Cedar Crest College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The staff and the facility that I am involved with is awesome.


The campus itself is beautiful, its amazing. This is the third college I have attended and I enjoy the campus far more than any other. The layout of the school is perfect and the buildings are unique and quaint.


I would have to be how the school really tries to get the students involved in different events. The issue is only whether you have time to attend and really get involved. But overall, I feel there are so many opportunities to help students find themselves both personally and academically. For example, I recently received an email about a nutrition program offered at the school. This let me know that there is an overall concern about each students health and well-being on/off campus.


The professors are always so concerned about you, not including your grades. They really want to make sure that your life as a whole is going well, and are a great shoulder to lean on if family, friends, or life in general is just driving you up the wall. Our president is also a phenomenal woman - she's extremely involved in campus life, holds office hours ever two weeks for students to come talk to her, and really cares about making the campus the best it can be.


Awesome professors, great lab resources, close to Philadelphia.


The labs they are intense but an awesome way to learn things hands on.


I get to brag about how much research I am involved in and how much I can prepare myself for graduate school and beyond.


The, homliness of it.


I brag most about how friendly and professional our professors are. I have had the intense pleasure of having a few of the most encouraging, fantastic instructors as a freshman at Cedar Crest. Our faculty is here to help, for the most part, and they make it absolutely clear that they are there to help you on the road to success. Some are more willing than others, but they're all there intending to help you and convey things to you in a way that you understand.

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