to be. For the students, I think most importantly to make the best out of the college experience is to really get involved; not just in school events and activities, but in your academics and social life too. Keep that balance between work and play, but branch out of your comfort zone, and try new things. Seize all of the opportunities available to you, whether that is applying for an internship, going out with new friends, or trying out for the drama club. Take advantage of everything you've always wanted to do and don't miss out because you're stuck in your comfort zone- college is where you can find out your true niche!


There are so many variables that go into making a college decision and sometimes it can be hard to find a "perfect" institution meeting all of the "pre-requisites" a future student and his/her parents have. It is important to make a list of the most important things to the student. In my opinion the student should have the most say in the decision since he/she will be going there for the next 2-4 years. However, it's always a good idea to bounce ideas off of parents (especially when they're footing the bill!). When looking for that "perfect" school, review your list and rate the school based on those needs/wants. is a great website to help students find schools meeting their requirements, and also helps acquire information on certain schools of interest along with contact information. It's also very important to take a trip to the campus if possible. A student may love the sound of a certain school on paper, but when they get there they find it's just not for them. Visit early so you have time to find another school that fits what you're looking for.


The adivce that I would give is do not allow yourself to be held back. Go out and get whatever it is you want out of this experience. College is a great time in a persons life and you should be able to experience and enjoy all that it has to offer a prospective college student. When looking for the right college you must remain open and objective to what each has to offer you. Do not limit yourself to your choices, there is a world out there that is waiting to be explored, so go out and see what the world has to offer you.


The best advice I can give, is make sure you do your research. Look up as many schools as possible, even if you don't think you would be interested. The more diversity you see among institutions, the easier it will be to make a decision. Put a lot of thought and consideration into what you think you might want to go to school for, and the kind of college experience you want. You will be living there for probably about nine months out of the year, so be satisfied with your decision.


In finding the right college, it's best to find one that best suites the individual and best accomidates their needs and wants. College is the time when people start to become the person they are going to be for the rest of their lives, so choosing college to best help them complete that goal is helpful. Making the best out of a college experience is often hard, because college life is challenging. There is no longer that requirement of attending classes; everything is optional. It's often a good idea to make friends with the teachers, so that you will have help when needed or have an extra resource to go to. People often struggle, but it is important to have fun. Finding friends that best suite you help to relieve stress as well as finding things to prticipate in. Finding a comfortable zone is also important; you have to find a study habit that best fits you. The best thing to do is be yourself, and don't stress out. Everything works itself out in time, and sooner or later you will find the exact items you need to make the best out of your college experience.


Just be aware of the enviroment of Caz its a small place some people its hard to adjust.


When chosing a college you have to look at many differnt aspects of the college. Check out the campus life, make sure the type of activities that are going on are things that you like to do. Don't just assume that a huge school is the best school. Some students do not do as well in larger schools because they are over whellmed by the amount of people there are. Talk to some of the professors before you make your final decision and read. Reading is the most important thing in deciding a school. People are constantly blogging about their school expericence, in the class room and out of the class room. Don't rush in to the decision. You don't have to enroll into the school as soon as you get accepted. You have a choice.


Just go out and try. Overnights are the best way to find out what is really going on in a school without having to deal with the tours and the pre-written lectures to convince students to enroll there. It's all about feeling comfortable at the school.


Students: Find somewhere where you feel at home. Even if it is too far/close than you expected. You need to make sure you feel comfortable in your classes and wherever you plan on living. Also, don't ONLY focus on your school work. Remember that college is about having fun too, not just staying holed up in your dorm room working. Just don't have too much fun that your grades suffer, you are also here for an education. Time management skills are very, very crucial. Parents: don't hover over your kids while they are at college. They need to use that time by themselves to make their own mistakes and figure out who they are and what they want to do with their lives. Be happy that they are choosing to further their education!


make sure that you feel confortable on campus


Finding the right college depends on what the student is looking for... if you're not sure of what major you want then choose ones with lots of options. Whether or not you can handle big lecture classes. Personally I have found that it pays to get to know your professors because then they can give you lots of tips and pointers from things like how to not get a killer hangover to what grad schools to look at. Live in the dorms for at least a year, it can be difficult to find a good roommate... if you can't seem to find a good one then singles are always a good option. Don't go home every weekend... the best times to be had with friends are on the weekends when everyone is bored out of their minds.


Choose a college that you will feel comfortable at. No matter what anyone says do what you want to do. This is somones future and dream. Fear nothing and work hard toward your dreams.