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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice I would give myself does not have to do entirely with school, but instead with my health. As a junior when my Crohn's disease first became a part of my life it changed what the rest of my High School years would look like. My senior year was devoted mostly to hopsital visits, but I was able to finish and graduate the best I could still making my best efforts and achieving scores I am proud to have ended high school with. I was still able to motivate myself to continue with my extracurricular activities and working, just treating each day as a fresh start and knowing the limitations I was put under. What I would tell myself is that things get better, and I have been able to attend college over full-time and still work, study, have friends and enjoy life. I will go under for my third surgery in May and will finally (hopefully) be 100% healthy and managable again, ready to transfer and move out of my parents house. Things do get better, and theres no need to be afraid anymore.


Start applying for scholarships! If you want to transfer to a large college to obtain a higher level degree, it is going to be expensive and you are going to wish that you had gotten scholarships! If you plan on attending a community college for a year and then transferring to a large four year university, be sure that your credits are going to transfer! It is simply wasting your time to go to a community college if the school you are transferring to will not accept your credits. If you are unhappy with your SAT score, retake the test! You want to get the best scores that you can so that you are eligible for more scholarships! Be prepared to study, alot! Remember, the goal is to have the career of your dreams, so work hard, study hard, and keep your eyes on the goal and you can achieve great things! Good luck!


What I have gained from my college experience is independence and learned about myself as well. I learned that I am responsible enough to live on my own and be in control of my own life, by making the right decisions for me and holding myself accountable. I learned what I can take and how much responisbility I can hold on my own shoulders. That when I put my mind to something I can be assertive, strong, and smart. Some of these things my high school self would never believe if I was told. It was valuable to attend a university and live on campus because I found myself. I realized that I hate biology and want to help people by becoming a psychologist. I realized what I am willing to do to "fit in" and I have stand strong in my beliefs and morals.


You should focus and strive to become the best of your class and not be satisfied with being "alright."