Cedar Crest College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Paying for the classes and books.


Since they are a very good nursing college there is no room for slackers. They make you go through a lot of things that other colleges do not. For example I had to take extra Statistics and Chemistry classes to make up the credits for my classes I already had, because they were not equivalent. I also had to take the TEAS exam, which is not required at other schools. There pass rate is high, because only the most dedicated students make it to the end.


They are facing low enrollment so they are changing 101 things and forgetting about current students at the college.


Honestly, so far the most frustrating procedure has been trying to get things straightened out with the financial aid department. It has been an ongoing process and I would rather start fully focusing on my school work at this point. The semester has basically just begun, but I wish I had been notified of a lot of things prior to the start of the semester. Other than that everything else is really okay.


The most frustrating thing at Cedar Crest College is its lack of extra activities. There are some clubs and activities, but it lacks the amount of people and funds to make it possible to have the parties and events you might find at a larger college.


The amount of work is sometimes overwhelming. The academic focus is strong, giving us the right tools to succeed.


The most frustrating thing about my school is how incredibly liberal most people are. I am not liberal at all, and that makes various classes and situations sometimes difficult to handle. It's a good way of teaching me how to stand up for what I believe in and not be afraid of what other people will say or think.


The most frustrating thing is that because it is associated with Allentown (a city in decline) our school is recieving less positive publicity and we have gone from a school that was educating the most intelligent and to-be successful women in their fields to anyone and everyone from allentown who can scrape up enough money to pay tuition - the atmosphere is changing and I hope our new president will take a look at this and make positive changes! I'm sorry if this sounds uppity, but I chose this school for a reason - and easily accessible isn't it!

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