Cazenovia College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The close knit environment. It's really easy to get ahold of professors or your classmates if you need help or have missed work. It's helpful that way socially as well.


the environment at Cazenovia College is a great thing to be a part of. everyone is so friendly and has great personalities to get along with. Cazenovia College is like one big family that cares for you, it makes your transition to college easier. there are many majors that can fit the need of any student. there are also many clubs to be a part of at the college. the clubs are fun and an exciting experience to be a part of.


I think the best thing is the teachers, they are very nice an helpful.


The size of the classes would be the most prized aspect of Cazenovia. You have an intimate feel while in the class room, with a prevelant amout of professor assistance. This makes it plausable to fully understand a subject.


The best things about my school are the small classes and the professors know who you are.


The best thing about Cazenovia is the small campus and class sizes, if that is what you're looking for.


I think that its the size of the school for there are four main buildings that you have to know unless you are an art major and everything is there and you dont have to worry about being late to class


The best thing I would consider about this school would be the teachers and the students. I have met and surrounded myself with great people who are hard working and know what they want in life. The teachers help every single student try and work to their best ability. The teachers care about all of their students. The people at Cazenovia College are almost like family. Everyone tries to help each other out and gives to the community. Cazenovia has made me feel comfortable about myself and has given me the drive to do well in life.