Cedar Crest College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think that the best thing about Cedar crest is all of the fantastic opportunites to grow as a leader, student, and person. Being an all-woman's college really fosters a sense of being able to accomplish anything no matter what. I have grown so much during my four years just because I allowed myself to be put in uncomfortable situations and I learned that I can do so much more than I ever thought I could. You cant walk away from Cedar Crest without being chnged in some way shape or form.


Cedar Crest College is a college dedicated to women. To allow the women population to have a chance to shine in America. Cedar Crest College prepares their students to acheive at the highest levels here in America. My college focuses on feminism. It allows women to take control and be someone in a predominately male environment. So the best thing about my college is that it allows for me to not just be a woman, but a woman taking control.


The amount of emphasize on things that are applicable in the field and to be able to understand things on your own. Emphasis on practical analysis of things that will be used once you have a job. Also placement in internships and jobs.


the maintence for each season there are decorations, flowers, and things to make the campus look pretty


Cedar Crest is a women's college...and I was skeptical at first. But it was such a rewarding experience. It really helped with my self esteem and I got involved in things I don't think I would have at a co-ed school. (Such as student government) The atmosphere made me feel like I could do anything I set my mind to.


In my opinion, the best thing about Cedar Crest is the mutual respect typically present between professors and students. Instructors see students as individuals and treat them as the responsible adults they are becoming. It leads to an environment where everyone can learn from each other, no matter their age, race, or major.


I like that it is small and the teachers get to know you personally.


The staff. Many of the professors I have had are very knowledgable and I feel that I have learned a great deal from them. They have accomplished a lot with their education and they are very willing to share what they know with their students.


The best thing about Cedar Crest is the intership programs. It is a graduation requirement but it allows the students to get hands on experience in the work force before entering it on their own.


The facutly and professors are very helpful. They are almost always avilable.


the people attending this school they make awesome friends and a killer social network


I feel the small environment and hands on learning with involved faculty make this school the best choice for me.


The homliness of it.


The campus is the best part becuase it is beautiful, there are parks all around.


how everyone gets along so well even though we all come from different places and backgrounds

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