Cedar Crest College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


CCC is known for its close-knit community, beautiful campus, engaging majors, and LVAIC.


It is one of the top Women's collges accorrding to Forbes magazine. The forensic program is also well known. A couple years ago, students in the pogram were asked to on the Maury show to help with DNA testing.


The school has a wonderful Nursing programs and challenging science department. It has a thriving theater program. It hold excellence in competive female college athletics. It is known for its community out reach service. The Da Vinci Center connected to campus provides science excellence to the students and the community at large. It has decent fitness center and programs that promote healthy habits including diet and exercise. There is an amazing pool on campus that provides many beneficial programs. All fitness programs are cost free for students. There are many different clubs to meet everyone's needs and desires.


All girls.


Cedar Crest is best known for its strong Biological Sciences department. From the very beginning of a freshman student's education in this field of study, she (or he, sometimes) will participate in a small research project in the spring semester of the first year. Students are also encouraged to continue researching their own interests through work on a thesis.


Cedar Crest College is best known for being one of the top all women's colleges in the country. It has very high acedemic standards and a sense of community.


Nursing. Biological Sciences. Psychology. Dance. Being an all women's college.


We have several top programs including our Nursing Department, as well as our Forensic Science Department. We also have a wonderful education program. We are also building up our Foresnic Speech Program. Our school is also heavily involved with Community Service and we are very proud of that.


Being an all-womens college and the forensics program

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